Best Home Project Qatar 2023

 Best Home Project Qatar 2023

Best Home Project Qatar 2023

This article will provide you with everything you need to start a home business in Qatar, from terms and licenses to ideas and examples of successful home businesses in Qatar.

It is estimated that there are between 3,000 to 4,000 home projects in Qatar. Most of these projects are owned by Qataris, including 800 projects registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Home projects are defined as businesses that are established in the homes of the owners, which aim to make a profit, regardless of its size or the nature of its activity. Owners of a home project in Qatar reported that they achieve a monthly return of up to 12,000 Qatari riyals. Although 48% reported that the profits of their projects do not exceed 10,000, they expect to achieve higher revenues in the future. The figures confirm that 97% are looking to maintain and grow their home businesses over the next year or two. Indeed, 44% of current owners have seen an improvement in sales over the past year and only a quarter have seen a decrease in sales.

The marketing channels used by home business owners in Qatar to market their goods and services are the internet and social media followed by exhibitions and events. This suggests that there is a shift from relying on family and friends to help promote and word of mouth promote projects, towards relying on the widespread capabilities of the Internet and social media.

Business allowed to start a home business in Qatar

Many countries set government requirements and regulations that specify the types of businesses that are allowed to be undertaken from home. So some projects may need special approvals related to zoning, noise levels or health issues. The projects that you can do at home under the license in Qatar include:

  • sewing
  • Creative projects such as photography and event management
  • Selling handmade products such as cards and crochet
  • Arranging natural and artificial flowers
  • Electronic services, including computer designs (with the exception of engineering designs that fall within the competence of engineering companies)
  • Services such as copying, packaging and binding of textbooks
  • Preparing and selling perfumes, incense and cosmetics
  • Food-related activities such as cooking, making coffee, and selling spices

Conditions for opening a home business in Qatar

The following are the requirements for obtaining a license to operate a home business in Qatar:

  • The owner must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the home from which the business will be operated
  • Only one home can be registered per license
  • The initiative applies to all residents of Qatar, including Qatari citizens and expatriates
  • The license holder is not entitled to employ any worker from abroad
  • The license holder cannot engage in direct selling to the public from home
  • Commitment not to display any advertising or promotional boards either on the house or its external walls
  • The commercial activity to be licensed must not affect traffic in the area or cause inconvenience to the residents of the area
  • The company name must be listed on a sign outside the home along with the license and business number
  • The annual license fee is 1,020 Qatari riyals
  • Qatar’s Ministry of Economy and Commerce also states that in some cases, approvals to carry out the required business activity must be obtained from the relevant authorities. Projects specializing in the field of cooking, for example, must obtain approval from the Ministry of Municipality and Environment and a civil defense certificate

You can submit a registration request either through service centers or electronic services. The steps to apply for a license through the service center and e-services are shown below: (will be added when the publication is published)

Ideas to start a home project Qatar

1- Self-employment

Freelancing is one of the easiest ways to start a home business. Whether you specialize in marketing, business management, or anything else, the possibility of success for this project is very high.

2- Dropshipping

Dropshipping is selling products directly from the supplier to the customer without purchasing any inventory in advance. You will be responsible for creating an online store in one of the e-commerce platforms and for attracting customers.

3- Influencing social media

Are you an expert in social media? Do you have a niche or a large fan base? If so, success awaits you as a social media influencer. Some Qatari influencers report that they earn an average of $1,000 to $5,000 for a single post.

4- Project support

With most companies having to adjust their strategies, many of them need to get some support. There are no limits to the skills required to start this project. Whether you specialize in writing, advertising, accounting, or others, you will find someone who needs your services.

5- Consultations

If you have extensive experience in your field, you can become a consultant. You can easily start this project from home, no formal qualifications are required, all you will need then is a computer and a strong internet connection.

Examples of home projects in Qatar

Botany Project

Vegetarianism continues to rise in Qatar. But aside from food, animal products are found in most other products we use, including skin and hair care products. Many skin creams use snail slime, and many red hair dyes include dead beetles. Luckily, Botany – the Vegan Alchemist is a completely vegan and organic brand that includes a diverse list of products such as face oils, cleansers, and deodorants. You can buy their products online or in their physical store at Qanat Quartier. You can now also head to the newly opened Botany Lab Spa at The Gate Mall.

Candel Project

If you’re a fan of Bath & Body Works and are looking for a local company to match their quality, check out The Candeel Project. Soy candles are handcrafted in Qatar and come in sixteen scents. Their products include moisturizing creams, scented candles, various soaps, hand sanitizers, and other related products.

Clay Encounters Project

Clay Encounters runs workshops where you can learn all the tricks of making ceramics from scratch. If you do not have the ability to learn or you are not creative enough, you can take the shorter route, and buy ceramics made by the professional team of Clay Encounters.

Coobee Handmade Project

If you are looking for beautiful and unique baby clothes in Qatar, check out @coobee_handmade, where you can buy colorful handmade baby leather shoes as well as other products such as kaftans, sunglasses and accessories. Their products will make your child look the coolest ever.

Eco Souk project

Trying to avoid plastic in Qatar is an absolute minefield, especially in grocery stores. Eco Souk sells bags made from recycled plastic bottles as well as other eco-friendly products. Eco Souk is a company that follows the policy of reusing plastic while avoiding using more plastic, which brings more environmentally conscious customers to them.

Love Lavishly Project

We’ve spent a lot of time washing our hands over the past year, so naturally you’d want something a little better for your hands than whatever soap is cheaper at Carrefour this week. @love.lavishly sells handmade soaps in all kinds of scents and shapes, including Lemongrass, Avocado, and Ocean Breeze. You can buy it at the Torba Store in Duhail,

Nature’s Treasures Project

This company represents @naturestreasuresqatar, a Qatari coffee roaster, which roasts the finest Ethiopian coffee in addition to selling honey in case you want to sweeten your cup.

Noon Organics Project

This project is for those who would love to know exactly what they are using on their skin. Noon Organics offers soaps, hair oils, and shea butter, and its products contain no more than three natural ingredients that are free of any parabens, fragrances, or alcohol, and are not tested on animals.

Project Pida Beauty

If you care about skin care, you already know that Korean products are superior, but the frustrating thing is that you have to wait so long for them to be shipped to Qatar. Pida Beauty sells products from the best Korean brands here in Doha such as sunscreens, scrubs, moisturizers, etc. in hair, face and body care products.

Sandements project

If you want to add some stylish décor pieces to your home, be sure to check out @Sandements, which sells molded plants, candles, and frames. The company’s products are incredibly cute, plus they’re customizable, making them the perfect gift.

Silk Qatar project

There is something about silk that screams luxury and if you are looking to make your life a little more luxurious then you should visit @silk_qatar. You can buy hand-painted scarves, in addition to some other accessories. You can also participate in the workshop that is held by the company to learn how to master the art of drawing on scarves yourself.

The Neat Store project

Our cupboards may be stocked with everything we need to prepare a delicious meal, but they are rarely organized. The Neat Store provides customers with airtight containers to fill spices, grains, and other goods, as well as easy-to-use labels to keep them organized. The company plans to provide locker arrangement services for busy customers.

Torba Store Project

The Torba Store sells fresh, homemade vegetable soups, jams, and pasta, as well as boxes stuffed with fresh vegetables, and it also stocks homemade products from other businesses. This store also works to reduce the use of plastic in an effort to save the environment. You can visit the actual site, or the site below to take a look.

Touche Textiles

Make sure to add your personal touch to your home by checking out Touche Textiles, which offers you a range of high-end, organic and handcrafted products.

Trinity Handmade Jewellery

Whether you are looking for jewelry to wear or to give as a gift, @trinity_handmade_jewellery has you covered. This company offers a range of designs that are bold, colorful, and completely different from what you might find in a regular store.

Why should you consider starting a home business in Qatar?

What are the factors driving Qatari entrepreneurs to start their home businesses? Half of the male entrepreneurs confirmed that the first motive that made them start their own home projects was the need for additional income, or their lack of a job. While most of the women confirmed that their main motive is to invest in their hobbies or to fill their spare time.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of starting a home business in Qatar:

Ease of expansion

You may be obligated to rent a larger office space when you want to expand and grow your business, but you are not obligated to spend these costs when starting your business from home, you can always use more rooms if you need to expand the scope of operations.

Saving transportation time and expenses

Qatar is a relatively small area, but this does not excuse you from wasting some time and money while traveling. Working from home helps you save money and time that you could invest in something more important like marketing to reach more customers.

Flexible working hours

You are not bound by the time you must spend at work. You can work whenever you want, and use different technologies including Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, social media accounts, email and phone to stay in touch with your customers.

low budget

Physical stores have a high failure rate. This is due to several reasons such as the high cost of successfully starting up. You can avoid all these risks by starting your business from home and testing various ideas without worrying a lot and fearing failure.

Saving startup costs

Physical offices require a huge financial task, you need to rent office space, pay electricity bills and other overhead costs. Working from home helps you reduce these costs and makes them affordable for most people.

The main challenges faced by home-based entrepreneurs in Qatar

There are six major challenges home business owners face:

  • How to market their products and services effectively (18%)
    sales decline (16%)
    Limited availability of raw materials (16%)
    Accessibility and labor efficiency resources (15%)
    The cost of displaying their products/services (15%)
    business finance (14%)

Stakea summary

People are becoming increasingly interested in starting their businesses from home. This is due to the many benefits offered by this type of project, such as the ease of balancing work and life, in addition to the possibility of saving a lot of effort and money.

In Qatar in particular, the number of home-based businesses has increased, after many Qatari nationals have taken steps to turn business ideas into profitable reality. The growth of this sector reflects the efforts made by the Qatari government to assist home-based entrepreneurs, such as the ease of granting licenses by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, including the provision of a legal framework to regulate this type of project, the development of a strong ecosystem, and the provision of services that provide appropriate, customized and specific support for this wide and varied scale.holders from the Supporting Organizations also indicated that there are other challenges associated with meeting the legislative requirements set out in Resolution No. 242 of 2016 that grants licenses to operate businesses from home, the license registration process, and the procedures for obtaining commercial loans. Stakeholders also mention that some home business owners are afraid to move on to regular businesses in the belief that they will lose the support networks they currently have. This may explain the large percentage of companies that continue to operate from home despite being well established for more than five years. Other obstacles preventing home-based entrepreneurs from growing are the high cost of renting and lack of good marketing skills.

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