Which Small Business is Most Profitable?

 Which Small Business is Most Profitable?

Which Small Business is Most Profitable?

Small and profitable business

These days, work has become an obsession and a dream that is difficult to achieve. In light of the difficult living conditions, wars, and increasing unemployment rates in all countries alike, every educated person who is unemployed suffers from the difficulty of finding suitable work, and from here people are turning to industrial work, or finding work ideas that fill the need until a suitable job is found. Among these ideas are small and profitable projects that do not require a large capital to be established.

There are many ideas that start from home and then expand to become a large independent project and a basic job for the individual to forget what he previously wanted to work with, and here we will mention a small profitable project that the individual can start from home, which is teaching from home and of course this project is for university graduates, and we will explain All that is needed for the project and its method.

Home teaching project

Necessary tools

  • A room cut out from the house.
  • Writing board.
  • Brochure.
  • tables.
  • Pens and notebooks.
  • computers; Two are enough at first.


A person carves out a room from the house, prepares it to become a classroom, then changes the color of the wall to a suitable color, then fixes the board to the wall, and arranges the chairs and tables, but before all this work he must publish advertisements here and there that he gives lessons at home at special and competitive prices; To bring in a good number of students, and of course he has to mention the majors and subjects that he can teach in the advertisement, and to organize the subjects according to the number of students and according to the time, and after registering a sufficient number of students, he starts giving lessons and explaining the subjects to them, and he must be flexible and smooth in dealing with them and not alienate them ; Good dealing would increase the number of students he has.

This project does not require a large amount of capital, but it earns enough money to enlarge the project. In the sense that after a period of work and after harvesting a certain amount, he must leave the house; So he takes a classroom for teaching for a monthly sum, or he buys a suitable place that becomes his own and saves him a lot of money, and he expands the house by returning the deducted room.

In this way, every graduate has worked in his field of study, and has not gone too far from science, thus enriching his memory and cultural encyclopedia, especially if he studied different subjects and did not study one subject. He can also exploit computers and use the Internet to choose examples and questions, and to activate students by giving them time to entertain these devices, and he can also communicate with his students using social networking sites.