What is a HR support?

 What is a HR support?

What is a HR support?


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They are all individuals who possess sufficient skills to work in a field, and it is also defined as a group of employees who perform specific tasks within a common work environment, and they must achieve success for work, depending on their experiences and job qualifications. The term human resources is one of the administrative terms, which is concerned with managing the work of individuals, making them more interactive with the nature of their jobs, and choosing the right people in the right places.

HR support

It is to provide all the means and tools that contribute to making the work of individuals inside the facility be done correctly, and the more the work environment is integrated with the elements, this leads to the success of applying the work realistically. It is possible to support human resources based on the following points:

  • The existence of an appropriate work environment that contributes to making employees perform their work efficiently.
  • Reliance on handing over to each employee tasks that are commensurate with his academic and job qualifications.
  • Achieving the principle of fairness in dealing with all employees.
  • Ensuring training and qualification of new employees.
  • Provide bonuses and incentives to employees.
  • Respect the private and personal rights of each employee.

HR units

Human resources are distributed within the same establishment to a group of units, namely:

*. Central Unit: It is concerned with following up the employees within the facility, and provides services to all departments, such as: providing employees with writing pens.

*. Commodity unit: It is concerned with following up the individuals who work in the production means, and prepares reports for department heads on the nature of the workflow.

*. The Factories Unit: It is the one concerned with following up on the factories belonging to the same company, and is directly linked to the General Manager.

*. Mixed unit: It is the one that combines the previous three units with one administrative model that includes a central follow-up of employees, goods, and factories.

Human resource planning

It is the administrative method that all institutions and companies depend on in setting appropriate plans to work on employing individuals in the departments and various jobs within the facility. Human resource planning depends on a number of important matters, namely:

Study business goals

It is the task that aims to determine the nature of the objectives that will be implemented by the work, and depends on studying the establishment’s need to fill specific job vacancies, and coordination between the nature of the available jobs, the number of employees to be employed, and the skills that must be distinguished by them, in order to be appointed in the job that matches their academic qualifications. .

Estimate the number of employees

It is an activity based on the preparation of a tabular and numerical chart aimed at estimating the number of employees who contribute to carrying out all functions within the facility, and maintain its proper functioning, and the application of this step is related to a group of individuals who have sufficient experience in managing facilities and human resources in them.

Selection and appointment

It is the selection of an employee or a group of employees to fill a specific job within special conditions that must be met by every applicant, and when all or most of the conditions match the personal and academic qualifications of the applicant for the job, he is selected, and a test is taken for him, and it is also called (the personal interview), and it may include an exam To measure his skills, so that he will be appointed if he succeeds by proving his ability to work in the available job.