How do I Market My Book Go Viral?

How do I Market  My Book Go Viral? 

How do I Market  My Book Go Viral?

Pay attention to the first impression of the book

The first impression of the book must be good for the reader, and serious attention should be paid to this matter. The book must be attractive at first glance, and this is done by making sure to do the following things:

  • Pay attention to the book cover.
  • Make sure that the title of the book is catchy.
  • Interest in the presence of comments and opinions of other writers in the book.
  • Pay attention to the description of the book.
  • Marketing the book on websites dedicated to that.

 Hire an editor

A content editor and editor must be used after the first copy of the book is completed, because printing houses will not verify illegal quotations, for example, nor will they check the correct punctuation marks, and the validity of the book for publication.

Book pricing

Some writers price their books, especially electronic ones, at very high prices, which does not allow these books to compete in the market with other books. Therefore, when pricing any book, it is advised that the price be reasonable so that the writer can sell more of it.

Create a blog

One or more blogs must be created for the writer, so that the public can find and communicate with him easily, as the writings and articles of the author can be included, and other means of communication can be included in the blog, and a link to buy the book, or even the option to join the e-mail list to see updates related to the author and his works.

Create an electronic copy of the book

Many readers tend to read e-books because of their ease of availability and reasonable prices. Therefore, care must be taken in the presence of an electronic copy of the book, taking into account the good formatting of the e-book, and that its shape is not bad, and the writer can sell many copies electronically, so he must pay attention The issue of electronic selling as well and dealing with the parties concerned in that.