How do I do a project

 How do I do a project

How do I do a project


Many young people seek to establish their own projects in order to avoid the routine of governmental and private jobs, and to achieve complete independence in their lives, in addition to opening the field of work for many reasons by providing new job opportunities, but they are unable to lay the basic foundations for these projects.

Project method

Determine the idea of ​​the project and the goal to be achieved from it

Work on the project begins by developing a number of conceptualizations that illustrate the form of the idea on which the project will be based, which fulfills the aspirations and desires of the project creator. The project idea can be new and unique, or it may be known before in one of the local or global markets with its unavailability. In the markets targeted by the project, while making sure to set clear goals for the project, which form the cornerstone on which the project idea is based.

Set the name and logo of the project

Some may think that this step is ahead of its time at this stage, but this will greatly help in refining the goals of the project and the goal to be achieved from it, and placing the logo at this stage helps in knowing the method necessary to achieve success, while making sure that the project implementer consolidates all his ideas. And his abilities to achieve this in order to ensure the growth and fame of the project later.

Identify partners and work team

One of the important things that precedes the start of the implementation of the project, where the project executor must study all the capabilities and capabilities available to him, and if they are sufficient alone to succeed in the project and ensure its continuity and achieve the desired profit from it, while never hesitating to obtain partners if the capabilities of the project executor are insufficient. Sufficient or in need of support. Determining the work team requires a careful search for those with qualifications and experiences that help in the project and its success.

Determine the action plan

The project executor cannot be aware of all the angles of the work plan alone, but rather needs the help of his partners, if any, and the qualified work team that was selected, in order to determine all the documents and licenses necessary for the project, and to be aware of the loans and their scheduling if any, in addition to seeking the help of legal experts to ensure the progress of the project. Within the laws set by the state.

Determine the marketing plan and competition

Studying the market targeted by the project and determining the size of its needs from the idea of ​​the project, while developing solutions that work to provide these needs within the resources and capabilities of the project, in a way that helps cover all the needs of the market without leaving room for competitors to outperform the level or quality of the competing good or service that they provide.

Determine project developments

This is done by developing several options and possibilities for the shape of the project in the future, while developing the form and type of services for the better, and striving to cover a larger segment of consuming markets to ensure an increase and development of profits.