What to do in Costa Rica?-WWNEED.COM

 What to do in Costa Rica?-WWNEED.COM

Costa Rica allows you to carry out many sporting, cultural, discovery or relaxation activities. I list here some of them, the most characteristic of the country. This list is not exhaustive, but allows you to realize the diversity of activities that can be done in Costa Rica.

Nature outings

National parks and protected areas

25% of the surface of the Costa Rican territory is organized in protected areas of different types; only half of them are accessible to the general public. The national parks are all theoretically accessible to tourists, however some have more favorable infrastructures than others. A good guide is often recommended and makes it possible to enrich a walk or quite simply not to get lost.


This is undoubtedly the buzzword, even the primary motivation of many travelers opting for the Costa Rica destination. The country has a good head start in this area over other tourist destinations. The socio-economic and political conditions in which Costa Rican tourism development has taken place have meant that tourism and the conservation of natural resources have always been closely linked. There are certainly many criticisms to be made of the functioning of the system of protected areas and the way in which tourism has been inserted into it, but Costa Rica has the merit of having developed one of the most successful network of protected areas. in the world.

Bird watching

Costa Rica is one of the favorite destinations for ornithologists and travelers from all over the world to appreciate nearly 1000 species of birds, which can be concentrated in an area of ​​barely 50 km². It is therefore easy to understand the enthusiasm that the country arouses for its biodiversity in this area. A good pair of binoculars will allow you to appreciate birds of all colors, macaws, parrots, jays, waders, migratory birds, etc.

whales and dolphins

Whale and dolphin watching is quite popular in Costa Rica. For decades, humpback whales have habitually reproduced off the Costa Rican coast, particularly on the side of Bahia Drake, Punta Uvita from Marino Ballena National Park.

The sports activities

Try surfing

Malpais and Santa Teresa, Witchs rock and Ollies point near Playa Naranjo, Playa Avellana and Playa Negra, Cabo Matapolo or the famous Salsa Brava in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca are all spots known to the best surfers on the continent. Costa Rica is a destination of choice for both beginners and experienced surfers.


Costa Rica has an almost inexhaustible offer of hiking possibilities. With its network of protected areas, national parks and private reserves, hikers of all levels have plenty to enjoy, all in exceptional natural settings.

Suspension bridges and zip lines

Zipline courses are particularly attractive in Costa Rica since they offer the possibility of indulging in a thrilling activity while discovering entire sections of canopy. It is in Arenal or Monteverde that the treetop courses are the most numerous, but you can find them all over the country. Find yourself at the top of the trees, be able to dominate the immensity of the tropical forest or even observe the ballet of birds.

scuba diving

A desire to explore the seabed among which some 123 species of multicolored fish roam? Here are some places in Costa Rica renowned for the activity where professionals of the discipline operate: South Pacific: Marino Balllena National Park, Isla del Caño and Bahia Drake on the Osa Peninsula. Playa Ocotal, Playa del Coco on the North Pacific coast or the Cahuita region south of the Caribbean coast with still some remains of coral to observe.


With such a rich river network, it is not surprising that Costa Rica has more than 800 km of rivers suitable for rafting. The Rios Pacuare, Reventazon and Sarapiqui offer the best rapids in the country with class I to class V sections.

The same goes for kayaking enthusiasts, of the sporty type in the rapids on these same rivers or of the family type on Lake Arenal for example.

Sport fishing

Depending on the season and via authorized and labeled companies, fishing trips can be organized in many rivers in Costa Rica or from the seaside resorts of the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Among the fish that can be caught are tuna, trout, sea bream, Guapote or the famous Gaspard, a prehistoric fish that swims in the waters of the Rio San Juan near the border with Nicaragua.

Horseback riding

On the beach, in the mountains or even during festivals and traditional “topes”, horse riding enthusiasts will find their happiness in a country where the horse has been an integral part of the culture for decades.

Cultural tours

The many museums of San José, the ruins of Guayabo or the ruins of Cartago, are some of the “cultural” activities to be carried out in Costa Rica. It is also possible to meet the natives in Costa Rica and thus share your respective cultures.

During a tailor-made trip to Costa Rica, the choice of activities is essential, because it will reflect your image. Take into account when creating your trip, the road time (do not take into account the km), but also and above all the climate. It is common for the morning to be very sunny and the afternoon rainy.