The Innovative Project in 8 Steps

 The Innovative Project in 8 Steps

The Innovative Project in 8 Steps

Some of the projects are purely economic, some are scientific and ambitious, some are social service, and some are formed from scientific dimensions to reach economic and service horizons as well. Compared to all projects, the innovative project is the biggest step towards achieving greater successes, rather resounding achievements that are distinguished by the honor of precedence and the genius of thinking.

What is an innovative project?

Theoretically, an innovative project can be defined as: a project that involves proposed new solutions to existing problems in the aspect of my life, often related to production. The innovative project is characterized by a new step that constitutes the essence of its idea. That step is either a new “primary” solution to an existing problem in an industrial product, management or sciences such as mathematics or the like, or it is a developmental step that elevates the product or ideas to a higher level, so that its tangible results appear. At the level of production and work improvement.

Many examples can be given in this regard, for example: a nail holder used by builders, contractors, and carpenters when hammering nails into wood and building in general. He must hammer nails completely safely, without hurting his fingers. This innovation is just a simple idea, but it is genius at the same time, as it involves a step that contains a radical solution to a difficult problem that people constantly face in their daily lives. a specific industrial sector. It was actually achieved, and was one of the most important innovations in the exhibitions of Britain. This is just an example for illustration only.

The innovative project in 8 steps

In order to successfully step in the direction of the innovative project, you should be aware of a set of important steps before starting, namely:

The first step

There are two types of innovative projects: general projects and specialized projects. As for general innovative projects, they are available provided that they are possible, including, for example: the nail carrier that we mentioned above. As for specialized projects, you should avoid those that are not within your area of ​​specialization, or at least not close to it. So do not innovate outside your specialty.

The second step

Think about the circle of possibility and capabilities. An innovative project remains just an illusion. If the requirements for studying it to make sure of its success or not, even if theoretically, are difficult to implement and beyond your capabilities, then it is not wise to preoccupy your mind with a problem-solving project that requires an experiment in space, as this is outside. About possibility and thinking, and it’s just a waste of time.

The third step

Put your hand on the problem in order to be able to think about the solution. The innovative project is based on providing a solution to an existing problem in a product, industry, or science. It is a project based on a scientific idea, whether theoretical or practical, and in both cases you need to find out the nature of the problem, to visualize it. Then you can find the right solution. Visualizing solutions is a branch of visualizing problems and their causes. If we assume that you are looking for a solution to the problem of the annoying sound of the fan, for example, then you need to identify the technical problem that causes the sound in all its scientific and applied dimensions. So that you can have completely silent fun, for example. Here you should realize that identifying the problems and the possibility of their solutions is the first key to the innovative project, and the basis for that is the accuracy of observation and reflection. By the way, there are fans that operate completely without sound, which is an innovative project that exists today in itself. Google Dyson fan and you will realize the value of this example, and you will be seriously surprised.

The fourth step

Be methodical in your study of the problem, and this methodology depends on the accuracy of observation, writing down the current problems in the project to be innovated in “about a problem in an industrial product at the present time”, or in a chemical equation, for example, or a computer program or so, and then thinking about solutions Evaluating its costs, the extent to which it can be applied in reality, and the extent of its desired feasibility. Studying a methodology by following these steps is enough to give you the right perception of the road map for successfully achieving your innovative project.

Fifth step

Initiative, there are always solutions to problems, but they are often traditional and nothing new. Mostly, they are imaginary solutions that involve defects, so thinking about solutions should be coupled with the fact that they are real solutions, and at the same time an initiative that is a feasible and unprecedented process as well. applicable, or applicable but less profitable.

Sixth step

Having the basics of success and respecting its laws, which is a general step for success in general. After what we have mentioned comes determination and trust in God Almighty, persistence and good faith in God, clearly defining goals, and steadfastness to proceed with achievement with patience, endurance, optimism and not despair, and these are all among the moral basics of success and the requirements of the path. for the innovative project.

Step seven

Protecting the innovative project If it is of a type that can be protected in the local, regional and international concerned authorities, then the idea belongs to its owner, and if it is valid for an innovative project in the form of an invention, for example, then its owner has the right to protect it from theft and imitation for specific years up to twenty renewable years, according to a research methodology required Protection steps, such projects and obtain a patent.