How is science used in marketing?

 How is science used in marketing?

How is science used in marketing?

Sales and Marketing: Art or Science? I’ve heard this debate a lot during my 25-plus year career in this field, and I’ve always felt that the crucial answer was that both fields are science and I could prove it since I started selling in 1996.

I think I’ve heard a lot of arguments for both sides but when one has real experience in this area one inevitably starts leaning towards the scientific point of view. Read this article to know the reasons behind this choice

No sales or marketing campaign will be successful without three basic processes: methodology, analysis and planning.


Both marketers and salespeople use a combination of proven methods backed by scientific research, human psychology, and technological development.

It is about drawing ideas from all fields of science including economics, sociology, psychology as well as biology. After understanding and saturating with these ideas, marketers and sales staff need to try and test different and various methods until they find the optimal and most appropriate one.


Frequent data analysis is used to improve and deliver successful marketing and sales campaigns. Data in the field of marketing is one of the most important things, especially in our current digital world. It used to take weeks and months to access the data, but now you can get anything with just one click.

Without accurate analysis, it will be difficult for companies to measure consumer satisfaction or target the right audience.

This data analysis is a science in itself. You need to know how to analyze data, what data is most important and what to do with the data you have, i.e. how to make it work for you.


Putting together an effective campaign takes a lot and a lot of planning. You can’t make an announcement or promote something without planning ahead, ie knowing who it’s directed at, and how.

I hope you are beginning to agree now, after reading the article, that marketing and sales are scientific fields, not technical ones

Helping you understand and influence behavior

One of the most important aspects of sales and marketing is the ability to influence potential consumers. Being able to predict how they will react to messages and images sent to them is a science, not an art. Make sure that every marketing action you take carries a certain impact and real success comes when you correctly anticipate all consumer reactions.

Science is also used to help companies better understand the personalities of their consumers. Studies help you identify the people most likely to buy your products and services.

Relying on data and continuous testing and analysis to determine what works and what doesn’t is key to analyzing and understanding your customers. We all know that art is based on more abstract and random things, so it cannot be considered as a guide and guide in more realistic areas such as sales and marketing.

In short, while I accept that art may play a role, we are not devoid of emotion and creativity. But in my opinion, science is overwhelming most of these areas.

So the question I would ask would be, are those who consider marketing and sales science only an art form, the same ones who can’t measure their results properly?