Top 25 Most Beautiful Beaches in France

Top 25 Most Beautiful Beaches in France

No need to go to the other side of the world, because France has more than 10,000 kilometers of coastline to discover. You can therefore find superb beaches there according to everyone’s tastes and desires: beaches of fine sand, pebbles, rocky scenery, with rich and varied landscapes and viewpoints.

Through this Top 25 of the most beautiful beaches in France, I invite you to discover the magnificent places found in our country. I am sure that you will find your happiness and the destination of your next vacation thanks to these recommendations!

What are the most beautiful beaches in France?

1. Nonza beach, in Haute-Corse

Top 25 Most Beautiful Beaches in France

Go for a walk on this original beach, it is surprising, but very beautiful. Nonza beach in Haute-Corse is characterized by its superb black pebble beach. This color is due to harmless waste from an old asbestos quarry 15 kilometers to the north. Indeed, it is the currents that carried the rejected materials into the bay of Nonza which ended up forming a beach. Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous, because the asbestos fibers have been in the sea for a long time and have been washed away by salt, making them harmless.

2. The creek of En Vau, in Cassis

The creeks of Cassis and Marseille are renowned for their great beauty, but the most grandiose of them is certainly the calanque of En Vau. With its turquoise water and large rocks, it’s a real treat for the eyes! It also has the merit of being one of the most beautiful beaches in France. It is accessible by sea, by boat or kayak (the creeks of En Vau are also a kayaking paradise!), or by a path from the Marseille massif. You can even find wild boars sunbathing or bathing in the water!

3. Grande Anse beach, Guadeloupe

The lush vegetation of Grande Anse beach contrasting with its golden sand, with the sea on one side and a pond on the other, make it a perfect setting for a relaxing day! However, you should know that this beach, which is the longest in the Guadeloupe archipelago, is very popular and can be crowded. I would advise you to go there in the morning to enjoy the sea and go snorkeling (beware of the strength of the waves when there is a swell!) or at the end of the afternoon to admire the sunset. ! You will find on the beach of Grande Anse small restaurants and bars to quench your thirst and satiate you.

 4. The creek of Erevine, in Ensuès-la-Redonne

Top 25 Most Beautiful Beaches in France

The Calanque de l’Erevine is located in Ensuès-la-Redonne on the Côte Bleue. It is the most beautiful cove on the Côte Bleue and it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in France, with turquoise and translucent waters, huge limestone cliffs and a very small space to put your towels down… A real corner of paradise 🙂 However, like all good things are deserved, it takes about 1 hour of walking to reach this beach, with some quite sporty passages. You will be treated to superb landscapes during this walk!

5. Santa Giulia beach, Porto-Vecchio, South Corsica

How can we talk about the most beautiful beaches in France without mentioning Santa Giulia, this magnificent stretch of sand located south of Porto-Vecchio in the southern region of Corsica? With its lagoon with turquoise and transparent waters and its white sand, it is a beach that invites you to idleness and relaxation. It is also an ideal place to do marine activities as there is a nautical base. In short, Santa Giulia beach has it all, whether for families, couples, friends or even solo. But it is a victim of its own success, it is better to go there out of season, because it is crowded in summer.

6. Notre Dame, on the island of Porquerolles

The island of Porquerolles is known for its well-preserved wild nature. It is therefore not surprising that Notre Dame beach, which is one of the largest beaches on the island, is included in this ranking. It was even voted the most beautiful beach in Europe in 2015 by European Best Destinations. Frankly, I really recommend the place! Because in addition, as it is quite far from the village (30 minutes walk), it is not too busy. As with all beaches, weather permitting, it is best to swim in the morning when the waters are still clear. This is the best time to snorkel and admire the seabed!

7.The cove of Figuerolles, La Ciotat

If you go on vacation to La Ciotat, in the south of France, I really advise you to discover the magnificent calanque of Figuerolles. With its cliffs that plunge into the water and its pebble beach, it attracts many painters who come to paint this particular beach. The places are very easy to reach, with parking overlooking the cliffs, which can also be a disadvantage, because in summer it is not even worth trying to get a place on this beach during the day. You will find a small restaurant with a superb view of the beach on the way down to it.

 8. Espiguette beach, in the Camargue

Located in the Camargue, Espiguette beach is one of the most beautiful in France. With white dunes that can reach more than ten meters in height, a beach 10 km long and about 700 meters wide, it almost feels like a desert! In addition, it is known for the quality of its bathing waters! This beach, which is one of the most beautiful dune systems in the Mediterranean basin, is undoubtedly one of the most surprising in France. You can swim there, admire nature and walk around for hours.

9. Little Africa Beach, Alpes-Maritimes

Petite Afrique beach is the nicest and largest of the Belle Époque seaside resort, near Beaulieu-sur-Mer in the Alpes Maritimes. Dominated by huge cliffs, the beach has an exceptional microclimate all year round with lush vegetation and is shaded by magnificent Mediterranean umbrella pines. It also has a swimming area for children and families! The only concern is that parking can be difficult in the summer.

10. Etretat beach, Normandy

If you decide to stay in France for your next vacation, I advise you to visit the sublime beach of Etretat in Normandy. It is a must-see place, because the beach is surrounded by vertiginous limestone cliffs; no wonder that every year painters and artists come to draw inspiration from this landscape to paint it. In summer, when the weather is nice, the beach is very crowded. You can do nautical activities such as sailing, surfing, fishing and scuba diving, a real treat! But the beach of Etretat is also appreciated in bad weather: you can see impressive waves there while strolling on the seafront.

And if you want to visit the cliffs of Etretat, these can also be admired along the 130 km of the Côte d’Albâtre.

11. Paloma Beach, St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

In Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat (Alpes-Maritimes), there is no large beach that stretches for miles, but rather small coves with white sand, framed by many pines and wild nature. Paloma is the emblematic beach of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, very popular for the beauty of the decor, we also take very beautiful photos. Paloma beach also offers a superb view of the cliffs of Beaulieu-sur-Mer and Eze. It’s a real postcard setting in the south of the country…

 12. Herlin beach, Belle-Île-en-Mer

Herlin beach is a huge beach located in Belle-île-en-Mer. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in France that you absolutely must visit if you are passing through Morbihan. Quite busy, it is a family beach where you can do many water activities. Although this beach is protected from the winds, be careful of the currents, they cause eddies and can dig holes, which makes swimming dangerous. This is why the places are highly monitored in summer!

13. The creek of the English, Saint-Raphaël

For those who plan to spend their next vacation in Saint-Raphaël, you should absolutely spend a day at the Calanque des Anglais, which is made up of three small coves of red pebbles. The beach is quite small, but it is a very nice place to discover. With cliffs bordering the beaches, the calanque offers an intimate and authentic setting in the wilderness. Just for the contrast between the red rocks and the turquoise of the Mediterranean, this calanque is worth the detour.

14. Deauville Beach, Calvados

Let’s end this ranking with the famous beach of Deauville in Calvados. It is very well known for being a chic and upscale place, with its famous boardwalk on the coast and its colorful parasols. We appreciate its little retro side as well as its restaurants and bars that line the beach. It’s a very beautiful beach in summer, very popular, but the water is never very hot…

The other most beautiful beaches in France that are worth a visit

15. The Grande Anse du Diamant, in Martinique

Martinique is known for its beautiful beaches, especially the Grande Anse du Diamant. Its setting is heavenly, with shades of turquoise turning to emerald green, a vast expanse of white sand and vegetation… But beware of the currents!

 16. The Anse des Soux, the island of Yeu

L’Anse des Soux, located on the island of Yeu, has a fine sandy beach on which it is pleasant to walk. It is very little frequented by tourists because of its wild nature and you have to walk a few minutes to get there from the road.

17. Cote des Basques Beach, Biarritz

The Plage de la Côte des Basques is a paradise for surfers! It offers a breathtaking view of the mountains of the Spanish coast, not to mention the rock of the Virgin, an essential monument to discover!

18. Saint-Vincent beach in Collioure

In Collioure, not far from the Notre-Dame-des-Anges church, is Saint-Vincent beach and its small port with a lot of shops and restaurants. It is the perfect destination for a quiet holiday!

19. Pampelonne Beach, St. Tropez

Direction Saint-Tropez to discover Pampelonne beach. This has the particularity of being divided into two: an area for naturists and an area for textiles. In addition, the places offer a truly heavenly setting!

20. The cove of the Virgin Island, in Crozon-Morgat

Located at the foot of the cliffs, the cove of Île Vierge, very wild and still well preserved, is one of the most beautiful beaches in France… But you can only admire it from afar since the access to the beach, has been banned in 2023. We can no longer enjoy its translucent waters, its magnificent pines and its exceptional view…

21. Loia Bay Beach, Hendaye

Loia Bay Beach offers a wild setting that is still very well preserved. Moreover, it is not possible to go there under penalty of collecting a fine of 135 euros!

22. The beach of Saint-Guirec, in Ploumanac’h

In the village of Ploumanac’h, you will discover the beach of Saint-Guirec and its pink granite rocks. It is a beautiful beach to sit and admire the view. Besides, you should also visit the city of Ploumanac’h, which has a sacred cultural and historical heritage!

23. Corniche beach, Arcachon

Located at the foot of the Pilat dunes, Corniche beach is one of the most beautiful beaches to discover in France. This is at the entrance to the Bassin d’Arcachon, just down the dunes or by taking the stairs in Pyla-sur-Mer, north of the beach. A real pearl not to be missed!

24. Wissant beach, the Opal Coast

Wissant beach is located on the Opal Coast, between Cap Blanc-Nez and Cap Gris-Nez, it is the perfect place for family holidays. It is also ideal for lovers of water sports such as kitesurfing or sailing.

I hope this article on the best beaches in France has helped you find a destination for your vacation. Know in any case, that you don’t always have to go to the end of the world to find a little piece of paradise 😉