Marketing Phrases | Commercial marketing phrases that charm customers

 marketing phrases | Commercial marketing phrases that charm customers

marketing phrases | Commercial marketing phrases that charm customers

Choosing appropriate strong and attractive business marketing phrases will ultimately play a decisive role in your sales results. In today’s world, marketers and sellers need to pay close attention to language to create effective communication with customers and motivate them to make a purchase decision. Language has a powerful impact and words carry a lot of weight.

Conclusively, in relation to marketing (advertising and direct selling), strong marketing phrases influence the purchase decision and have a strong attention grabbing power. The role of these phrases goes beyond arousing interest and desire in customers, but rather they are able to transform customers’ wants into needs.

You must have come across more than once and more than one place marketing phrases that caught your attention (advertisements, brochures, banners, advertising links on television and other advertising methods.), if you want your advertisement to be strong that charms customers, or you seek to be a professional seller, you will find Here is a list of successful business marketing phrases:

Words and phrases that play on the chord of emotion

People buy emotionally, then rationalize. The use of emotions in marketing phrases directly influences the target audience’s buying process. These are some of the words that emotionally stimulate the purchase:

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to imagine
It will make you look amazing
Stunning, sexy
Inspire the people around you!

Words and phrases that encourage buying

The potential customer must be able to envision how your product or services will satisfy his desires or how he can solve his problem and change his life for the better. You will need to lead the client to draw this visualization in their mind using statements like these:

• Overnight results
• Do you want to (list the benefits of your services)?
• Fast acting
• Effective
• start now
• Real results

Commercial marketing phrases that show scarcity

By showing that an item or product is in limited supply, you hope to increase demand. The following marketing phrases encourage quick decision-making:

• Book now / today
• As long as they are in stock
• For a limited time only
• Order before stock runs out
• Offer ends at the end of the week
• Take the decision now before time runs out
• Get it before everyone else
• Only X pieces available

last chance

Savings words and phrases

Price plays an essential role in the decision-making process of any buyer. Here are some marketing phrases that tell buyers they are getting a good deal:

• Save now
• Buy one, get one free
• It won’t cost you much
• A price that suits your capabilities
• Avoid unnecessary fees
• Get rewarded
• Lowest price in the market

Words and phrases that dispel the client’s fears

Dispelling a customer’s fear of risk will make them more comfortable and willing to do business with you. Most people are afraid of commitment unless they fully trust you and the brand. Allows the use of the phrase “without obligation”, for example, and means that you are able to cancel the subscription whenever you wish, which gives reassurance, and encourages responsiveness and commercial dealings.

These are some of the most prominent marketing phrases that send reassuring signals to the customer and that he is not at risk of losing money or obliging him to subscribe for years, for example:

• Money back guarantee
• Or get your money back
• You can unsubscribe at any time
• We won’t flood your inbox
• No commitment required
• No obligation to purchase
• Cancel at any time
• What do you have to lose?
• Pay nothing

Words and phrases that remove uncertainty

A customer will feel uncertain about your company or product when they are not familiar with you or have previously dealt with you. The following marketing phrases dispel doubt and build confidence in a new customer:

• There is no minimum
• The first month is free
• Free trial
• See why
• Try it yourself
• There are no hidden fees

Commercial marketing phrases that arouse customer curiosity

If you can create curiosity in people and attract them towards you and make them want to know more. You want to get them to inquire about your product more, visit your blog or sign up for your newsletter for example. Here are some marketing phrases that will make the customer more curious enough to take the next step:

• what if?
• Do you know
• Special subscribers
• different from the others
• Offer/Product.. New
• New suit
• Discover
• Results that will astound you
• Surprise!

Words that are used a lot

These words were powerful and moving in the past years. But those years are over. Now, if you used it it would look as if you were a broken robot, repeating the same words over and over again! These are the marketing words people overuse:

  • special offer
  • Free Download
  • Hurry up
  • for the first time

Commercial marketing phrases that weaken your sales instead of increasing them:

What appears at first glance impressive may actually be nothing. Avoid overused marketing phrases and words below:

• Hurry – It’s true, you want to encourage customers to make a quick decision, but the word “hurry” is overused by many. Instead, use other phrases such as “for a limited time only” or “limited time offer.”

• Cheap: remove this word from your dictionary. Because they make your business/product look undervalued, as if what you offer is not of decent quality. Instead of using the word “cheap”, choose alternatives that convey low price and high quality, such as: economical, discounted price, temporarily discounted price or affordable.

• Guaranteed – Nothing is guaranteed in life, so it is best to stay away from this word. You can back your product or service with stats, testimonials, or your word, but refrain from blacklisting this term.

In conclusion, do not think that all it takes for an advertisement to achieve impressive results or for a seller to close a large number of deals is just to use magic words or catchy marketing phrases! Keep in mind that marketing phrases complement an effective and integrated marketing process.

This was a list of business marketing words and phrases that have proven successful throughout history, but not all of them can be appropriate for your particular products or services. Also, there may also be times when your marketing phrases are not what you need to improve your marketing and sales. While no one wants to be just another voice in a crowd, echoing exactly what everyone else is saying, try to be creative and create your own strong and unique marketing language.