5 Ideas to Work From Home For women living in Saudi Arabia

5 Ideas to Work From Home For women living in Saudi Arabia 

5 Ideas to Work From Home For women living in Saudi Arabia

Do you miss the freedom you used to enjoy with the women of your country? Don’t you miss going to the movies, getting out of the house, enjoying your day, and not thinking about home or work problems like you did back home? There is not a lot of work you can do now that you are a resident of Saudi Arabia, and this is because women do not have many job opportunities here, and they cannot find jobs as easily as in the United States or other parts of the world.

Our blog will provide solutions, honest opinions and advice for both men and women who need advice. Today’s article will give women some options that may help them relieve their boredom and occupy their free time.

Being a housewife in Saudi Arabia means that you will only be a housewife, that is, you will be restricted to staying between the walls of your apartment, and all you can do is manage your home and meet the needs of your husband and children. Women in Saudi Arabia are treated like queens, while hard-working husbands reward them with gold and jewels. But this is not enough for non-Saudi housewives. It is true that everyone gets used to the boring lifestyle here over time, but they may need to speed up and change the pace of life sometimes as well. In this article, we will present some methods that help housewives get rid of boredom and start their own business, but keep in mind that the law does not allow you to perform any commercial work, and therefore you cannot advertise your business in any newspaper or any other official means because this is not legal.

1. Home cooking services

This is a recent fashion that some women have begun to adopt. Do you, as housewives, want to fill your free time with something useful? Excel in preparing a food item or two, whether it is salty or hot, sweet or cold, master its work and sell it to your friends and neighbors and find out what they think. If they like it, they’ll market it for free and you’ll start getting new orders in no time. You can make a profit, occupy most of your time, and be famous for something you love.

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2. Babysitting

Another thing you can do is take care of the children of your neighbors who work and need to leave their children under the protection of trusted people. Not everyone can afford a nanny, so your babysitting services will provide a cheap and economical alternative. You can take care of just one child at first, then gradually expand to take care of more children once you know how things are going.

3. Saleswoman

You usually get to know other mothers and chat with them while waiting for your children to leave school, use this opportunity wisely, and try to sell iPhone, Oriflame and Natasha products.

4. A plastic surgeon

If you know how to use cosmetics to groom other women, you can start a beauty and makeup service from home. I don’t mean opening a professional beauty salon, but just starting a beauty service. You can start with almost no investment, and people will come to you for bridal and party makeup. This is a very safe way because you will be decorating them in your home, and it is also a good business opportunity to occupy your spare time.

5. Photographer

If you know some photography basics, you can easily become a party photographer. There is a separation between men and women in Saudi Arabia, so the male photographer cannot enter the women’s side. You can accompany the male photographer or start your own business. People will only assign you to the feminine side at the party, and it will be fun because you will meet other women, and then all you have to do is edit the photos and send them to them. You don’t even have to print it out these days, everyone wants it in electronic format.

That’s pretty much it, but you can look for other jobs if you’re a doctor or a nurse, or you can teach children and women something you know well like arts and crafts or music.