The best application for YouTubers that will make you successful

 The best application for YouTubers that will make you successful

The best application for YouTubers that will make you successful

Anyone who offers it can own YouTube. After all, recording and editing videos is available to everyone. No barriers. Of course, other things are very different in being successful on Youtube, which is very difficult. For example, the platform provides us with basic tools for this, We will need many other things: creativity, good content and communication skills, for example. Fortunately, there are some apps for YouTube users that can help us achieve this goal.

We are talking about those applications where we will be able to create more professional content. If we use them well, we will be able to reach more people. In any case, it is prudent to remember that technology, no matter how many miracles it has enabled us to do, It is not everything. It is talent, imagination and desire to work that will help us get the most out of these tools. And thus achieve magnificent results.

Pay attention to the items we show you below. It’s a great set of shots: seven tools with which, with luck and some dedication, you’ll be able to stand out on YouTube with your own genius:


1 Adobe Premiere Rush
2 cut nicely
3 mentors
4 Lexis voice editor
5 Patreon
6 friends pipe
7 Youtube Studio, the best app for YouTube users

Adobe Premiere Rush

The best application for YouTubers that will make you successful

App for YouTube users: Adobe Premiere Rush

This tool was launched in 2019 with the goal of becoming the perfect support application for video creators. The truth is that with Adobe Rush Premiere we can do everything: record, edit and export videos for social networks … the best thing is that you don’t need a particularly powerful computer.

It has some really good features. One of them is multitrack editing (allowing you to use up to four video tracks and three audio tracks), a great tool to achieve good editing results by adding subtitles, titles and music.

The main drawback of Adobe Premiere Rush is that it is not yet compatible with many mobile phones that are currently sold. It only works with the latest devices with Android 9 Pie.

It must be said that this is a paid application, although it also offers a free version (Premiere Rush Starter Plan) that is more limited. But if you are considering becoming a professional youtuber, maybe you should opt for the €12 monthly subscription which includes 100 GB storage.

Link: Adobe Premiere Rush

Nice cut

The best application for YouTubers that will make you successful

The best tool to start with: a nice cut

If you are a beginner in the world of YouTube, it is best to take it step by step and start with simple tools designed to learn. And one of the best things about this is the beautiful cut.

The way to use this application is simple and intuitive. To create a video from scratch, just select the production mode and add all the elements you want to add to the timeline: video parts, photos or sound files, and others etc. . In addition, Cute Cut offers transitions, filters and numerous other effects.

We have to highlight a very interesting aspect of this drawing: the possibility of drawing movies, a function that gives a lot of play to creativity. And, of course, after finishing our videos, we can share them through social networks.

In conclusion, Cut Cut is an excellent choice for those who want to start in the world of YouTube video editing. A good testing ground to learn many things and gain experience.

Download link: Nice cut


The best application for YouTubers that will make you successful

An important aspect to take care of in your video is the introduction. With the Intro Maker application it will be very useful

Video creators know the importance of a good introduction. The first few seconds of the video are the key to capture the audience’s attention, so you need to pay special attention to them. If the instructions are not interesting, many people will give up on the fantasy before starting it. Shame

Hence the convenience of having a tool like a mentor. This application will provide us with dozens of free templates to design the first seconds of our videos, which invite users to continue watching us. After choosing a template, it is enough to click on the part we want to edit, insert text and other elements.

Intro Maker is free, although some of the intro screens it offers are paid.

Download link: Guide

 Lexis voice editor

The best application for YouTubers that will make you successful

Lexis Audio Editor, an interesting audio editor for your videos

So far, we have only referred to applications for YouTube users related to the visual aspect of the video. But the sound is often more important than the picture. And that’s where a good audio editor like Lexis Audio Editor comes in.

With this editor, complete but easy to use, we can cut, paste and compress audio tracks. We can also manage different tools for reducing noise, changing the speed and editing the sound of your video at a professional level, thanks to the 10 bands of sound.

Lexis Audio Editor is a free program and above all, compatible with the most used formats on YouTube, such as MP3, flac, m4a, aac and mp4.

Download link: Lexis audio editor


The best application for YouTubers that will make you successful

A great way to make money with your YouTube channel: Patreon

Don’t lie to yourself: when we start the adventure of opening a YouTube channel, the immediate objective is to get subscribers, but in the long run we all desire to somehow make money from our content. That’s a legitimate thing, because we’re talking about a creative work in which a lot of time and talent has been poured. The formula to achieve this goal is different, but one of the best is Patreon.

Among the main applications for youtubers, Patreon is one of the most popular for making money and increasing popularity. Among other things, it allows us to upload exclusive content related to YouTube that can only be accessed by users who pay for the subscription. This is a smart and honest way to generate income.

But not everything has to do with money. For example, Patreon gives us the ability to interact with our subscribers and build a close relationship with them through tools such as live chat. We are the ones who decide the level (or not) of usage with its price and advantages.

Download link: Patreon

friends pipe

The best application for YouTubers that will make you successful

 To achieve organic growth of your channel: Tube Buddy

The quality of YouTube videos is essential. Still, that’s not enough to be successful. If our goal is to grow, reach more people and see how the number of subscribers and views increase, you need to add more.

Friends Tube is an extension of YouTube that will help you grow in every way. For example it has a live subscriber counter and a classifier for labels, tips and complete statistics, among other functions. In addition, it also allows us to manage comments, reply to them and filter them. And of course it has the option to share our content in social networks.

Another interesting aspect of Tube Buddy is keyword research for the purpose of increasing organic traffic. To do this, it works with advanced SEO data perfect for “hunting” new subscribers.

Download Link: Friends Tube

Youtube Studio, the best app for YouTube users

All applications for youtubers in this list are well implemented and recommended. However, we’ve saved the most complete for last: YouTube Studio. It is the official application of the platform that will help us manage our YouTube channel quickly and easily. and from any device.

When YouTube Studio was launched in 2018, the idea behind its creators was a one-stop shop. A tool that replaces the old Creator Studio to control all aspects related to the creation and distribution of videos through YouTube. In a sense, this application manages to combine the best alternatives that we have analyzed in this chapter.

The list of functions of this application is huge. We summarize the most notable ones in the following list:

1. Analysis tools are easy to use and understand. With them we will be notified at all times of the performance of the channel and their content. Its detailed measurements (impressions, unique visitors, click-to-impression ratio, etc.) give us very interesting clues to improve and suggest changes.

2. Feedback filter and feedback system, to maintain connection and contact with followers and visitors, the target group of our videos.

3. Manage different playlists.

4. Updates to the details of our videos are live, including changes to monetization and due dates, among other things.

In short, YouTube Studio is an «all in one» that will become our best partner to get the best performance from our YouTube channel. You have to try it!

Download link: YouTube Studio