Apps to earn money watching videos

 Apps to earn money watching videos

Of course we will be surprised if one day we stop you to calculate how many hours we spend watching videos on the Internet per month, and whether on YouTube or on other platforms. They say that time is money, that is why it is very interesting to know how to monetize this type of activity. Applications to earn money watching videos.

At first, you may sound shocked. Will they pay us? Will we earn money just watching videos? However, the answer is yes. No one will become a millionaire with this, but you can earn extra income. In fact, many people do. Comfortably at home through their smartphone.

The big question that everyone asks themselves when faced with this type of website and application is always the same: Is there a trick? Because there is reason to be a little suspicious when we are promised to charge a service for doing something as simple as watching a video.


1 Do they really pay?
2 ways to earn money watching videos
2.1 Cash App
2.2 Cointiply
2.3 Hunter gift club
2.4 TV-two
2.5 Swagbucks

Do they really pay?

In fact, there is no risk. It is true that there are fraudulent pages (they do not appear on our list, of course), but the basis of this business is in advertising. Advertisers get more views through them and, therefore, greater access.

On the other hand, these websites often require their users to register with personal data sets, which in a certain way we still provide them with valuable information as consumers.

It is possible that giving our information or having to “swallow” with advertising seems annoying to us. However, that is a clear guarantee that the web page or application in question is legitimate. You have to be careful of those who don’t have ads, because they are definitely the ones who don’t. paid money., because they have no way to earn.

How to earn money watching videos

This is our selection of applications to earn money by watching videos (we will leave a website dedicated to the same for another occasion). Certainly the following proposals will be very interesting:

Cash App

Apps to earn money watching videos
Cash app, to earn money by watching videos and more

Watching videos is just one of the many options that this application offers to earn money. App You also earn cash to fill out surveys, download apps, register on websites, and more. However, watching advertising videos is very simple and interesting. Some of them are only a few seconds long, although they usually last about half a minute.

Here’s how it works: for each video viewed we get about 2 credits. These can be exchanged for money in PayPal, although you must accumulate at least 5.000 credits (which is about 4 euros) to request payment.

The amount of money that can be earned with CashApp is easily 7-8 euros per month. Yes, not only watch videos, but take advantage of other options that the application offers us and devote more time to it.

Link: Cash App


Apps to earn money watching videos

Cointiply pays in Bitcoins

This is another app to earn money by playing mini games, getting ads and of course watching videos. Dio. The great peculiarity of Cointiply is that the money we receive it is paid in bitcoins, or more precisely in satoshis.

Does Cointiply Pay? According to user reviews on Trustpilot, it is a totally reliable app. Payments are fast and there are no commissions. The main drawback is that it requires a fairly high minimum to claim a payout: 35,000 coins, which translates to 52,000 satoshis (sounds like a lot, but is actually 16 euro cents now). Of course, the payment must be made through the wallet.

Registration at Cointiply is free, open to everyone and profitable from the first moment. Of course fans of cryptocurrencies will get their attention.

Link: Cointiply

 Hunter gift club

Apps to earn money watching videos

Earn money safely watching videos with Gift Hunter Club

This project was born in Spain and has millions of users around the world. belongs to Innovation Hall Media Technologies SL with headquarters in Bilbao. It is a good option to earn money by watching videos, answering surveys, downloading words. Application, etc.

Gift Hunter Club pays (yes, they definitely pay) via PayPal from a $5 deposit. It also offers the option to redeem points for Amazon gift cards. To start making money, we can access their website or download their application for Android devices.

Link: Hunter gift club


Apps to earn money watching videos

Earn money and rewards by watching videos with TV-TWO

The ideal application for those who spend many hours every day watching videos on YouTube. TV-Two It will pay us only for watching videos of our favorite YouTube channels and other videos recommended by the same application. In the style of Cointiply, this application is also closely linked to the world of cryptocurrencies.

The points (in the app, coins) that we receive for each view depend on the length and type of video. These coins can then be exchanged for a specific type of cryptocurrency called TTV tokens which we can convert into Euros through the exchange. Every 1.000 coins in the app is exactly equal to 1 TTV. The minimum payment is 50,000 coins.

The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Link: TV-two


Apps to earn money watching videos

App to earn money watching videos: SwagBucks

The Swagbucks website and application is another one that we can trust without any problems. They don’t get a lot of money, but they pay. Its activity is mainly based on filling out surveys, although it also offers the option of charging for watching videos.

The average payout for each video playlist viewed is 3 SB points per playlist (approximately, 15-30 minutes long), with a maximum of 150 SB per day.

The minimum amount to exchange money is 500 SB points (Swagbucks points), which is roughly equivalent to 5 euros. Payments are made through PayPal, although points can also be exchanged for gift cards from Amazon, Zalando, Steam, iTunes, Mango and many others. Payment is made approximately two weeks after the request.

Link: Swagbucks