Google Translate offers an offline mode with more than 64 languages

 Google Translate offers an offline mode with more than 64 languages 

Google Translate offers an offline mode with more than 64 languages

Google Translate now offers an offline mode with 51 languages. An update to the Android app brings offline mode to Google Translate. Understand by this that you will be able to use the functions of the application without having to be connected to the internet, but provided that you have downloaded the languages ​​beforehand.

Google Translate’s offline mode allows you to download the language dictionaries you want, so you can use them when you don’t have an internet connection. A functionality that many expected, insofar as when you are abroad, the application can be very useful, but you don’t always have an internet connection. This problem is now over provided that you remember to download the correct dictionary beforehand.


If you are going to Germany and want to be able to use the app offline, you will need to have downloaded the German dictionary when you were online. English is installed as standard and it will take just under 200 MB per language downloaded. You will find the list of 51 supported languages ​​on the application sheet.

The other new feature of this Google Translate update is support for handwriting recognition for vertically written languages ​​(Chinese, Japanese and Korean). You will now be able to take a picture of these scriptures and the translation into the language of your choice will be supported.

By default, the application installs the language dictionaries for Google Translate offline mode on the SD card of your smartphone or your tablet if you have one. never, the application is a reference and a real tool when you want to understand or speak a language that you do not master. Essential for your next trip! Have you tested this feature and what do you think?

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