Facebook Messenger Voice calls finally available in France

 Facebook Messenger Voice calls finally available in France

Facebook Messenger Voice calls finally available in France

If there is one thing that cannot be questioned, it is the extent of the buzz generated by the arrival of voice calls within the Facebook Messenger application for Android and iOS. First deployed in the United States, then in Canada, Facebook Messenger voice calls gradually landed in Europe during the day yesterday. Today, they are available in France.


To access the new voice call feature, quietly integrated into the latest update to the Facebook Messenger app, simply click on the “i” in the top left of the chat window. If the person has updated their application and is reachable, then you just have to click on “Free call” to start the call. If so, the icon will remain grayed out.

As with Skype, voice calls are made either via WiFi or 3G. Of course, so that these retain their 100% free nature, the most interesting thing is to call via Wifi. Otherwise, this would lead to severe consumption of your 3G package. In addition, your friends must imperatively have the Facebook Messenger application, the Facebook application being, for the time being, devoid of VoIP calls.

Interestingly, Facebook has reportedly partnered with several providers around the world — especially in emerging markets — to offer connectivity for free through Facebook Messenger. Concretely speaking, I wonder how it is possible, Facebook Messenger already representing a lot of competition for the services already offered by the operators.

Another interesting question: what about international calls? Since VoIP services like Skype, Google Talk or Viber are not limited to country borders, I assume that is also the case with Facebook Messenger.

In any case, one thing is certain, although the Facebook Phone mentioned for years by rumors has never seen the light of day, Facebook will nevertheless have ended up invading our smartphones with its range of services.