Google Maps: real-time accident detection thanks to Waze

 Google Maps: real-time accident detection thanks to Waze

Google Maps: real-time accident detection thanks to Waze

It was in June that Google acquired Waze, an interactive GPS service for the modest sum of 1.3 billion dollars. Without being merged for the moment, the Google Maps and Waze applications remain distinct, but each can now take advantage of the features of the other.


Clearly, the Maps application is equipped with real-time traffic accident detection, while the Waze application can take advantage of Google Search and Google Street View.

In addition, Brandon McClendon, the Mountain View company’s application manager, wishes to point out that these crossovers of functionalities are only the beginning since other agreements may be made, with TomTom for example for traffic information. in real time.

From now on, when using the Google Maps application, during your research on the globe, you will be able to be warned of accidents that occur on the road. Also, it will be able to inform you about road closures, constructions, and other traffic incidents that are hardly under your control.

Note that this new feature will be available exclusively to people residing in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States. Which is already very good and should soon be extended to all users of the Google service.

The update has been deployed and you can install it if it hasn’t by downloading it from the Play Store:

[appbox googleplay]

Tell us what you think of this sharing of features between Maps and Waze and if the real-time incident signal convinced you, by commenting on this article.