Android Device Manager available: to find your lost or stolen device

 Android Device Manager available: to find your lost or stolen device

Android Device Manager available: to find your lost or stolen device

We told you about the service a few days ago, and Android Device Manager is now available! It will allow you to locate your phone to find it if you have lost it or if it has been stolen from you, but also to erase its data remotely if you do not want us to get hold of your personal data. You can also ring the phone or change its password remotely.


To take advantage of these features, you must go to the Android Device Manager web address and accept that Google has access to your location data (as if it was not already the case…). You must of course answer yes if you want to use the service. The second step is to take your phone and go to Settings > Security > Device Admin > Check the “Android Device Manager” box.

Not all Android smartphones are compatible with this option yet, so don’t hesitate to give us your feedback in the comments, specifying the device you have and its compatibility with Android Device Manager.

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A week ago, we introduced you to a way to locate your lost or stolen device with Wheres My Droid.

Today, the news that we are going to announce to you should please you even more since it is about the company Google which has just presented a new function to find its lost or stolen Android device thanks to Android Device Manager.


The Mountain View firm has just unveiled its Android Device Manager service which will offer various functionalities when you misplace one of your Android devices or it has been stolen from you.

Specifically, this service will have the following options:

Locate and ring your device: you can call your phone, which will switch to maximum volume and ring mode. If it is not within your reach, it can be located in real time on a map.

Protect your personal data: imagine that your device ends up in the hands of a thief, you can quickly (note: and probably faster than via your operator) delete all the data stored on it.

Google tells us that Android Device Manager will be available later this month for devices running Android 2.2 and above.

Of course, you will need a Google account to take advantage of these functions and we are informed that an application will also be available to better manage all of your smartphones and tablets. What more ? We also offer you a small tutorial on how to obtain your IMEI code.