Motiongate Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices

 Motiongate Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices 

Motiongate Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices

Motiongate Dubai is located within the Dubai Parks and Resorts project. Its design is inspired by the world of Hollywood and the famous cartoons that children and adults prefer.

If you are a fan of dangerous, breathtaking games, Motiongate amusement park is the most suitable place for various adventures. It is also suitable for spending an entertaining day with children and friends. It includes many recreational facilities and various activities, including cinema, gaming halls, and many restaurants. Next to souvenir shops that sell miniature games from the world of Hollywood.

Discover Motiongate Dubai

Learn about the most important entertainment activities in Motiongate Dubai, all the must-visit facilities, offers and ticket prices, as follows:

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Activities at Motiongate Dubai

Start your day at Motiongate Park Dubai with a free tour to get to know all the sections and enjoy walking among the games and choosing what is right for you. This area is characterized by a large outdoor area that can accommodate thousands of visitors.

Enjoy many distinct choices of various electric games, and they vary from the simple ones to the difficult games that require a lot of daring and challenge, including fast trains that take you to high distances and the game of flying chairs.

Do not miss the opportunity for your children to participate in the facilities that allow young people to enter, including the Smurfs tour in their blue world, and in the interactive battle of New York you will participate with them in eliminating the bad guys, also the green (Shark) world in which you will roam in a moving cart, along with many other sections that bear the character of your favorite characters.

And do not forget to visit Bear Harbor for the fun water cannons with pistols from aboard the wonderful water submersion fleet, also take a tour of the river on boats on the (Saif the Monkey) tour, which will appear to you at any time.

And do not miss visiting the sections that simulate movement, including Underworld 4D, a four-dimensional experience that takes you back to the 800-year war between vampires and Lycans, in the alleys and corridors full of paintings and weapons, as well as the Panem Ariel tour that takes you to the depths of your favorite world and the landmarks of the Capitol.

You can just relax and enjoy watching live performances from King Julien Sideshow who will entertain guests at the table with an entertaining performance by all the cast of Madagascar, including King Julien himself. Also, the puppet shows of Fiona and Shrek are an integral part of the series of fun and entertainment as they tell the story of their love for their three twins.

You will also find a lot of fun and participation in more than one area designated for free play with children, which is suitable for spending fun times for the whole family.

After a long entertaining trip, he went to the five restaurants, which contain a variety of Arabic, Chinese and Western meals. There are also cafes for drinks and ice cream.

And do not leave your trip before taking a look at the shopping side, where there are 14 diverse stores to buy gifts and souvenirs that appeal to all tastes and to be a nice memory of Motiongate.

Motiongate amusement parks give you a wonderful opportunity to hold birthday parties for your little ones in a fun atmosphere amidst any character your child prefers, with prior agreement with the administration.

Entertainment facilities in Motiongate Dubai

The recreational facilities vary in Motiongate, and the sections according to the region are as follows:

Columbia Pictures

It includes several games based on high speed, including express trains, and some of the most fun and challenging ones such as the Battle of New York and Flint’s Imaginish Laboratory, as well as some water games and interactive shows

the Smurfs

It is the most suitable section for children with their families, as it is full of simple games such as the Smurfs Studios tour, Woodland theme park, and the Smurf Feeling Express train, in addition to small figures of Smurfs, next to which many pictures can be taken.


An area that includes different characters from amazing Hollywood animated films, and includes a list of fun games, including Penguin Air and Fountain of Dreams, all of which are suitable for children and adults, also includes a section of entertainment shows with puppets.


A great Lionsgate section for adults based on two of the most requested rides, the Capitol Bullet Train and the Panem Ariel Ride.

Central studio

With Studio Central, you’ll be transported back to the golden age of Hollywood and recreate New York City scenes, and go behind the scenes for a closer, behind-the-scenes look at how movies and theater were made.

Hollywood Theatre

Hollywood Theater 3 provides distinguished studios for presenting performances, and it is one of the most attractive sections for visitors.

Motiongate Dubai ticket prices

The price of a one-day Motiongate Dubai ticket is AED 330, including tax.

Motiongate theme park opening hours dubai

It is open daily from 11am to 8pm, while on Friday and Saturday from 11am to 9pm.

Motiongate Park timings may be subject to change in seasons.

Motiongate Amusement Park Dubai

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