Lake of Love Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices, and More!

 Lake of Love Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices, and More!

Lake of Love Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices, and More!

Lake of Love Dubai is part of the series of industrial capacity lakes. It is a large lake that takes the shape of two intertwined hearts. It is distinguished by its location in the middle of the picturesque nature that reflects to us the natural beauty of the city alongside the cultural beauty that it is famous for.

The area of ​​the Heart Island in Dubai is about 550,000 square meters, and families often go to the lake to practice various activities such as camping, entertainment, and recreation. Many people also gather around the lake, especially in the sunset scene, in which the heart lake appears in its most beautiful form.

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Learn about the Lake of Love Dubai and the most important activities that can be practiced, shows, events and ticket prices, which are as follows:

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The most important activities in the Lake of Love Dubai

The charming natural beauty around the Lake of Love cannot be resisted from a romantic scene that combines golden sand with a lake in the form of two hearts that brings together all lovers. It is also necessary to walk around it and discover the place by walking.

Also wander around the green area surrounding the lake, you can sit and watch aquatic animals such as fish wander in it, and you will also see different types of colorful birds that live there, as Lake of Love is home to more than 150 species of birds and animals.

Learn about the distinctive types of trees and plants that you will see around the lake, as it includes 16,000 olive, Samar, Sidr, and Ghaf trees, as well as 800,000 various shrubs.

Do not miss attending the parties and events during the holidays, which are held at the lake, and you can put your personal stamp by celebrating your special occasion in a very special place.

A very wonderful opportunity to breathe fresh air in the Lake of Love, as it allows you to practice walking or running, as it provides 3 paths with a total length of approximately 7 km.

Look for pets around you, you will find some of them around the Lake of Love, such as cute deer, desert foxes, oryx, and some types of birds of prey, such as hawks with convex beaks, and others.

Certainly, do not miss the most amazing sunset scene in the lake, which will turn into a magical area on which golden light will fall at this time. Many nature lovers will gather around it.

Eat your own food in an enjoyable barbecue party accompanied by family and friends, and remember to bring more food, as you may not find groceries nearby. You can spend a different entertainment day and play games and amusing competitions, and then take distinctive memorial photos based on a photography site equipped with figures such as hearts.

Set up your own camping area and plant your tent directly in front of the lake to ensure the charming view, and enjoy spending a period of time in the company of calmness and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Entrance fee for Love Lake Dubai

Entrance to Love Lake Dubai is completely free for all categories.

Dates of Love Lake Dubai

The lake is a natural place that is always open to receive visitors at any time.

Love Lake Dubai

It is 10 minutes away from Al Qudra Lakes – near Al Marmar Reserve – Dubai – UAE