Laguna Waterpark Dubai Sightseeing Activities Ticket Prices And Much More!

 Laguna Waterpark Dubai Sightseeing Activities Ticket Prices And Much More!

Laguna Waterpark Dubai Sightseeing Activities

Laguna Dubai Park by Meraas is a large water park area that has a distinguished group of water games that suit different ages, including games that are the first of their kind in the Middle East, including the Manta game to ride the hoop, and the games in the park vary between high, which needs a great challenge, and ground games that fit the little ones.

It also includes some recreation facilities, including resting huts, an endless swimming pool, restaurants and cafes near the swimming pool, in addition to providing excellent services to visitors.

Discover Dubai Laguna Park

Learn about the most important recreational activities and games facilities provided by the park, and ticket prices, as follows:

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1. The most important activities in Laguna Dubai Park
2. Sections of Laguna Water Park Dubai
3. Dubai Laguna Park fees
4. Entry times to Laguna Park
5. Dubai Laguna Park website

1. The most important activities in Laguna Dubai Park

Laguna is a water park that has a lot of family thrills, a place that combines high slides with simple land games.

Start your trip with a tour around the park to get acquainted with the facilities and games that you decide to play, and do not worry if you are missing something. Go to the sports and marine tools and supplies store, where you will find what you need.

Do not miss a lot of the excitement that you will get when you ride the high slides and quickly descend into the swimming pool. It is one of the common games in the park, and then you should try the family manta game, which is a large curve that will give you the opportunity to participate and ride a float that flops you in the turns to eventually throw you into the swimming pool.

Enter the strait tube if you are not afraid of the dark and you will collide with the intense turns full of optical illusions to be alone inside the tube, one of the most fun games that gives you a new experience, and it is for adults only.

Race with your loved ones through the slides with many turns, go down them with a partner to race down into the pool, which is also an adult game.

If you are a professional surfer, get to know the most important section of Laguna Water Park, La Emir Dubai, which is (Wave Oz 180 Flow Rider), which is an industrial area that simulates the experience of surfing as if it were real.

Have fun with your little ones in a variety of games suitable for them, as there are shallow swimming pools to sit in with them and play with the water, including the Splash Pad game that throws water from pipes or rushing sprinklers, along with climbing games, small slides, and more.

Just relax in the quiet cabana huts and sip your favorite drink on the comfortable beach chairs away from the hustle and bustle and under the umbrella, designed to enjoy the refreshing summer atmosphere, as La Mer Beach can be seen behind the rocks from the park and enjoy the landscape.

Eat your favorite meal, as there are two restaurants, Take Out and Diner, to serve hot meals in addition to games, and there is Paul Café to serve hot and cold drinks.

2.  Sections of Laguna Water Park Dubai

  Laguna Water Park is full of entertaining games that are suitable for spending an entertaining water day with the whole family. The sections are:


Water slides are one of the most fun sections, and it consists of games consisting of fun slides and curves, namely free fall, racing slide, manta and tube.


Fun sprinkler games suitable for adults and children, which is the aqua play area, swimming pool area, and water flow pipes.


The relaxation area includes private huts for rest, sitting on beach chairs, and drinking fresh drinks. It also includes the infinity-edge swimming pool, which provides a quiet environment with the open air. There is also a cafe next to the pool, and in the cabana section, you will see the sea behind you from the balcony directly.

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A place dedicated to windsurfing enthusiasts, Laguna Park provides them with an atmosphere that simulates real waves to give them the opportunity to experience, and it is one of the unique games of its kind and is favored by many visitors.

3. Dubai Laguna Park fees

You can buy a ticket to Laguna Park in two ways:

1. The ticket office is in front of the park, and the ticket price is 210 AED.
2. Through the website at a price of 145 AED.

4. Entry times to Laguna Park

Laguna Dubai is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm, and closed on Mondays.

5. Dubai Laguna Park website

It is located on Jumeirah Street – Dubai – UAE