Dolphin Bay in Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices, and More!

 Dolphin Bay in Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices, and More!

Dolphin Bay in Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices, and More!

Dolphin Bay in Dubai is one of the best recreational resorts where you can have fun with dolphins, these cute creatures that you can swim with holding their fins and take a fun tour in the large lake. Not only that, you can also dive under the water with dolphins, watch sea creatures, play with them and dodge them.

Then comes the dolphin shows that increase your sense of enjoyment when you see them appearing in front of you in regular rows, and the enthusiasm takes you to try the various water games in the Aquaventure Water Park, all of this and more you can find inside the largest dolphin resort, just give yourself the opportunity to spend a fun vacation with the family in the largest entertainment resort in Dubai.

Discover Dolphin Bay in Dubai

The best tourist place in Dubai that children love to visit in particular to simulate dolphins and play with them closely, so we will learn about the activities that can be done there, ticket prices, working hours, and many information in the coming lines.

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The Dolphin Resort in Dubai allows you to enjoy a unique experience immersed in fun, games and a high level of adrenaline. To achieve this purpose, you can practice the following activities:

Dolphin adventure

Diving into the depths of the lake with dolphins to a depth of 3 meters is very wonderful, especially for children who are skilled in swimming. A unique experience with the movement of dolphins, playing with them and making fun sounds. This adventure is allowed for children from the age of 8 only, provided they master swimming.

The Lost Chambers Tunnel

Is there anything more wonderful than watching marine creatures of all kinds underwater? The Lost Chambers is a glass tunnel that allows children and adults to dive under the water to see different types of marine creatures that are not found elsewhere. Playing with live fish is fun. Do not miss this experience when you visit the largest dolphin resort in Dubai.

Swimming with dolphins

The experience of swimming with dolphins is a special kind of fun. Two dolphins swim with you around the lake, and they perform water shows to have fun with you. All you have to do is grab the dolphin’s fins well, and let yourself be free to enjoy this experience.

Take pictures with dolphins

If you do not prefer the experience of swimming with dolphins, and you want to play with them closely, you can certainly do that, and take the best memorial photos, just go to the corner of the lake and the coach will send the dolphins to you to play with.

Aquaventure Water Park

Inside the Dolphin Resort in Dubai, there is a water park suitable for all age groups. You can enjoy high water slides with your children, try various water games, dive in swimming pools, and much more.


Do not miss the surfing experience in Dolphin Bay, high artificial waves that give you more enthusiasm to pass with the help of a surfing machine.

Dolphin shows

Dolphin Bay allows you to see dolphins from a distance through the shows that you hold, whether it is playing with the ball, dribbling coaches, or someone standing on their mouth, and so on. Children enjoy it in the middle of the large lake that contains dozens of dolphins. Create special memories with dolphin shows in Dubai.

Aquaventure Beach

Enjoy a calm atmosphere full of relaxation and away from the hustle and bustle of children at Aquaventure Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Dubai, with a length of 500 meters, with various shops serving all groups.

The Dolphin Resort in Dubai provides you with training courses to learn how to deal with dolphins directly with the best swimming trainers in Dubai. The training is for 15 minutes in which the trainer can remove your fear of touching dolphins, and share with you how to deal with these cute beings for fun and swimming with them.

Dolphin bay ticket prices in dubai

The price of entry per person to Dolphin Bay is 125 AED. If you have entry cards, you will only pay 100 AED. As for the prices of activities, we will explain them to you as follows:

  • The ticket price to swim with the dolphins is 790 AED.
  • The price for an adventure with dolphins at the bottom of the lagoon is 975 AED.
  • The cost of taking souvenir photos with dolphins is 300 AED.

Dolphin Bay discounts and offers in Dubai, don’t miss it

  • Entrance tickets to Dolphin Bay are expensive for you? Do not worry, you can get huge discounts on ticket prices, such as the following:
  • Dolphin Bay offers a great discount on a ticket to take pictures with dolphins, instead of 300 dirhams, it will be 100 dirhams only.
  • You get a 25% discount if you visit The Lost Chambers Tunnel on the same day you book your entry ticket to Dolphin Bay.
  • If you are a guest of the Atlantis, The Palm Hotel near the Dolphin Resort, you will pay only 625 dirhams for a ticket to swim with dolphins instead of paying 790 dirhams.
  • 10% discount on The Lost Chambers ticket if you book at least one week in advance.
  • You can enjoy free entry to Aquaventure Waterpark on the same day you book the entry ticket to Dolphin Bay.

Dolphin bay opening hours dubai

Dolphin Bay opens its doors to visitors from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm all days of the week except for Tuesday, bearing in mind that the dates of the activities are known when booking tickets, and you must adhere to the date that was set for you so that the reservation is not canceled by the resort management.

Dolphin bay dubai phone number

You can easily contact the management of Dolphin Bay Resort through this number: 97144261168.

Dolphin Bay location in Dubai

The Dolphin Bay is located inside the Aquaventure water entertainment city, and it is on the Crescent Road in Dubai. Aquaventure has a car park, so if you come by car you can park it there, and head to the first floor of the Atlantis Resort until the resort bus takes you to the main gate to book tickets.