How to have an interactive Facebook group

 How to have an interactive Facebook group

How to have an interactive Facebook group

Now go and search the Facebook groups that I joined and answer the following questions:

1. I wonder how many members each group has compared to the number of new posts each day?

2. How many comments on any new post?

3. How many notifications do you get of a new post in each group you follow?

4. I wonder if there is a group of these groups that you follow every day and open Facebook specifically in order to see what is new in it?

5. How many groups did you join before and then left after a while because you didn’t get any benefit from it?

 As long as you are looking for how to have an interactive Facebook group, this means that you are fully aware of the importance of the previous questions, and you know that the answer to them indicates the extent of the activity and interaction of any group on Facebook.

There are millions of groups on Facebook, and unfortunately there are only a few of them that contain active and interactive members who benefit each other, and at the same time the owner of the group benefits greatly from it.

If you own a group on Facebook or want to own one, let me help you make this group an important tool that helps you profit from the Internet, and enables you to publish your services, products and ideas.

Quick before we start

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There is no need to emphasize the importance of having an interactive Facebook group, especially if you look at the statistics of social networking sites in the Arab world, and make sure that interaction on Facebook pages has become as low as possible.

 Basic settings for managing Facebook groups


How to have an interactive Facebook group

Before I show you any strategy to increase interaction on the Facebook group … first, you must make sure to take the following steps, which represent the pillars that we will build on later.

1. Make your group specialized and targeted

Some group owners think that the more comprehensive the group and contains everything, the better, but the opposite is true.

The group must be targeted and address a specific problem or address a specific group of people, for example:

  • A group for men who are looking for the best ways to lose weight.
  • A group for newly married pregnant women to help them with all their problems and share their experiences.
  • A group for customers of a particular company or service to help them and answer their inquiries.

As you notice in the previous examples, the group serves a specific group of people to face specific problems that concern them all (pregnancy problems for newly married women – weight loss problems for men) and so on.

This is in contrast to general Facebook groups such as (a group for girls – a group for profit from the Internet – a group for those interested in sports), and other examples that do not achieve any positive results.

2. How to join the group

Never make your group open to anyone who wants to join, but rather make it a closed group, and not only that, it must also make the process of subscribing to the group difficult.

Facebook gives you the possibility to ask some questions to anyone who wants to join, so ask each new person at least 3 questions (what is the reason behind your request to join – what is your age? – what country do you live in? – how did you discover the group?) and so on.

Then review the answers and make sure they are appropriate. This way you ensure that all group members are serious and interested from the start about the group topic.

3. Group Rules

Any professional group on Facebook, you will find a set of rules and controls, such as:

  • Do not use any inappropriate words.
  • Do not post any external links.
  • Publications are approved within 72 hours after being reviewed.

And other rules that ensure that you control the group completely, and you must install these rules as the first post in the group so that every new member can read them.

After that, you must make sure that all members adhere to the rules, and whoever violates them, warn him only once, and then expel him immediately from the group without any tolerance.

4. The time allotted for managing the group

As you noticed from the previous step, managing the group will take some time from you to follow up on the activity of the members and monitor them, in addition to answering their questions and creating valuable content for them to benefit from.

For this, make sure that you have enough time for that in the beginning, and when the group grows, you can use the most active members and give them some powers such as (Moderator) to help you.

This will be beneficial for them because they will feel important, and you can give them money for their services, especially if you are making good profits from this group.

13 effective strategies to keep your Facebook group active

How to have an interactive Facebook group

There is no need to emphasize the necessity of your constant follow-up to the group, the necessity of publishing good useful content, and that you really care about the members and their problems and try to help them.

Now let’s move on to effective strategies that will make your group a flame of activity and interaction, which in the end will make the members happy and you will also achieve the goals you want.

1. Greet each new member by name

When you agree to anyone new joining your group, you have to welcome them, mention them by name in a post on the group, and ask them some questions such as:

1. What problems are you currently facing?

2. What are the goals you want to achieve?

Of course, you have to rephrase these questions to fit the content of the group – such as the ones we talked about previously (slimming – pregnancy problems).

This will make each new member feel that he made the right decision to join the group, and he will also immediately start getting to know some of the old members who will also welcome him in the comments.

Do not underestimate this step, as its layer will have the effect of magic in increasing interaction on the group.

2. Tell your followers how to interact with the group via Facebook settings

If you look at the top in any group, you will find the Notifications settings box, which determines the way Facebook notifies you about everything new in the group.

If you click on that box, you will see the following options:

  • All Posts.
  • Suggested Publications (Highlight).
  • Friends Posts.
  • Turn off notifications.
How to have an interactive Facebook group

You have to tell the members to click on the first option so that they get a new notification as soon as any post is published on the group, and this ensures that most members will interact with each new post.

You can put an alert or an image of how to activate this option in the group rules, as well as in the cover image of the group.

3. Give members some freebies if possible

People always love free gifts and offers only for them, so you should take advantage of that in your group, for example you can:

  • Give a free copy of a famous book in your field.
  • Provide a special and detailed explanation of a specific problem in your field, exclusively for members of the group.
  • Get your course for free or at a great discount.
  • Some free products.

You can offer these products as prizes for a small competition, or give them to the most active members of the group for a certain period.

Note: If you go to Group Insights on the left in the group settings, you will know the most commented and shared members on the group.

By this you will kill two birds with one stone, you will motivate members to participate and compete to get gifts, and at the same time you will link members more and more to the group and to you personally, and this will help you to suggest or promote any product or service to them in the future.

4. Show members exclusive news and information only

People like to know secrets or information that no one else knows, it makes them feel different and special, so why not do the same with the members of the group?

Tell them, for example, about the latest products or courses you’re working on, give them exclusive photos of product prototypes, or special photos of your trip or home while you do some exercise.

It is also preferable if you take their opinion on what you are doing, as people love to participate, interact and express their opinion.

5. Use news and new information to your advantage

We are all looking for what is new in our field, and we even love someone who offers us everything new on a silver platter without much research or effort, and this is what you should do.

Dedicate one day each week to publish a complete summary of all the important events and news in your field. For example, suppose that your group is interested in losing weight for men. You can collect all the news about:

  • The latest reports on the most popular slimming drugs on the market.
  • The latest discoveries about the benefits of certain fruits or vegetables.
  • New diet methods suggested by some experts.

As long as you are really an expert and interested in your field, you are aware of this news in advance, so why not collect it in one post so that the rest of the members can benefit, and by this you will become the source of new information for them.

This will make them always trust you, listen to you, and visit the group from time to time to know everything new, and when they discover any information or news, they will turn to you to know your opinion.

6. Know when to sell to members

How to have an interactive Facebook group

Remember that the group is not for you, but for the members… Do not make most of the posts about the products and services that you provide, if you do this, most of the members will leave the group.

That is why make sure to promote your products as little as possible. You can put a link to your website or service in the cover image, and also once a week you can publish news or new information about the services and products you provide.

And when someone asks you to help him with a specific problem, and the solution is found in the products you offer, you can recommend them to him, as this is the best way to sell on Facebook groups.

7. Use Facebook Analytics

I mentioned earlier about Group Insights… I hope you went to take a quick look at it, I want you to focus on two important things in it:

The days and times when group members are most present: Post at these times.

Group member information (average age – country – city): Use this information to better understand your audience and its problems, and also use it to promote members.

8. Use live broadcasts to interact with members

People love to interact with someone like them, so you have to use the live broadcast. Set aside a certain time every week (on Friday, for example) to do a live broadcast to answer members’ questions and interact with them.

9. Respond to all comments if possible

You should never leave anyone asking a question unanswered, and you should never let anyone post wrong information unless you correct it, and anyone who leaves a useful comment you should thank and interact with.

People love to debate and they love to exchange ideas, so give them that.

10. Set aside days for members to share their ideas and activities

It is true that you will not allow members to post anything on the group until after approval, and that there are strict rules for interaction on the group, but you also have to give people what you want.

For example, if your group specializes in women’s homework and crafts, why don’t you allow members on a specific day each week to post links and pictures of their work in a dedicated post so that they can promote it.

You must make the group useful to most members, and in many cases many of these members want to promote themselves and benefit from the group … so why not give them that once a week.

This ensures that you do not turn the group into a place for promotion only and at the same time give the members what they want.

11. Talk about controversial topics

Let’s continue with the example of a slimming group. If you are interested in this field, you know that there is a dispute about stomach stapling or sleeve gastrectomy for overweight people.

Why not take advantage of this matter and ask people about their opinion about this process and whether they think it is beneficial or harmful, or to present some statistics or statements of some specialists about these operations.

People love to argue and debate, as everyone wants to prove that their opinion is correct, and this will lead to a lot of comments and interaction with the post, and thus several notifications will be sent to the rest of the members who are not participating in the post.

This will motivate many of them to go to the group and interact… Try to exploit controversial topics from time to time in the group, but do not exploit them too much so that the group does not turn into a place for conflict.

12. Rely on Polls

Another example of member participation is surveys, for example, you can vote on the best diet for weight loss at the present time and display the most popular options available.

All this will make members participate and also wait for the result to know the opinions of others.

13. Make quizzes for followers

Another form of exploiting content in a smart way is small exams or quiz. From time to time, run competitions or small tests on some issues in your field to test members.

Or you can offer some simple puzzles to make the members interact and test their knowledge and intelligence, as people like to prove how much they know.


You should always think about the interests of the members, and be a source for them to know the new, and provide them with a place to interact and share their ideas and test their information.

And do not forget the most important thing, which is to be a reason for solving their problems that they suffer from in your field, as this is the secret behind having an interactive Facebook group.

There are some strategies and other general information that I did not want to include in this guide, such as how to post automatically, and how to use groups to get traffic for your YouTube channel or website.

If you are interested in knowing these strategies, I advise you to review the “Complete Guide to Facebook Marketing”, in which you will find a lot of information that will benefit you.