Facebook Marketing Exclusive Complete Guide 2023

 Facebook Marketing Exclusive Complete Guide 2023

Facebook Marketing Exclusive Complete Guide 2023

All Internet users in most countries of the world use Facebook, as it is the third most visited website on the Internet every day, which is why Facebook leads social media sites and entire industries and companies depend on it.

Because of this great control, marketing via Facebook has become a basic necessity for e-marketing in this era, and some even believe that every minute that any marketer wastes not relying on Facebook will regret it.

For this reason, we will present the complete Facebook marketing strategy in a simple and practical way, so that anyone, whether an expert or a beginner in the world of digital marketing, can benefit.

We at Winners.com are constantly developing this strategy in order to keep abreast of all the updates and new features that Facebook launches from time to time.

Why should you shop on Facebook?

The average time a user spends on Facebook is 60 minutes per day, which is the highest rate among the various social networking sites. This is why Facebook is the most powerful social media.

And if you think that the volume of Facebook usage in the Arab world is small, then you are wrong. Look at the infographic below. You will find the number of users in some Arab countries late last year, and these numbers are constantly increasing.

I was personally surprised by the extent of Facebook usage in Egypt, and when I searched, I found that Facebook is the most popular social networking site that Egyptians rely on, even more than YouTube itself.

 Facebook’s data power

I think you may have followed or heard about the recent news about Facebook selling or leaking its user data, as well as using it in electoral processes to favor one candidate over another in … the incident known as Cambridge Analytica, and there are other incidents and news.

This incident alone prompted the US Congress to question Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, not only that, as there are many issues that Facebook faces in many countries, especially the European Union, and it is expected that a decision to fine Facebook an amount exceeding one billion dollars will be issued soon.

You may be asking yourself, “Why am I telling you all this?”. If Facebook is able to influence people to the point of controlling elections, what about its influence in selling some products or increasing conversions for marketers?!.

Facebook is the most powerful database in the world today, because it knows almost everything about its users at all times using advanced algorithms that rely on artificial intelligence.

These huge capabilities are currently used by marketers to earn millions of dollars from Facebook, and there are giant companies and institutions all over the world that depend entirely on Facebook, and there are also specialized companies that provide marketing services via Facebook.

That is why you must rely on Facebook in your marketing plan, whether free or paid, because the power of data and analytics that Facebook gives you is very strong … so do not miss the opportunity.

Define your goal for Facebook marketing

In any marketing plan you have to define the goal of it, what do you want from being on Facebook? You must answer this question very carefully in order to properly invest your time and effort.

Do you want to get new customers for your company or service? Do you want to sell your products? Or do you want to provide customer service and respond to your followers’ inquiries using Facebook?

Do you have a website (whether a content site or an online store) or a YouTube channel, and would you like to get free or paid traffic? If this is your goal, then Facebook is your best choice.

The more you choose a specific goal from the previous (and you can set more than one goal according to your business), the easier your task will be, especially in determining the type of content that you publish to your followers.

If you want to sell products directly on Facebook, I advise you to use the Facebook Marketplace, and you will find everything you need to know in the following article:

Have a professional Facebook page

Whatever your business, you need a page on Facebook, this page represents your brand and your brand, especially since every piece of information you put on your page is used by Facebook.

Facebook is a huge search engine, so the more accurate the information you provide, the more Facebook will place your page in front of users interested in the same field.

If you do not have a page on Facebook and want to have a professional page, you can read this guide:

If you already have a Facebook page, make sure it contains the following:

  • High quality profile picture and professional background – preferably the logo of your website or company.
  • The purpose of the page (Business – non profit) and the type of industry you work in.
  • An accurate description of the page and its purpose.
  • Put a link to your website or YouTube channel, if any.
  • Create a username for your page so that people can easily reach you (this name will be the link to your page, such as https://www.facebook.com/alrab7on)
  • Your location on the maps (Location) if you own a company, shop or restaurant, specifying working hours and phone number

 Define a CTA for your Facebook Page

The term CTA is an acronym for Call To Action meaning the action you want your customers to take. For example, do you want visitors to your page to be able to contact you directly?

This is very useful if you have a service related to reservation, or rely on customer inquiries about the service (such as medical clinics or providing real estate services, etc.), because when the visitor clicks on the call sign, the call application will open on his phone automatically with your number.

Or do you want to have visitors message you on Facebook Messenger with the click of a button? Or do you want them to email you directly (this method is best for freelancers on the Internet)

You can select the appropriate option through your Facebook page settings,

Use Facebook messenger bots for marketing

The service of sending free messages over the phone via the Internet has always been very important, not only to ordinary users but to marketers as well, due to its ease and low cost (or often free).

That is why Facebook developed a messaging application (Messenger) – chat as we call it? – By the way, this application was not Facebook’s idea, as it acquired several companies in order to become the pioneer in this field.

In order to add to your information, Facebook has also acquired the famous Whatsapp application that millions of people use daily for free, and plans soon to include it with Messenger to use it more, especially in advertisements, given that it relies heavily on it to collect information about users.

Because of the popularity of Facebook Messenger and the dependence of many people on it, Facebook allowed companies to develop bots to respond to people automatically.

You can prepare some responses to respond to your clients or those who message you on the page (for example, anyone who asks about your address, you can give him a link to your location on the maps, and so on).

Not only that, but you can also collect these users in a list (just as you collect e-mails in a mailing list to send them later) so that you can send them products and offers directly to their phones.

The way to set up these bots is very easy, there are a lot of pages that use them (and I rely on them a lot), and the best company that offers this service is Manychat.

It’s free to start and they provide you with all the video explanations you need.

And if you want to go deeper into Messenger marketing, leave us in the comments “I would like the FB Messenger Marketing Guide” and we will provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide very soon.

Use Facebook groups

In recent years, Facebook has reduced the size of the Organic Reach, meaning that the publications you place on your page do not reach all of your followers, as was the case in the past, and this percentage decreases every day.

Facebook wants people to rely more on ads in order to be able to reach their followers, and also to gain followers and new customers, so Facebook ads have become necessary for many business owners.

That is why people have become more dependent on Facebook groups, given that any post you place in them reaches all subscribers, especially if they like this group and check it constantly.

Facebook enables you to create a group with the same name as your Facebook page in order to communicate with your customers faster, and you can also allow group members to publish their own content.

In order to keep your page professional, you cannot allow anyone to post on it, so Facebook groups are the ideal solution for you to answer the questions of your customers or followers continuously and in a professional manner.

Facebook groups have other advantages as well, because you can use them to promote your services or products for free. Look for groups that are specific to your field or whose members you think would be interested in what you have to offer.

Subscribe to these groups and provide relevant content to these members, and you can also promote your services from time to time, but be careful not to promote too much so as not to violate the rules of those groups and be expelled from them.

Know your audience well

As I mentioned earlier, Facebook provides great analytics and data that you should use. Through Page Analytics for your page, you can learn a lot about the interests of your audience.

You can know the type of content they prefer, as well as the times they are available, their average age and gender, and various information that will definitely help you in your marketing campaigns and also in the content you provide.

Not only that, you can collect information through Facebook pages and groups that are popular in your field, or that are owned by your competitors, and in this way you will know a lot of information about them.

When you visit any page, you will find on the left (or on the right if you are using Facebook in Arabic) the word “Info and Ads”. If you click on it, you will be able to know the ads that this page is marketing for.

In this way, you can legitimately spy on the advertising campaigns of your competitors, and see what kind of content they use in order to simulate them or take some inspiration from them.

Also, Facebook is an excellent way to know the problems, goals, and aspirations of your target audience, and the more you know, the more you will be able to know the angles that you have to use to promote this audience, and thus provide offers, services, and products that solve these problems and help them achieve their goals.

Decide what type of content you will provide

There are many types of publications that you can display to your audience, it all depends on your marketing goal and on your audience itself, as I indicated in the previous points.

That is why you must try and test, but try not to publish content for profit only or promote your products, you must provide informative and educational content to your audience.

Ask your audience what information they want to know, do surveys. Use Facebook Live to answer your audience’s questions and connect with them in person.

All of these things increase the trust between you and your potential customers, and help you easily promote this audience that has come to rely on you for information and trusts your experience and ability to help them.

Provide customer service through Facebook

Customer service, or after-sales service, is one of the most important pillars of the art of marketing that achieves more profits for any business or service. This is why you have to communicate with your customers in all possible ways.

Facebook offers you this service for free without any costs. That is why the speed of your response to your customers must be very high, whether through your official page or through the Messenger.

And you must be ready to answer all questions and solve all problems efficiently and accurately, in order to maintain a good reputation among your customers.

Use of Facebook ads

Facebook ads are currently the best option for anyone looking for paid traffic. You can make ads at a very low cost, especially if your audience is in the Arab world.

Facebook has a lot of information about its users, so you can target any group or segment of people, regardless of their interests, age, and places where they live with extreme accuracy.

The longer you wait and delay relying on this method, the higher the cost of those ads will be due to their popularity and the increased demand for them, and you certainly know the law of supply and demand.

You can learn how to make Facebook ads very easy, and you can master it through the guide with the link below:

How to make a funded advertisement on Facebook

Try and try yourself or hire an experienced person to create advertising campaigns for you.

And because we are keen to provide everything that concerns the audience of the winners, we will soon provide examples of successful advertising campaigns through Facebook, while providing many explanations and tools to help you master them.

That is why make sure to follow the winners constantly, and subscribe to the alert bell that is located at the bottom of the page so that you do not miss anything new that we offer until you become a better marketer.

Analyze the results of your Facebook marketing efforts

You set your goal from the beginning, now it’s time to measure the results, you must keep in mind that every minute you spend on creating content or communicating with your customers has a price, and it must have a return, otherwise you are wasting your time.

And if you rely on money in marketing, whether through advertisements or creating content, all of this must have a tangible return on your business.

So, after you did all the previous steps, did the traffic increase to your site? Has the number of your clients increased? Have you achieved higher sales and increased your profits? Your answer must be yes, otherwise you are in danger.

Facebook is used by all people in any field or industry, so if you do not achieve success through it, then there is definitely a problem in your marketing plan. Make sure of the content and the way you communicate with customers and change your method until you achieve better results.

  And the more you achieve success and the more your profits increase, the more you have to review your plan again in order to improve it and adjust it constantly. Perhaps you will find ways to save money or effort, especially with the endless development of Facebook.

Every period there is a certain method that is dominant in it, just as email marketing was the best in the early 2000s, and after that it was marketing through Google ads, then marketing through SEO and search engines.

Currently, marketing through Facebook is the strongest and best, so do not miss the opportunity from your hands, double your efforts, and invest your time, effort, and money in this giant platform.

And do not forget to leave us your comment below, and share this article with anyone who disagrees with you or believes that