Top 5 Best Dog Toothpastes to Clean Teeth and Gums

Brushing your teeth is part of your everyday routine, but how often do you clean your dog’s teeth? On the off chance that the idea sounds ludicrous to you, you might want to do a little research. Brushing your dog’s teeth is one of the most important routines you can develop. Not only does it keep the terrible breath under control, but it prevents periodontal disease, which is as serious for pets for all intents and purposes for people, impacting teeth, gums, and their overall health.

Finding a decent dog toothpaste is an important part of establishing great oral care habits. The best dog toothpaste contains dog-safe, plaque-fighting ingredients. The toothpastes on our list are all vet-recommended, and many contain natural, herbal ingredients.

1. Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste

Virbac has specialized in creature dental health for 30 years, and their dog toothpaste formula boasts more enzymes than other brands to deliver an extra-deep clean and serious antibacterial action. From seafood to vanilla mint to beef, there will undoubtedly be a flavor your dog will love.

2. Petsmile Professional Pet Toothpaste

Recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council, this toothpaste is available in a range of flavors, including the interestingly named “London sear” that dogs really like. It contains proprietary Calprox, which breaks down film on teeth and remineralizes enamel. It can be used with a brush or rubbed around with a finger for everyday dental health maintenance.

3. Sentry Petrodex Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

With a smooth texture and irresistible poultry flavor, this dog toothpaste is the perfect product if you’re not sure what type of toothpaste to start with. It features a patented enzymatic formula that reduces plaque and tartar development while freshening your dog’s breath. Since this toothpaste doesn’t froth, there’s a compelling reason to rinse once you’re done brushing your dog’s teeth.

4. Paws and Pals Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

For nonstop protection against gum disease, tartar development, tooth decay, and terrible breath, this dog toothpaste cleans and freshens your dog’s breath with an easy-to-use formula and a delicious beef flavor your dog will love. This kit comes with two tubes of toothpaste, a double-headed dog toothbrush, and a finger brush for optimal hygiene options.

5. Vet’s Best Enzymatic Toothpaste

Vet’s Best super gentle dog toothpaste is made with all-natural aloe and grapefruit seed extract as well as baking pop and other dog-friendly ingredients to support oral hygiene. You just need to use it a few times every week to improve your dog’s dental health.

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