Top 5 Best Cat Foods for Weight Loss

To help your cat cut back on calories without leaving them feeling denied, switching to wet or dry food that is formulated for weight loss is a simple place to start. It’s easy for some cats to gain a lot of weight — especially indoor-only cats, and even an additional pound or two can increase a cat’s risk for various health issues including arthritis, skin infections, and diabetes.

“While all foods will require an overall caloric shortfall, cat weight loss foods can make this process easier for the two cats and cat parents,” veterinarian, Georgina Ushi-Phillips, DVM told The Spruce Pets.

1. Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight Dry Cat Food

Developed by scientists and veterinarians to help cats maintain their optimal health, Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight Adult Cat Food line is our top decision for most cats who need to lose a couple of pounds. Among the 299 cat parents who took part in our survey, a larger part referred to their veterinarians’ suggestion as their main deciding variable for feeding their cat food from Hill’s Science Diet.

The Perfect Weight recipes are rich in protein from animal-sourced meat (primarily chicken) to help cats maintain healthy muscle mass. The foods are improved with omega 3 and omega 6 unsaturated fats, taurine, vitamins, and L-carnitine, a naturally occurring amino corrosive that helps the body transform fat into energy. Each serving is formulated to support the digestive system with fiber and ingredients that are easy for felines to digest.

2. Blue Buffalo Tastefuls Weight Control Adult Dry Cat Food

Blue Buffalo offers two dry cat food formulas improved to help a feline lose weight Tastefuls Weight Control and Tastefuls Weight and Hairball Control are chicken as the first ingredient and essential source of protein to help keep your adult cat feeling full in between meals. Assuming your cat enjoys the chicken and rice recipes of Blue Buffalo’s Tastefuls Adult Indoor Cat Food, then they probably won’t see the swap for the weight loss food with the same familiar flavor.

Made with whole grains and vegetables, this crunchy kibble provides natural fiber. For hairball control, the specialized version has a blend of psyllium seed husks and cellulose to help your cat’s internal system process ingested fur from grooming.

3. Royal Canin Weight Care Food

Wealthy in hydration, protein, fiber, and L-carnitine, Royal Canin’s Weight Care Cat Food is formulated to keep cats satiated in between meals so they are less likely to ask for more.

The wet canned food is made with three textures: thin slices in sauce, chunks in sauce, and loaf in sauce, to align with an assortment of feeding preferences while helping cats arrive at a healthy weight. The pork-flavored food comes in two can sizes (3 or 5.1 ounces) and can be blended in with Royal Canin’s Weight Care kibble for cats.

4. Purina One +Plus Ideal Weight Dry Cat Food

Purina ONE +Plus Ideal Weight Cat Food is affordably evaluated and readily available at supermarkets, huge box stores, and online retailers. There are three flavors for your cat to appreciate — turkey (dry kibble), white meat chicken recipe (wet food), and delicate salmon recipe (wet food) — all formulated to help your cat lessen their daily caloric intake.

The aptly named Ideal Weight line of cat food contains L-carnitine to help your kitty convert fat into energy. Each serving also provides essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients including omega-unsaturated fats and antioxidants. The food is produced within Purina’s facilities in the US where it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure quality and the optimal nutritional balance.

5. Fromm Healthy Weight Gold Cat Food

As cats progress in years it’s normal for their action level to decline, which frequently leads to unintended weight gain. From Healthy Weight Gold Cat Food is formulated with L-carnitine to help older cats maintain their optimal size by supporting lean muscles and overall health. This protein-rich cat food provides Fromm’s signature blend of antioxidants, prebiotics, and probiotics to help digestion along with salmon oil for a healthy coat.

The Weight Gold Cat Food recipe is available as a dry food and a wet food that can be blended. The dry kibble makes use of chicken, chicken meal, and salmon meal as the essential sources of protein while the wet food contains chicken stock, chicken, chicken liver, and duck among its lead ingredients.

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