How do I make my profile snappy?

 How do I make my profile snappy?

  • Open Snapchat.
  • Open the profile icon.
  • Click on Create Profile.
  • Agree to create a profile.
If you are asking “How do I set up my Snape profile” to add your personal information, and show your location to those on your account page, as well as the Bitmoji feature; Follow us in this article to know everything in detail.
The profiles in the Snapchat program show our personalities to fans or friends, and they also make it easier for us to access the various features of the program, whether adding stories, using lenses, or knowing the number of subscribers for this if you want to create a profile on the iPhone; Just download the app from the App Store, and then follow these steps:
Open the Snapchat program: Open the “Snapchat” program by clicking on its icon that appears in front of you.
Open the profile icon: Click on your profile icon located in the upper left corner.
Click on Create a Profile: Scroll down until you find the option “Create Public Profile” and at the bottom of the screen; You will find a button titled “Get Started”; click on it.

Agree to create a profile: Then a dialog box appears informing you that the approval to create a profile; means that you agree to display your name or location; Then you will find at the bottom the word “Create” or “Create”, if you agree with what was asked of you; You can click on the word “Create”, and if you do not hesitate to do so; You can cancel by clicking on the word “Cancel” below the creation option.
seconds later; The program takes you to your settings page, and here you can notice that the word “My Public Profile” appears at the bottom of the “Public Profiles” list, click on my public profile to view it, but know that everything you publish in this section will be visible To all of your fans and friends.
How do I make my profile on Snap for Android?
  • Open Snapchat.
  • Click on the profile icon.
  • Choose Create Profile.
  • Complete or cancel the profile creation process.
You can find out the answer to the question “How do I set up my profile on Snape for Android” by downloading the program from the “Play Store” application store, and then following the following steps, which are similar to the steps for creating it on iPhone devices.
Open Snapchat: Click on the Snapchat icon to open it.
Click on the profile icon: Click on the profile icon; at the top left of the screen.
Choose to create a profile: Click on the three dots, then choose “Create Public Profile.”
Complete or cancel the profile creation process: press CONTINUE if you accept the public profile features; Such as: showing the name and location with each post of yours, and then choose Start that appears at the bottom of the screen, and thus you are almost done launching your profile; Just click on “Create”.
Once you click on the word Create; The sentence “My Public Profile” will appear at the bottom of the “Public Profiles” drop-down list. This means that everything that you will publish in the Public Profile section will be visible to everyone. 
My snapchat business profile
  • Log in to the Ads Manager.
  • Define profiles.
  • Create a snap account or log in.
  • Complete your profile information.
  • Create profile.
  • Download Snape on mobile.
  • Upload a picture of your profile.
  • Determine the minimum age.
Log in to Ads Manager: Log in to Ads Manager; But know that the payment method is free.
Select Profiles: Select the word PublicProfilesAdsManager.png.
Create a Snapchat account or log in: If you have an actual account on the Snapchat application, log in with the username, then make sure that it is the account that you want to associate with your business account, then click on “Connect to Business”; But if the username you chose is already in use, choose another one.
But if you do not have a business account on Snapchat in the first place; You can create one with the following steps:
  • Go to or
  • Log in with your username.
  • Click on Open Business Account.
  • Complete your business data, then make sure the Link account to ad account box is checked.
Complete your profile information: Complete all empty fields “All fields are optional except for the username field”; For your convenience, add a personal photo or a logo for your business (minimum image size 320 * 320 pixels).
Create Profile: Click on Create Profile, and know that you can link up to 100 profiles to your trading account.

Download Snap on Mobile: Download Snapchat on your mobile phone, to make it easier for yourself to manage your business.
Upload a picture for your profile: Choose a personal picture of yourself, a picture that represents your work, or even your own logo.
Snap profile defects
  • The number of users is limited.
  • The content is temporary.
  • Difficulty adding friends.
  • Videos are vertical only.
  • Content sharing is not available.
The number of users is limited: Although the number of Snapchat users is close to one billion; However, it is a low number compared to the number of Facebook or Twitter users.
The content is temporary: the content of Snapchat is nothing but stories, it is available on the owner’s profile for only 24 hours and then it disappears, meaning that forgetting your content is easy, and to overcome this problem you have to upload content daily tirelessly.

Difficulty adding friends: One of the worst drawbacks of the Snapchat profile is that you do not add your friends easily, as they have to know the QR code from your profile, or know your Snapchat ID; Unlike other social platforms that suggest you friends, and with one click you can add them.
Vertical videos only: If you always watch vertical videos on your mobile phone; This problem will not cause an obstacle for you, but if you like to watch the video in full screen view, you will not be able to enjoy this feature while using Snapchat, because the videos available on it are displayed in a vertical way; Even if you rotate your phone to landscape mode.
Unavailability of sharing content: unlike Facebook and Twitter platforms; Snapchat does not provide the ability to share content with others, and this may constitute an obstacle for commercial accounts that must spread, but the only way that the pioneers of the program use is to take a screenshot from their phone of the content, or they can use other auxiliary programs to download the content on their devices. 

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