Rental management: 10 good reasons to delegate it

 Rental management: 10 good reasons to delegate it

Rental management: 10 good reasons to delegate it

Rental management is a time-consuming activity. Between the tenants who file their notice, the search for future occupants, the selection of the best files, the visits and all the little worries of everyday life, this task is not easy.

Indeed, it requires availability, time and energy. It is most of the time not easy, because you have a family life and a professional life to ensure on the side!

Rental management is a profession in its own right, here are 10 reasons to take the plunge and delegate it to a professional.

1 – You no longer take care of the entrances and exits

The manager will take care of all the formalities related to the entry and exit of tenants. Delivery of keys, inventory, signing of documents. He will also take care of renting your property, receiving and selecting files, collecting the required documents, carrying out visits and welcoming new tenants, all while ensuring solvency and guarantees. rental candidates.

2 – You no longer have to worry about maintenance

A coat of paint, a boiler to replace, a shutter to change? The rental management agent takes care of this for you. He will collect the quotes from the craftsmen and then send them to you. You will only have to choose the one that best suits your budget and your expectations. Then, it is the manager who will be responsible for monitoring the execution of the work.

3 – You offer a better quality of service to your tenants

Sometimes you have to deal with an emergency situation with your tenants. A heating failure, water damage, these situations require a great reactivity that you will not necessarily be able to offer. The rental management agent will allow you to offer a quick response to your tenants. Especially since it is generally close to the rented accommodation, which facilitates human encounters and saves long kilometers for all parties.

4 – You no longer have to manage administrative tasks

From the drafting of the rental contract to the monthly rent receipts and the inventory of fixtures, the manager of your rental will take care of all the administrative tasks for you. It’s time saved, but also less hassle. In addition, this avoids oversights on your part and possible reminders from your tenant.

5 – You delegate the legal and financial aspect of the rental

Sometimes you have to deal with outstanding payments, which is far from pleasant. In the event of default by the tenant, the manager of your rental will take care of debt collection and will use all the means at his disposal to recover rents and compensation. He also knows how to use guarantees such as GLI insurance (Guarantee of Unpaid Rents) or joint surety. If necessary, he will appoint a bailiff to implement the application of the decision to evict the tenants.

6 – You benefit from tax support

The rental management agent advises you on how to complete your tax declarations, some managers also offer to do it for you. You will thus avoid errors and unpleasant surprises due to an incorrectly completed declaration. But that’s not all, he will be able to choose the most suitable tax and social security regime according to your real estate investments, whether it is land income, industrial and commercial income, flat-rate or real allowance, etc.

7 – You are advised on the best rental strategy to adopt

The rental management agent is also there to advise you on the best way to rent your property, depending on its characteristics, its location, your assets, your financial objectives, etc. Long-term or annual rental, short-term or seasonal rental, empty or furnished rental. His intervention will provide you with valuable insights into the most profitable solutions to promote your interests.

8 – You offer the fairest rent

Your rental manager will give you a better estimate of the rent to offer for your property. He will analyze the prices of the real estate market taking into account the service provided, as well as the location of the property to be rented and the constraints of your property. Indeed, in certain areas, or with certain investments, rents can be regulated and it is important not to make mistakes.

9 – You are supported in your rental investment projects

Your rental management agent helps you define your rental investment projects. He will take care for you of evaluating the feasibility of the project, the financing, but also of calculating the profitability of the selected goods.

He is a true ally working in your interest. Indeed, if his services are not satisfactory, you can change provider, which motivates him all the more to maintain good relations with you.

10 – You save time

All that the rental management agent does for you is as much time saved for your family life, but it is also less stress which will make your days much more pleasant. In the end, even if his service is paid, keep in mind that time is money!