Who to turn to for tax advice and to reduce your taxes?

 Who to turn to for tax advice and to reduce your taxes?

Who to turn to for tax advice and to reduce your taxes?

Who to turn to for tax advice and to reduce your taxes?

Many French people want to get tax advice and reduce their taxes legally. But mastering the tax field is not accessible to everyone. Understanding the intricacies and developments in order to win without making any legal blunders is not so simple. Who to turn to for support and good advice? Our answers in this file.

The tax advisor

The tax adviser supports individuals and professionals in their desire to reduce their taxes, both by helping them to complete their annual declaration and by offering them investment and investment solutions that correspond to their profile in order to obtain advantageous tax reductions and deductions. Thanks to his perfect knowledge of taxation and its legal limits, he knows how to analyze the situation of each client to suggest low-risk financial and commercial products intended to maximize his income and optimize his taxation.

These professionals evolve alone or within accounting firms. They offer a personalized diagnosis of the financial situation of its clients and provide appropriate responses and strategies. Although they mainly advise a clientele of well-to-do and highly taxed investors, they can provide assistance to households wishing to reduce their taxes, in particular thanks to the solutions offered by the tax credit.

The accountant

A chartered accountant is an accounting specialist. You can consult an independent chartered accountant or one working within a firm to benefit from advice concerning your taxation, but also on legal, social and patrimonial matters. This specialist can support individuals and companies in their desire to reduce their taxes by playing on several tips and solutions, particularly within their asset declarations.

The chartered accountant identifies the profile of his clients and offers them a personalized response. He advises and guides them in order to help optimize their taxation. It provides legal advice and tips that allow customers to know the points presenting a tax advantage and the solutions to reduce the amount of taxation, in particular by correctly filling in the annual declarations.

Wealth management advisor

The mission of the wealth management advisor is to help his clients establish a wealth strategy in order to meet their projects and needs and reduce their taxation. In this sense, it offers investments and commercial or financial products with variable risks in order to allow its customers to optimize their taxation. This type of product and investment is related to real estate, but also financial and professional assets.

It has an advisory role, which consists of informing, informing and guiding its customers on the solutions that may interest them with regard to their profile. He is also a mediator who makes the link between his clients and financial professionals. It has the advantage of evolving in total independence in order to provide its customers with the most advantageous response.

The tax lawyer

Each year, several tax lawyers give their time to assist taxpayers who wish to do so with their tax return. If these consultations are, on this occasion, free and in the form of a one-day service, it is possible to consult these professionals throughout the year.

These experts provide their advice to help individuals and professionals complete their annual tax return and reduce their taxation by means of legal measures and this in complete confidentiality. They are aimed at all profiles of declarants, from the most modest to the wealthiest.

The public finance center

Contacting the Public Finance Center on which you depend may be a good solution. Advisors can provide you with some solutions to your questions. If their primary mission is not to make you pay less tax, they can support you in your declaration procedures and help you optimize your tax system to your advantage. In addition, if in doubt, you will be sure to benefit from legal tax advice.

This interlocutor is only of interest to modest declarants who wish above all to properly complete their declaration in order to deduct their possible tax credits and annual donations. Indeed, no financial product or investment strategy will be offered.