How to view stories on Instagram without knowing the person

 How to view stories on Instagram without knowing the person

Many people are looking for ways to view stories on the social networking site “Instagram”. When a person publishes a story on Instagram, Instagram tells him who viewed it and communicated with it, but sometimes you may want to watch the story without notifying the user, and you may research the market and want to take a look Sneaking on a rival brand’s Instagram strategy, and prefer to keep this information secret, the top ways to view someone’s Instagram story without anyone knowing are as follows:
Click on the Instagram story and then swipe back
This method takes advantage of the interface that allows the viewer to scroll between different user stories. First, find the profile whose story you want to view secretly, then click on the profile right next to it, press the story to pause it, and then drag slowly in the direction of the story you want to view , appearing as if on the adjacent side of a 3D square.
Also, be careful not to swipe all the way through to stories
Because if you do that the user will see that you have seen their stories, the main drawback of this method is that only the first story can be shown in that profile feed, you will not be able to watch the videos, and it is easy to accidentally scroll all the way and then it will be an exercise Entirely useless.
Use of a third-party app or website
This method requires the use of a different website or application, and viewing stories through these applications is not counted in the statistics, so the user will not know that you have viewed them, because these applications are from third parties, as they go to the desktop and then go to and search About the user, and if the profile is public, you will be able to view and download all current stories for that user.
It is also possible through iPhone devices to download the Story Reloader application, then log in and search for the user in the search bar, then press the folder that contains his Instagram stories, and the application can also be downloaded through Android devices by downloading the Story Saver application and registering Access.

The account is searched using the search icon in the upper right corner, where stories can be viewed in a feed format, this method requires more effort, but it is also more foolproof, as it makes downloading and saving watched stories much easier.

Flight mode

Flight mode is also a smart trick to watch Instagram stories without the owner’s knowledge, and if the Instagram app is installed on the smartphone, the easiest way to watch Instagram stories in secret is in flight mode, whether you are using an iPhone or an Android device, as it also contains a mode Flight, then Instagram will be opened after activating the flight mode, logging in to the personal account, and waiting for a few seconds until all the stories are available for download on the phone.

You should also activate the flight mode and then return to Instagram to view the stories, because all the stories have been pre-loaded on the phone and can be seen without an Internet connection, because the flight mode is activated and viewing is not counted, and if you want to add an additional level of security, then the Instagram application is closed Immediately after watching that story, the app should not be left running even in the background.

Add Instagram to your web browser

Instagram is added to the web browser to watch hidden stories, as IG stories for Instagram is an addition to the Chrome browser from Google, which allows you to view any stories on Instagram without leaving any traces after installing it on your browser, and you can watch Instagram stories on your computer easily and most importantly This is that viewing will not be counted, and when using the Firefox browser, you can use Strories Watcher, as it allows you to watch stories without logging in.

It also allows watching stories in secret without their owners seeing you, and the stories continue to appear as not seen yet even if you have watched them all, and in the event that you do not want to install the extension, it can be used through its website in addition to downloading all the stories that you like on your computer.

Online Instagram story watcher tool

You can use the tool to watch Instagram stories online if you do not want to activate the flight mode, to watch any story without logging into your account on Instagram, and there are many tools on the Internet that can do something like this, and Stories Ig is distinguished as one of these tools, as it It allows you to view the Instagram story without the knowledge of others, and without anyone seeing you through this site. You can also choose to download the Instagram story, whether it is a video or an image.

You just need to enter the name of the user you want to spy on in the search box on Stories Ig, and immediately you will be able to see all the stories that this user published within 24 hours. There is also another online tool that shows the history of Instagram stories if you want to see stories that were published a long time ago.

Also, the only downside to this method is that it only works with accounts that are open to the public, and in the event that you want to see the Instagram stories of a private account in secret, then you should check out other methods that have been discussed.

Story Saver app for Android or iOS

If you want to view a number of Instagram stories in secret without the knowledge of the owner, there is a dedicated application for that and it can be obtained for Android users, and there is also a free application, Story Saver, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store to view Instagram stories, and the user of this application must enter The personal account on Instagram to start using it, and as soon as you log in, a list of all the users you follow and who have active stories will appear at the moment.

Only choose the person whose stories you want to see to see all his stories at the present time, and you can also search for the user name so that you find a specific user quickly and you will see his history, and you also have the option to re-publish stories, save or share them, and there is also an icon in the form of an eye, You should not click on it, because by clicking on it, the view is counted, and only friends’ stories that are active at that time can be viewed.

When you want to use the iOS system, there is a similar application that works exactly the same way to view Instagram stories, which is Story Reposter, as this application also allows you to repost stories on your Instagram feed or save them to your device.