Twitter Circle feature-Step-By-Step Guide

 Twitter Circle feature-Step-By-Step Guide

In the event that you want to publish a tweet on Twitter, but you do not want it to reach all followers and the public, but rather to a specific category, you can rely on the new Twitter Circle feature, which is similar to the privacy in Snapchat.

What is the Twitter Circle feature?
It is a new feature last May that Twitter tested on a limited number of users.
But after its success, it is now available to all users on the Twitter platform.
Its aim is to limit the tweet to a specific number of audience, and in this case, the tweet will not reach all followers or the audience on the Twitter platform.
You can create a specific Twitter Circle, starting from one person and up to 150 people only.
What is unique about it is that you can add these people to your circle, whether they are following you or not, which is what makes this technology very similar to the technique of close friends on the Instagram platform.
And there, when you create a new tweet, you can select this circle so that only these people can view this tweet.
It is expected in the future that Toyota will increase the number of people joining the Twitter Circle for this number, especially since it gives you the freedom to choose to add even if only one person.
How do I settle the circle on Twitter?
There are two ways through which you can create a Twitter Circle, the first is through the author of the tweet and the second is through the main menu.
You can also do a Twitter Circle, whether through a computer or through the application on the phone.
Via the author of the tweet
  • When you start writing a tweet, switch to the target audience.
  • You will see a group of options, including Twitter Cycle, choose it.
  • Now you will be asked to add the required people to your circle.
  • A list of people will appear for you, and you can choose what you want from them.
  • After you finish adding the audience, you can go back again and complete writing the required tweet and then publish it.
Via the main menu
  • From the home page, go to the side menu.
  • Then choose Maha Twitter circle.
  • Start searching for the names of the people you want to add to the circle.
  • Then save it.
After publishing your tweet, a green notification will appear informing you that only people within the Twitter circle can access this tweet. Twitter Circle feature-Step-By-Step Guide
People will also see a notification that they have been added to your Twitter circle.
How to remove people from the Twitter circle?

After you add people in the Twitter circle, you can now publish the tweets you want, and in return, every time you want to publish a tweet, you must choose the Twitter Circle.
On the other hand, you can also modify the Twitter cycle and remove people from it as appropriate for you in order to add new people.
  • Go to the tweet page whether you want to create a tweet or not.
  • Then from the bottom menu choose audience.
  • A pop-up window will appear with many options, including Twitter Circle, choose it.
  • Next to it you will find an Edit button, click on it.
  • You will now see all the people added in the circle.
  • Next to each name, you will find a button to remove, click on it.
  • Next to his name will appear the Add button, so it has been removed, and now you can put it back in the circle1
Twitter Circle features
Privacy control
It is known that users on Twitter if someone follows them, he will be able to view all tweets unless you delete or block this person.
But through the Twitter Circle feature, you will be able to control the privacy of your posts and specify the people you want this content to reach
Target a specific segment
If you have an account on the Twitter platform and you market some electronic products through it, such as applications and games.
Some of these products do not work in some countries, and therefore the idea of ​​tweeting this product to all followers loses your credibility.
This is because a follower of you from one of the countries where this product is prohibited will not be able to obtain it.
This is a greater focus on the target segment.
Fooling competitors
Competitors often follow you on Twitter, and therefore they are aware of everything you publish and work to present it and compete with you.
So why not stay away from their eyes and create a private audience for you that can know the new features that you offer, and thus your competitors do not know anything about you.
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There is no re-sharing
This system does not provide re-sharing of the tweet, retweet by the people added in the circle and who were able to view the tweet.
You will also see a notification that this tweet is within a circle, and if you press the re-share button, a lock symbol will appear on it, and that it is not acceptable to re-post it. Twitter Circle feature-Step-By-Step Guide
Keep the account public

The fact that you have created a Twitter circle does not mean that you have now transferred your Twitter account from public to private.
The account is public as it is and can continue to post normal tweets to different audiences.