15 Apps to earn free money 2023 Do they work? Here I explain it to you

 15 Apps to earn free money 2023 Do they work? Here I explain it to you

Today it is also possible to earn free money using our mobiles / cell phones.

There are more and more people who use their Smartphone to do all kinds of monetary procedures, such as paying, receiving or sending money. Well, today you can also generate income with it.

To earn money with mobile or cell phones we have to make use of their well-known applications, known as apps for their short name in English.

In this post I am going to explain what are the most popular and recommended options to get extra money while we use these devices that are so necessary in modern life.

Keep in mind that I said “get some extra money”; I say this because it is not a way in which we are going to get rich, nor in which we are going to earn a lot of money. You can aspire to generate a few extra dollars, yes.

First we will see the list that I have prepared with the best applications but then I will give you some tips on how this world of money making apps works.

Best apps to earn money

Now we go to the list of most popular applications.

Before starting, let me tell you that some of them may not be in your country, although that shouldn’t be a problem because there are so many options on the market that you will surely find a similar application, whether you live in Spain, Mexico, or Argentina. , Colombia, Peru, etc.

1 Google Opinion Rewards

earn money google The first comes from none other than Google.

It’s not an app to make a lot of money honestly, but it’s so popular that I couldn’t stop putting it on the list.

Google Opinion Rewards consists of a survey and market research program by Google itself, which will ask you questions over time.

Why does he do this?

Well, because this way it obtains important data about us, data that it can later use in its algorithms and specific advertising campaigns.

How much can you earn?

Don’t expect much, the occasional dollar or euro in a few weeks, which will be exchanged for Google Cards.

2 Youtube

Methods to earn money with YouTube This is not the typical app that you will find recommended out there to earn easy and free money.

However, it seems to me a perfect example of the apps that do serve to earn money without too much cost through the internet.

All you need is a decent mobile and create videos.

If you create a channel and it is successful, the limit could be the “sky” (for being exaggerated). Who knows? You could become the next Rubius or Carlos Muñoz. It is possible that they started using this app for free with their mobile .

3 Uber

Who does not know Uber?

This is one of the most used applications in the world, which has also only grown over time and I think it will grow much more in the future once payments in kind gradually disappear.

What happens is that to earn money with Uber you have to become one of their drivers and that requires some legal steps that you have to do in your country. But it’s not too difficult either.

In some countries it is either not available or limited by pressure from local taxis. Do some research to see how it is in yours, and if it is available and you have a free car, maybe you could get some extra money out of it.

4 Lucky Money

app lucky moneyLucky Money is another game app – you will notice that there are many of this type – in which we are going to be constantly playing with a promise that if we do it enough we can reach 100 dollars.

It sounds good, and the truth is that it is a very popular application, only on Android it has more than 700,000 downloads.

However, I am sorry to disappoint you because the application seems to be designed in a way that makes it very difficult to reach that number.

It seems that what this app does is that once you are close to reaching $100, it makes it very difficult to reach that figure, which makes the player spend days and days playing and become frustrated. Meanwhile the app will have taken a lot of money for advertising that you will have been seeing.

This is another sample of those innumerable applications in which it is very difficult to earn money and that are designed so that the one who takes the money is the one who does it.

So if what you want is to make money, you know: make an app, and play less.

5 AppNana

This application is focused on obtaining gift cards. To do this, it offers us to try applications, play games, watch videos or invite friends.

With over 500,000 downloads (and counting), AppNana is one of the most popular apps in the mobile/cellular ecosystem. There are many people who use it to try to get Gift Cards like Google Play or Amazon, but what is really important, does it allow us to earn free money?

In theory yes, but on the matter there are conflicting opinions.

There are those who say that with constant work and use you can get interesting cards while others say that it is not worth it and even that it is a scam.

I’m not sure it’s a total scam, but I do think that in order for you to earn some decent money you’re going to have to work your ass off using this app. In other words, the profit/time ratio is not going to be good.

6 Clip Claps

This is another of the many applications that are based on watching videos, including those on YouTube.

According to the company, the more videos we see, the more money they will pay us.

So what it is about is watching a lot of videos.

But is it really worth it?

As in the rest of the cases, I can tell you the same thing: if you like to spend time watching videos for leisure, well yes, because in addition to having fun in the end, you may get a little extra income. But if what you want is to earn a lot of money in a short time, it is better that you forget about it.

7 play spot

Another app to share App recommendations and also has an infinite number of games to earn money.

Its operation is similar to the previous ones and follows the same pattern, so if you have read so far you will already know how it works.

Again, if you like to play and have a good time that’s fine, and maybe with it you can get a little extra money in Paypal or gifts in Google or Amazon, but don’t expect monetary miracles.

You can earn free money with this app, but little.

8 Fiverr

This is a different app than most I’ve mentioned in this post.

The Fiverr case is more similar to that of Uber, although they are two companies that have nothing to do with their service, but they do have something to do with the fact that both have real potential to earn money.

The Fiverr case is well known in the world of freelancing, being used by thousands of self-employed workers to earn a living with jobs from home of all kinds.

The mobile is a necessary means for many of these Fiverr users who are constantly receiving online job requests and with it they can answer them from anywhere and at any time.

So if you have any talents that you can use as a freelancer, such as knowing graphic design, I think you would do well to take a look at Fiverr.

9 Foap

This may not be one of the most popular applications, but it turns out to be one of the most interesting.

Foap is one of those that we could consider as niche applications, that is, they belong to a service that is not mass-produced but has its audience, in this case the audience for photos.

This is a marketplace where you can sell your photos to both individuals and businesses that use your photos to get quality, genuine work.

The operation is simple: we upload the photos with our Android or iOS and once in the app they will be available to sell.

One of the drawbacks is that the app can take 50% commission for these photos, but if you have a lot of sales you can earn a lot of money anyway.

There is also another way to monetize that is with the missions, with which you can earn $50 or more.

In any case, do not think that it is easy to earn money in Foap. There is a lot of competition and a lot of work and talent is required. But if you do it right you could make some decent money, and the app is free to download, so it’s a good opportunity for those who like photography.

10 BigTime

This is another free game platform that can be used on Android or iOS. It is one of the most popular on the market with hundreds of thousands of downloads.

But is it really useful to earn easy and free money?

Free can, easy maybe not so much, unless you talk about easy to earn a few cents.

BigTime is a specialist in games and does not have other functions like others, such as downloading apps or watching videos, so if what you like is playing, this may be your most interesting option.

11 Mobeye

This sounds similar to Popeye, but don’t worry, it has nothing to do with it.

This is one of the most interesting applications due to its originality.

It consists of carrying out tests in stores to collect information that can later be used by other companies.

The system works with missions and depending on your location you will be able to opt for some jobs or not.

Apart from doing services in person on sites, it also has functions such as giving opinions about products or answering surveys.

However, as with similar apps, don’t expect to make a lot of money with it. It can be fun depending on the mission, but little else

12 sweatcoin

This application is related to exercise. Its foundation is counting steps and therefore it can be a blessing for those who want to lose weight.

You can see more in the Sweatcoin review.

But why would someone pay money for you to walk?

Sounds weird right?

As with everything in this world of online content and getting paid for free, there is a price to pay. That price is your privacy.

The thing is, Sweatcoin (sweat money) requires a lot of our private data from us. To begin with, it knows where we are at all times and that can be used to sell that data to companies interested in our behavior. For example, giving up our email may mean that it ends up in the database of businesses that are experts in email marketing.

Seen this way, we already see why someone would be willing to pay money for it.

But of course, we can’t expect them to pay us a lot for the truth.

Some yes, but not much.

Let’s see it with an example:

SweatCoin pays 1 SWC for every 1,000 steps.

To get $100 you need 2,000 SWC.

This gives us a figure of 2,000,000 SWCs.

1,000 steps mean more or less between 500 and 700 meters.

Therefore, to get $100 we would have to walk 600 meters 2,000 times.

For example, if we walk 5 kilometers a day, we would need about 240 days walking to get that money.

It’s a good hike.

At least I can say that there is one good thing about it: that it motivates you to move and exercise.

So if you are willing to give up some of your privacy and do a lot of walking, why not?

In the following video they tell you more about this curious application:

13 Lucky Cash

We return again to the applications that pay to do tasks such as watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, etc.

If you have seen the previous ones that I have commented on, this is basically the same.

Regarding Lucky Cash there are all kinds of opinions, but in general it is considered an app that pays.

14 I-Say

isay ipsos surveys This is one of the classic pages in the world of online surveys. Now it is also for mobile and cellular app for the taste of Apple or Android users.

As with the rest of the similar apps, don’t expect to get rich and spend a lot of time doing tasks until you can earn some dollars.

15 Rakute

This Japanese company is one of the classic names in the world of money and discounts on the Internet.

Rakuten is a fairly veteran company that has a lot of experience and is a specialist in the world of cashback or returns on online purchases.

With its market domain, it has almost 2,000 companies in which we can use its points to get a discount.

Once we have a significant number of discounts, we can get the money through Paypal.

How do apps work to earn free money?

apps to get free moneyIf you have read the list of the best apps to earn free money, you will have realized that I do not have a very high opinion of most of the sector. The reason for this is because of how it works.

It’s not that you can’t earn money for free, yes, that is to say that you can download the app and spend several weeks using it and earn some money without having put a penny.


The problem is how much money we are going to earn after using one of these platforms for, say, 1,000 hours.

A worker from countries like Spain or Mexico expects to earn 12 or 4 dollars an hour, to put a figure (which then actually varies a lot).

In order to win, let’s put $7 into those free apps, we’re going to have to use them for many hours. In some cases we are going to use them for more than 50 hours and we are not going to see those 7 dollars.


Because the operation of these apps is made so that the developers are the ones who earn money.

They achieve the latter by selling your data in one way or another, mainly through advertising.

For example, when you are in an application constantly playing, you will see many ads that will appear and that you will close in most cases.

However, from time to time you will click on those ads, and for this reason the advertising company will pay money to the developer.

You can spend hours in the application and click only a couple of times, so if for each of those clicks the advertising company pays $0.50 to the developer, you can get an idea of ​​what you could be earning.

Clearly, the developer has a small part of that money to pay you.

Let’s say that after playing for 5 hours you generate clicks worth 1 dollar.

Perhaps the company that develops the application will pay you 0.20 cents of that amount. The rest will go to cover their operating costs and profits.

Do not pay attention to taking these data as real figures, as they are only examples so that you understand how the sector works.
So here we see that clearly the one who wins is the developer.

So if you want to earn a lot of free money with mobile or cell phone applications, you would do well to become one of them. Easier said than done, I know, but it’s not impossible.

That being said, there are apps and apps.

Some are better than others, and there are some that pay more decently, while some don’t even pay and we could consider them as scams.

How much money can you earn with the apps?

fast and easy money Honestly not much.

As I explained to you in the previous section on “how the apps work”, you should expect a very low earnings per hour.

How much exactly?

I don’t know, it depends on the application.

Do not get carried away by phrases like “you can win $20 in Google cards, etc.”

The really important thing is not that you can win $20, but how long it takes you to win that $20.

On the other hand, I also commented that if you are a person who likes games and spending time leisurely, then it may make sense to use these apps. Why not? This is how you kill two birds with one stone:

you kill boredom
You get a few extra cents in income

Mobile / cell phone applications that do work to earn money
However, not all bad news.

There are other types of apps that are useful for us to use for free and help us earn money.

These are apps like Uber, Airbnb, Fiverr, Lyft, Uber Eats, and any other that requires a service that we can do. But these services require effort or talent, and work that is more focused on the long term.

There are many such applications, and many are not free for external use.

For example, to have an Airbnb we need a room to rent, something that is not free or that not everyone has. However, using the app to manage reservations is free. The same goes for the rest of the apps.

Actually, there are few apps for which you have to pay money to use, but that would be content for another post.

Apps to earn money with Paypal

earn money secure paypal The number of people who are interested in earning money using Paypal as a payment method is impressive. Here we also include the world of apps.

The truth is that Paypal is one of the most powerful and efficient online payment methods out there and it works great. It is used to make transactions almost as securely as if we were in a bank, and for this reason it is possibly the most sought after method, in addition to the fact that it is somewhat outside the banking system, which many people like.

The vast majority of applications that allow you to earn money with Paypal are related to the world of surveys, tasks, videos, games, and what not.

We have apps like PlaySpot, Rakuten, Big Time, Ibotta, Cash Pirate, Swagbucks, Tree for Money and many more.

Try to find the ones that give you more with less effort. This seems like a no-brainer but it’s good to remember. If you see one that you have been working on for a long time and you have not been paid anything, it is most likely an application that is taking full advantage of its users. The best pay little but at least they pay.

Conclusion Is it worth it to earn free money with Apps?

I think that if you have read the whole post it should be clear to you:

The truth is that no.

In other words, do not expect that you are going to get rich with this theme of free apps and doing simple or fun things in them.

Things are not that easy.

I recommend that if you really want to make money from home or online, look for other methods, which exist, although they require much more work and effort.

For example, the YouTube app allows us to use the platform both as a user and as a video editor, since you can do it from your own cell phone. If it turns out that you are capable of creating content with interest over time, you could have a YouTube channel that could indeed give you a lot of money.

At first it does not seem that this is an app to earn free money, but those are the ones that work best in the long term.