British Middlesex University

 British Middlesex University

Middlesex University is considered one of the most important and largest universities in London, and it is one of the largest universities there as well, and it includes a large number of scientific disciplines.

About Middlesex University, UK

The university was established in 1878, and at that time it was one of the best and most important universities established in London.

In 1882, the university was attached to the College of Arts, after which the university was developed several times, until it was attached to the Institute of Technology in 1901, then developments followed, until a large number of branches were established, one of them in Dubai.

The educational process at the university aims to raise the academic and scientific level of students, through continuous training and developing their skills as much as possible, in order to develop their future after graduation.

The university works to support students, by providing them with a number of training courses on an ongoing basis, as well as helping them in scientific research.

The university includes more than 1,700 university workers, including professors and workers, whose primary goal is to advance the educational process.

British Middlesex University majors

College of Arts and Innovative Industries

Through this college, a large number of technical sciences are studied, which include design sciences, animation techniques, advertising sciences, public relations, as well as arts and applied sciences, media arts, dance arts, music and acoustics arts. The college also seeks to educate students and provide them with practical experience and skills.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Through this college, law is studied in its various disciplines, especially criminology, social sciences, and international political sciences. Specialized departments in scientific and social research are attached to this department.

– The college is also attached to a school specializing in medical sciences and teaching sciences, through which the Department of Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Nursing, Adult Medical Sciences, and the Department of Teaching Sciences are studied, and it is divided according to the scientific stage of students, as well as the Department of Health Psychology and social sciences.

College of Business Administration

Through this college, accounting and public finance, international economic sciences and how to develop them are studied, as well as specialized sciences for the state’s public finances, the foundations of developing organizations and others.

Faculty of sciences and technology

Through this college, natural sciences are studied, which include clinical physiological sciences, chemistry, biochemistry, physical sciences, etc., as well as computer sciences, as well as a specialized department in engineering and mathematics, and through it various engineering departments are studied. As well as a department specialized in the study of psychology, and it includes 11 educational programs that are divided on the basis of applied psychology and clinical psychology, in addition to a department for sports studies, which includes sports and rehabilitation studies.

University scientific research

The university considers scientific research as one of the foundations on which the study is based at the university, as all university departments are affiliated with a specialized center in scientific research, as well as a number of studies that are provided in the form of educational courses available to regulars and non-regulars, and these matters are also divided in a system hours .

University training courses

The university provides a large number of different types of training courses, including specialized courses in tourism sciences, and others specialized in economics and finance, as well as a large number of technical training courses, especially in the field of animation films.