How to connect your devices to a UK outlet WITHOUT ADAPTER!

 How to connect your devices to a UK outlet WITHOUT ADAPTER!

How to connect your devices to a UK outlet WITHOUT ADAPTER!

Because yes, it is possible and even very simple 😉

Before you start, be aware that there are universal and not very expensive plug adapters. They allow you to connect a device from any country to a socket in any other country. Very convenient !

How to connect your devices to a UK outlet WITHOUT ADAPTER!

Here is a nofollow sponsored universal adapter from any type of plug to any other type of plug. It’s not too expensive and it will serve you all your life 😉

Well, now, if you are motivated enough and Radin(e) Malin/gne, I show you how to connect to the land of baked beans, without an adapter 🙂

How to connect your socket without an adapter?

This trick is safe of course. You can easily plug a French device into an English outlet without an adapter. But since you can never be too careful, here is a little warning:


Never touch the poles of a wall socket with your fingers or with a metal object (electrically conductive)!

This involves lowering an earth connection, where no current flows, and using a plastic object, which is an insulating material.

I decline all responsibility in the event of mishandling on your part.

Thanks to Alix, who gave me this tip a long time ago and which served me extremely well during my year in England!

If you go to the UK, whether for a weekend or for ten years, you will inevitably be faced with the problem of electrical outlets.

The English sockets being very different from ours, an adapter seems necessary.

Only seems, because the electric current of the French sockets is the same as that of the English sockets (230V 50Hz according to Wikipedia).

An adapter is not a converter! An adapter will only adapt the shape of the socket, without changing the type of current that passes through it.

Therefore, if you can use a simple adapter from a French plug to an English plug without converting the current, you can just as easily do without an adapter, if you know how to plug your French plug into an English plug!

Here are the steps to follow :

How to connect your devices to a UK outlet WITHOUT ADAPTER!

English ferrules have a slightly longer ground connection. It enters the socket first, lowering a latch which allows the two plugs + and – to be returned.

To insert your French plug, you must first lower this latch using a pen cap for example. Nothing metallic even if it is only an earth connection and theoretically you do not risk anything, you can never be too careful!

Keeping the latch down, insert your French plug, forcing slightly.

And There you go ! You have plugged your French device into an English wall socket without an adapter! Isn’t life beautiful?

Connect a French power strip in the same way and you will stop struggling with your French devices in London!

I show you on video!

As I’m a nice guy, I even prepared a little explanatory video for you, watch! Do not hesitate to subscribe to my Youtube channel and give it a thumbs up (this is my first video, I struggled a bit with the editing 😛 ):