Homeschooling | Study methods for the child in smart and effective ways

 Homeschooling | Study methods for the child in smart and effective ways

For every mother .. Learn the art of studying for the child smartly

Study conditions for your child, which must always be available at home so that the child gets more effective and productive studying, and not just wasted time and energy. Therefore, it is the duty of parents to lend a helping hand to their children and help them establish a healthy academic life.

This is in order to develop the child’s skills, help him discover himself, and know his strengths. for its development, weaknesses; To overcome it, we will give you tips; To keep the child focused while studying.

How to achieve the conditions for studying for your child

The conditions for studying for your child are not difficult, but parents should start implementing them early.

Allocate a suitable time and place for studying

Preparing the place, and the right time, is the best thing that keeps the child focused for a long time, while paying attention that there are no distractions in the place that is allocated for studying, such as television, electronic devices, in addition to the lighting. The brighter it is, the more it gives the child a sense of focus and activity. .

Bring school supplies that the child likes

This is considered one of the incentives that encourage the child and increase his enthusiasm. To use it the best use, and to achieve the benefit, which is the completion of the required study.

 Set a schedule for performing tasks

Setting a suitable time for everything makes the child’s life more orderly and orderly, so it is important for the child to learn how to manage his time and divide it into academic tasks such as studying, doing homework, and reviewing what he previously studied before exam time.

Write what is on the mind of the child

Taking notes of the child that wanders in his mind on papers that contribute to better retrieval of information, and the child must learn how to write them himself; Because his handwriting is better than relying on storing it in memory; Because by doing so, he is prone to forgetting her.

 Training the child on how to prepare for the exam

To overcome the dread that will face your child at the first exam, you should prepare for it, and reviewing the content is not only the only way; to retrieve information, but you can make it a unique experience by using colored cards interactively, and asking questions to the child; to answer it with a confident voice; To ensure that the child can answer it in the exam.

Try to simplify information and avoid clutter

Studying for a long time in order to get as much information as possible is not an appropriate method. To retrieve information, the child needs to study a subject a day; To be able to do it properly, while making sure to take a rest throughout the day, so that the brain regains its activity, and prepares; To obtain new information, and all of this is implemented by setting a flexible study schedule that suits the child’s mind.

Teach the child to ask for help when needed

The relationship between mothers and children should not be limited to orders and tasks that he must carry out on his own without asking for help from someone who can help. When a child has difficulty performing duty or understanding a particular lesson, mothers should provide the assistance they need.

Help the child focus

This is done by removing all distractions on his part, such as the phone, the computer, and other things that can distract the child’s focus from studying. The important thing is that the child’s mind is preoccupied with one topic, so that he gives all his focus on it, and then moves on to another topic after completing it.

Provide a healthy lifestyle

The child’s healthy habits include getting enough hours of sleep, eating healthy foods that increase the health of his body and mind, contribute to achieving high levels of concentration, and benefit from the hours it takes the child to complete his tasks, which is an important condition for studying for your child.

10 tips for a more effective study for your child

In order for the child to absorb the information in the simplest way, especially when studying for the first time, the family will have to motivate the child and cultivate a love of science in him by talking to him about the importance of studying and the positive impact it will have on their future. Among the tips that will benefit your child:

Organizing time and dividing it between study tasks

The child’s day should not end with the end of the school day. After he returns home and takes a little rest, the child’s day begins, and here comes the role of the family. To help the child organize the day, such as determining the start and end time for homework, and studying the information that the child obtained during the school day, while allocating rest times, which are 15 minutes after studying for two hours, or 5 minutes rest for every 45 minutes of studying.

Talk to the child about what is happening in his school day

A child’s school day should not pass without him being aware of the most important thing that happened in it, so it is important to talk to the child about the most important subjects and information he received during the day, and to ensure that they are completed on the same day, so that the child does not forget them, and it becomes difficult to retrieve what he studied. .

Doing all the activities that the child needs before starting to study

Lots of activities that the child will remember while studying; In order for him to do it instead of studying, such as eating or wanting to take a break if he did not take it after returning from school, so we have to finish everything that occupies the child’s mind before starting to study.

Distinctive stimuli and study atmosphere

Finding stimuli for the child will facilitate the study process, so it is important to pay attention to the presence of all the tools that help the child to study, such as a blackboard; To write down his thoughts on it, to try to explain the information himself, and to decorate the office with his favorite drawings, in order to attract him; To sit on it and study, you can also provide a set of colored pens. To divide the information into important headings with different colors.

Patience for the child in receiving information

It is important to be patient with the child when receiving the information, and to simplify the method of explanation, until you reach the rate of the child’s assimilation, as screaming and nervousness will not achieve the desired result for you, and it will also create a characteristic of hesitation in the child for fear of yelling at him if the answer is not correct.

Adopt easy ways to help the child memorize

When there are words that are difficult for the child to memorize, you should divide them into syllables, and try to write them down slowly, so that the child gets used to them, and you can link them to easy things around the child; to ensure that it is easy to remember.

Follow up the child’s academic level with teachers

There are many problems that can occur, especially during the first school days, which is the child’s lack of comprehension or difficulty concentrating, and we may think that the problem is with the teacher himself, and not with the child, but here we have to pay attention to the location of the problem, by following the child, and constantly asking about his level in school, and how he responds to the information he receives.

Assign a reward to the child when he succeeds in answering a question

Encouraging the child with things he loves when answering a question correctly or passing the exam with high scores is one of the best ways to motivate the child to continue studying and try to raise his level of education, but we have to educate the child that this reward is not only because he made us happy, but because he was able Develop his skills and increase his love for science.

Using modern programs to motivate the child to learn

Many modern educational methods have appeared recently, which increases the child’s absorption of information. If the child cannot understand the information in a certain way, he can search on the Internet or YouTube; So that he can understand it better, unlike presenting the information in one traditional way.

The child gets enough sleep

In order for the child to be able to study and absorb the information, he must focus, and this comes with a healthy sleep, sufficient for the child. The child must obtain a number of hours of sleep not less than 8 hours per day, so that he can regain his activity.

Study conditions for your child, if followed, will achieve a more productive academic life for the child, and will increase the child’s ability to learn, so we talked about these conditions in detail, and we provided many important tips for parents; In order for the study time to be more effective, and for the child to obtain the best grades, and to make steady steps towards a bright educational future.