Profit From The Internet: 1 Million Articles For Profit From Blogging

 Profit From The Internet: 1 Million Articles For Profit From Blogging

Profit From The Internet: 1 Million Articles For Profit From Blogging

There are many bloggers looking for free articles to make money from the Internet, but you do not know where to find the content that you will use as a way to profit from the Internet and make money in a legal way without any problem.

There are many bloggers who are good at writing articles with SEO standards, but they do not have time to work on the blog, and they also need ready-made articles to save them the trouble of searching for topics.

The way to use these articles that we will present to you on this topic on our website, Earn Net, is that it needs some minor changes through the wording of the article, for this I will share with you 1 million foreign content in English for free.

1 Million English content to start earning from blogging

Profit from the blog is among the best ways to make money from the Internet, because it does not require capital and is also easy and fast to profit if you behave well, so in this article I will share with you a million English content that you can use to make money from the blog.

These English contents, may God bless you, are free and you can use them on the blog without being exposed to any violation among the violations that cause your disapproval of Google Adsense. Yes, you can profit from them if you use them well. Of course, we will explain to you how to deal with these articles.

How do I benefit from these English articles?

  • You can publish it on the blog and make an adsense arbitrage, provided that you are an income earner.
  • It cuts you short on the condition that you have to change some words in the article.
  • Shorten your search for topics.
  • You can rephrase it in Arabic or any language and publish it on the blog.
  • You can resell it on the Fiverr site, and it is better to reformulate it to gain confidence in the platform.

I personally use these articles on a blog called Popular Topics, and I have published these articles and maybe almost 50 topics in English, and I was just changing the title and adding an image.

After I submitted it for review in Google Adsense, it was approved, but it is now preferable to change the wording of the article in order to ensure profit from Google Adsense.

If you want to use a very large number of English content for free and have competition in the search engine, this is the perfect opportunity to download it for free and for life. Also, this content can be published in Blogger, WordPress and forums for free, and you only have to download the content and exploit it however you want.

Is it possible to make a profit from these articles?

In fact, there are many new bloggers who want to profit from Google Adsense, or just want to share topics with followers without making money from it.

If it is enough just to share with her 1000 topics for free and she will thank me for this free service, but we will offer you 1 million foreign content that you can use as you want without any restrictions.

Did you get this number? 1,000,000 English articles. Meaning if you publish 5 topics per day, this means 150 topics per month, in other words 1800 topics per year.

If we subtract 1,800 from 1,000,000 articles, it equals 998,200 articles left.

Yes, you can profit from these articles if you improve the wording of the article, and if you want to add some words on the topic to it, it is preferable and recommended.

The type of content found in 1 million content

The contents that are found in this large number of articles, namely: health topics, animals, cars, profit from the Internet, decorations, kitchen, stories, history, technology … and many other contents.

Content Lite We present to you, in which you will find the number of words from 500 to 2000 words, and some of them even mention the keywords on which that content depends.

Note: We will not present these contents all at once in one file. Of course, I have created a page in Google Drive in which I download these topics in separate files due to the difficulty of downloading them in one go.

Why did I offer you a million content in English for free to all followers, and why did I not want to sell it and make money from it, and I know how to sell it, but why do I set it free for you?

The reason behind this is to motivate you to work and to provide you with at least contents to present you with an idea that you may make as a future project and create contents from your own ideas. You can also work with them in Adsense Arbitrage and Viral and make money from them in a quick way with foreigners.

How to change the wording of articles

What you should know is that Google has evolved in recognizing translated articles. If you think that one translation is sufficient to provide satisfactory results, then you are 100 percent wrong.

If you want to change the wording of the article, you must first log into Google Translator.

You add the article that supports the English language, then it will be translated into French, then I will copy the translation in French and translate it into English, then I will copy the English language and translate it into Arabic.

After it will be translated into Arabic, I will monitor whether the comma and period are in the correct place, and whether the paragraph is correct and there are no spelling errors.

After you finish the article formula, you will monitor whether there are similar articles to it by changing those similar words. How is that?

We will provide you with a site that will help you identify duplicate or copied articles. You will paste your content on that site and it will monitor whether the article is exclusive or not.

Smallseotools exclusive article checking site