How to make money online with photos

 How to make money online with photos

How to make money online with photos

How to make money online with photos

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1. Photograph for stock photography portals
2. Look for opportunities to become a second photographer
3. Sell ​​printed photos or canvas
4. Create a mobile photo booth
5. Participate in photo contests

Photography can be not only a hobby, but also a source of additional income and a very good source of income for others. In this article you will find several ways to make money online with photography.

Photograph for stock photography portals

There are many stock photo portals and websites, such as Shutterstock and iStock Photo, where you can post your photos and earn money. If you are good at taking commercial photography, then these sites are perfect for you to sell your photos.

Look for opportunities to become a second photographer

You can establish good relations with other photographers by meeting with representatives of the photography industry in social networks, events, photographer associations. Later, these new contacts may offer you to work as a second photographer in various projects. Wedding photography very often requires an additional photographer to ensure that no moment is missed.

Sell ​​printed photos or canvas

There are different ways to sell developed photos: choose framed copies to sell them more expensively, develop photos on canvas or print your photos on a material of your choice. The existence of developed photographs will also give you the opportunity to be invited to participate in exhibitions or to place your photographs for sale in stores.

Create a mobile photo booth

Setting up a photo booth could cost you as much as a DSLR camera and lens and is very easy to operate. There are many events and options for setting up your photo booth, such as parties, weddings, corporate events. This will not be a good option if you like to create artistic pictures, because you will only have to photograph groups of people. But this is a very good and quite safe way to earn money with photography.

Participate in photo contests

On the Internet, you can find many photo contests with different prize funds. You can participate in these contests with your photo and win one of the cash prizes. You should find as many such contests as possible and apply to all of them, as this will increase your chances of earning money online. If you regularly photograph, you should have several pictures with which to apply for these contests.

If you devote a little time to this activity every day, you will definitely manage to find many competitions and win prizes in one of them. One of the photo contest pages is Just remember that participation alone does not guarantee you a profit.


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