How to create a profitable link shortening template from A to Z

 How to create a profitable link shortening template from A to Z

How to create a profitable link shortening template from A to Z

Many bloggers have very dangerous ideas about making money from the Internet from an advertising company such as Adsense, Propeller Ads, or Melo Ads, as well as Taboulah… and other companies known to Arabs and foreigners. But most of them are looking for a free blogger template, which has a small interface in width, as well as is not available on sliders and other tools, and is the size of responsive ads or an ad of width:336px ; height: 280px. For this day, we will present to you how to create a profitable link shortening template, which I explained earlier in the year 2016, and now I want to share it with you in the post on the Internet profit site.

Peace, mercy, blessings and forgiveness of God be upon you, my dears and followers of Hisham Hashem’s blog to profit from the Internet. Today in the Blogger lessons section, we will present to you how to create a template for shortening links from A to Z, and of course this method that I explained will be useful for you in learning also how to design a Blogger template In your own way, and if you are looking to shorten links in a very clickable and profitable way, we are here to help you for free without paying a single cent.

Many bloggers or non-bloggers want to earn money illegally and also use deception and cunning to put links on social sites, and in fact such work is not contrary to AdSense unless you leave it for a longer period without placing any content, and of course you need a Facebook page to be It is full of fans or a group that has a large number of members, because it is more interactive with the shortening of the links that you will publish to them on social sites. You can also profit by creating a video on the YouTube channel that talks about downloading a program or subscribing to a site … Then anyone will You will earn decent amounts, and this matter will benefit you because the YouTube or Facebook company will not present you with any violation of the forum guidelines because you put the blogspot blog link.

In fact, if you have a template for shortening links, be sure that you will earn money from Adsense or any advertising company if you have interactive audiences, and I personally notice that there are millions of people on Facebook pages who are crazy and victims of publishers, and there is no one who did not notice an image other than Clear and say write one number or any word and it will show you what is in this picture 😃😀, and you will find millions of comments from victims.

You, my brother, the follower, will take advantage of this opportunity to collect money in a legitimate way without lying to the fans, meaning that you put a real news topic or information and anything, and when he enters this link he finds that it consists of two to three ads, including the shortcut link, and often the clicks are high because it Be the first interface for visitors before entering the origin of the topic.

◀️ How to create a template for shortening links from A to Z:

This placement that I mentioned to you is only a section on the use of shortened links, but it can also be placed within the topics in order to collect a large number of profits, and I will also explain to you how it is dealt with and how to create it so that you can return it in any other template, also the advantage of the template that we are talking about About it, you will use publications, meaning the publication will remain shortened links throughout life, with many link shortcuts published in this template.

What are the needs that you will need in designing a link shortener template:

First, you need a hide code from the phone and from the computer:

◀️ Code to hide a tool from the phone:

<b:if cond=’data:blog.isMobileRequest == &quot;false&quot;’>
Here are the tools

◀️ Code to hide a tool from the computer:

<b:if cond=’data:blog.isMobileRequest == &quot;true&quot;’>
Here are the tools

◀️ Code to make an advertisement in the middle of the topics:

<div style=’text-align:center;clear:both; margin: 10px 0′>
Here is the advertisement