5 Business Ideas That You Can Start Quickly, Without Money And From Your Home

 5 Business Ideas That You Can Start Quickly, Without Money And From Your Home

5 Business Ideas That You Can Start Quickly, Without Money And From Your Home

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1. Sell ​​things on eBay and Etsy
2. Create your own blog
3. Provide services
4. Writing
5. Micro works

Using your existing knowledge, tools and resources, you can start your own business from home today. Many stories have been heard of people who have started successful businesses from home with no funds, but with immense desire and determination to make it happen at any cost.

If you want the freedom and opportunity to work from home as your own BOSS, here are 5 ways you can start now from nothing.

Sell ​​things on eBay and Etsy

eBay and Etsy are great places to start your business. You can start by selling the stuff that is overflowing your house, attic or garage and you won’t have to pay anything until something sells and you get your first profit. To be successful in these trading platforms you will need to find what sells well and brings good profits. Once the first profit is made, the funds can be reinvested and earn more! For example, you knit scarves by hand and you successfully manage to sell them on the Etsy platform, but you can only knit 3 scarves a week, maybe you should invest the money you earn in hiring another knitter or automating this process. This way you could earn more!

Create your own blog

The authors of the most successful blogs invest in the domain name of their blogs and cover the maintenance or hosting costs. However, many start their blogs for free on sites like Blogger (this platform is owned by Google and it’s easy to add Adsense). When the blog has a large enough number of visitors and it starts to earn money from the placed advertisements, you can buy your website name or domain name (12 EUR) and then also transfer the website to your own hosting

In your blog, you can earn not only from the placed advertisements offered by Adsense or a partner company (affiliate marketing), but also by selling advertising space to other companies, creating advertisements and promoting products.

Provide services

Each of your skills is like a product that you can start selling simply by telling people that you can help them. Do you have “golden hands”? Tell your friends and family that you are available and can help them with repairs, painting and more. If you have your own work tools, you will definitely find something to do! The main thing is that people know what you know and that you are currently available. There are many service business ideas that you can start doing, the niche of dog walking is still relatively unexplored in Latvia, maybe you want to try your hand here?

Do you want to work without leaving your home? There are many services that can be provided through a computer. Maybe you know or could learn the skill of developing websites or their design? This is a highly requested service! Maybe you are good at drawing and can create layouts for other people for events, banners, etc.? Maybe you are a good teacher and can conduct online training?


You can offer writing services as services in the Internet environment, but you can also write and sell your creative works. Writing books, writing informative materials, writing training instructions, etc. People nowadays get a lot of information directly on the Internet and they are ready to pay for things that they find interesting and useful.

Amazon Kindle books seem to be an unexplored field in Latvia. You can publish your books there for free. Through the Cratespace service, your book will also be available for purchase in paper format and may be available for sale at retailers such as Barnes and Noble.

Micro works

Micro jobs are a good way to work from home when you want and do what you want (choose from certain jobs). Micro-jobs may seem like a lot of work for little pay, but it’s definitely not. There are many people who earn from 1000-2000 EUR per month in this way.

What is microbiology? These are jobs that companies don’t want to do, but are happy to pay someone to do these jobs for them, such as market research, correcting errors in text, data entry, rewriting texts, etc. There are several websites on the Internet that offer these jobs and it is recommended to join several.

P.S. These micro-works are not yet available in Latvian, so you will need knowledge of the English language