Cairo University Center for Integrated Education

 Cairo University Center for Integrated Education

Colleges, admission requirements, application and tuition fees

Cairo University Center for Blended Learning is one of the distinguished places that offers a wonderful opportunity for all students who want to complete their studies after the high school diploma to obtain a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree from the center.

Therefore, we will talk about the available colleges in addition to the programs with the admission requirements for each program, and we will also talk about the tuition fees required for each of the bachelor’s and bachelor’s degrees, and many other information that interests you, so follow us..

Blended learning

If you are wondering about the concept of blended education, it is the education system that combines the educational lectures that we receive directly from the lecturers and the online lectures. The number of faculties in this system is not much, but it is comprehensive for different and varied branches.

Brief history of Cairo University

It is one of the oldest universities, as it is the second oldest in Egypt, and it occupies the second place in tradition and antiquity, and the third in the Arab world.

One of the first universities in the Middle East to establish and implement the open education system, which is the education that gives the opportunity to many to study because it does not require age, place or time for it, all that is needed is that the person has the desire and ability to learn to complete his university career.

The university has introduced this blended education system since 2018, and more programs were added in 2021.

What are the benefits of blended education at Cairo University?
  •  This system helps to produce the efficiency and effectiveness of the student when studying educational curricula in various disciplines.
  • It allows the student to easily understand the educational curricula, which helps to raise awareness in the advanced generation to study.
  • It gives the student the opportunity to evaluate his academic level by himself, which increases the student’s self-awareness and knowledge of its development over time.
  • Leaving a large educational space for the student and the teacher, this system saves a lot of time.
  • The student can communicate with the teacher easily to ask what he wants.
  • The existence of an electronic reference for the student to refer to to follow up on academic developments.
  • Blended education is less than regular education in expenses, so lower expenses are an additional advantage in blended education.
  • Learn about different cultures through the subjects studied at the university.
What is the goal of blended learning?

The goal of blended education is to replace the traditional method of education with an electronic method that suits the student and the teacher. Blended education provides professional certificates.

What are the conditions for joining the faculties of the Cairo University Center for Integrated Education?
  • When joining one of the faculties of the Cairo University Center for Integrated Education, several conditions must be met, namely:
  • To have a certificate of completion of your studies in high school or its equivalent from other certificates, such as the Azhar secondary certificate, the technical diploma certificate, and the foreign certificate that is equivalent to the general secondary certificate, and that 5 years have passed after obtaining any of these certificates, and the passing score must not be less than 50%.
  • The student must successfully pass the admission tests, which are in the basics of Arabic, English and computer.
  • If the student does not succeed in the admission tests, he can repeat it again, but after paying a new fee.
  • If you fulfill all the previous conditions, you can successfully register in one of the faculties of Cairo University with ease.
What are the papers required when applying to study at the university?

After fulfilling the conditions for admission and enrollment in one of the faculties of the Cairo University Center for Integrated Education, you must prepare some papers, which are:
  • The original certificate of qualification or an official extract thereof.
  • The original birth certificate or an official extract thereof.
  • 2 personal photos 4×6
  • Origin of conscription (for Egyptians)
  • A copy of the identity card or a copy of the passport.

Types of blended learning

Blended education is a modern system that differs from the previous one, so we find many systems that are followed in blended education to be more advanced, including:
  • That the materials be explained electronically through scientific applications dedicated to that, and the professors devise modern means to facilitate communication with students.
  • To mix traditional education and blended education, so that the lectures are sent to the students electronically and then they are discussed with the students directly in the lectures dedicated to them.
  • That certain parts of the curriculum be explained directly and then completed on various electronic means.

Teaching methods available in blended learning at Cairo University

Cairo University is characterized by the diversity of the means of learning that it offers to its enrolled students, such as:
  • Providing lectures directly in the auditoriums, at a rate of 6 lectures, and these lectures are available in all subjects.
  • The duration of the lecture is an hour and a half, so the total hours of lectures over the course of the semester are only 9 hours.
  • Providing electronic references for each subject in addition to e-books, which allows for easy learning through them.
  • The existence of a personal page for each student so that he can follow the courses and their development throughout the semester.
  • Students can communicate with course teachers through the website, Moodle.
How to access your personal page after completing the registration process
After completing the registration process, you will need to follow up and see all matters related to the study, and this will be through your personal page on the university’s website, so all you have to do is:
  • Enter the official link from here
  • Enter your registration number.
  • Enter the password.
  • Click on login.

After completing these steps, you will be able to access your personal page on the Cairo University Center for Open Education website.

Colleges and programs available at the Cairo Center for Integrated Education

Cairo University Center for Integrated Education includes 4 faculties in different fields, namely:

1- College of Commerce

The college contains the Department of Accounting and the Department of Business Administration and Insurance. Courses are divided into this college over eight semesters.

2- College of Dar Al Uloom

It specializes in the Arabic language and literature program in addition to Islamic culture.

3- College of Childhood Education

This college contains two programs, namely, the Special Education Teachers Preparation Program and the Early Childhood Teachers Preparation Program.

4- Faculty of Arts

The college includes an English translation program and a psychology program, in addition to other departments such as history, geography, and psychology.

You can also apply for postgraduate studies such as professional diplomas, professional masters, as well as professional doctorates.

Expenses of the Cairo University Center for Integrated Education

Cairo University Integrated Education Center fees vary according to the college to which you will apply, in addition to:
  • The admission test fee is 100 Egyptian pounds.
  • The fee for opening the enrollment file is 150 Egyptian pounds.
  • Course registration fee for the exam in Cairo, which is 375 Egyptian pounds.
  • Fees for registration services in addition to the carnet for each semester, which is 50 Egyptian pounds.
As we mentioned, tuition fees vary from one college to another, as follows:
  • Faculty of Arts fees are 1200 Egyptian pounds.
  • Faculty of Commerce fees 1500 Egyptian pounds.