How do I see a person’s Instagram story without knowing?

 How do I see a person’s Instagram story without knowing?

Insta is a fun app to follow your friends and get updates about everything they post about their lives. Stories and posts on Instagram have become a part of our lives. While we keep our lives open on social media, we often like not to reveal our interest in others, so we are always looking for how I see a person’s insta story without knowing.

And although Instagram doesn’t show others whether we’ve seen their posts, the Instagram-owned app lets people know who’s viewed stories. When someone views a story, the hosting account can check how many people have interacted with the story.

There are some simple tricks that enable you to view Instagram stories without being added to the people who opened the story, and these methods include:

Unlock the next story
  • Click on the story next to the story you want to view.
  • Next, tap on the story you have open to pause it and drag it to the left.
  • You should note that you have to slowly swipe the story to the left to get a glimpse of the story you want to see, then swipe to the next story.
  • Your desired story will be in the middle of both Instagram stories, from which you can peek at the desired story without going into the viewers list.
  • If you swipe quickly you may be registered in the watch list.
Open Instagram in airplane mode
  • Open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS phone.
  • Wait a few seconds for the stories to load.
  • Turn on your phone’s airplane mode.
  • Now open Instagram again and open the story you want to view.

How do I see someone’s Instagram story invisibly?
You can also use some applications that allow you to browse to clip anonymously, including: (Bigbangram, Inflact, InstaStories), and using one of these applications, you can easily find the desired profile by name or link and view any IG content for free and without revealing your identity.
Some of these applications enable you to download or watch stories even without having an account on Instagram, and you can also search for and view old stories.
How do I see Instagram stories on a private account?
Unfortunately, you cannot see the Instagram stories of someone who is not your friend, but you must send them a follow.
In the event that you do not want him to know your identity, you can create an account under a pseudonym, and you can browse his account in secret after that.
How to add a story to insta
Many Instagram users prefer Instagram short stories to interact with their followers, grow their audience, or present what they create.
Most of the users who prefer Instagram use stories for personal purposes, as they want to provide exclusive content to their followers, and this makes them get more followers on Instagram and improve their pages.
On the other hand, business accounts use Instagram stories to increase their brand awareness, share exclusive product or service details, or reach a wider audience.
And you can create Instagram Stories quickly, with the following steps:
Open Instagram, then you have two ways to add a story:
1- Tap on the “Your Story” icon in the upper left corner of your Instagram feed.
2- Tap on the profile icon to go to your Instagram account, tap on the plus icon on the top right, and select “Story.”
Upload photos or videos, add polls, questions, quizzes and countdowns you want, then easily apply timers, gifs and stickers to your story and publish it.
How do I know who opened the Instagram story?
Most people are interested to know who viewed their Instagram story, it can mean a lot to them, and there are actually two ways to know who opened your Instagram story:
First method:
Open the Instagram app.
Click on your story icon which you will find in the upper left corner of your feed.
In the lower left corner of the screen, you’ll see another Instagram user’s profile picture.
Tap this icon to see who viewed your Instagram story.
The second method:
  • Follow the same step to open your Instagram story.
  • Swipe up to see how many other users have viewed your Instagram story.
If you don’t see any Instagram profile picture or anyone in the list when you scroll up, it means no one has viewed your Instagram story, or they have gone incognito to view your story.
How to check Instagram story analytics
For those who use Instagram for business or marketing purposes, Instagram story analytics are very important.
Instagram story analytics is a useful tool for business accounts and influencers to view their marketing performance and evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing strategy.
If you have a business account, with analytics you can see:
  • How many people view insta story.
  • Data about reach, impressions, and more.
  • Reach and impressions in Instagram Stories Analytics
Noting that while reviewing Instagram story analytics, you need to know the difference between reach and impressions.
Reach determines the number of individual users who have viewed your Instagram story.
However, Impressions are the number of times your Instagram story has been viewed (even if the same visitor has viewed it multiple times).
In most cases, the number of impressions will be greater than the number of hits on the story, because the same user may view your story more than once.
How to see Instagram story analytics
  • Open your Instagram account. Go to your Instagram story.
  • Long press the graph icon, which is indicated by a red square on the screen.
  • The Analytics page will open.
  • To exit and return to the home screen, tap again on the back button on your phone.