Work From Home: Top 20 Jobs to Work from Home

 Work From Home: Top 20 Jobs to Work from Home

Work From Home: Top 20 Jobs to Work from Home

The term “work from home” is heard in almost all sectors of activity, ranging from small services to High-Tech to sales of products and services.

This type of professional organization is accessible to all levels of study and to both women and men.

Success in working from home and making money from home requires being trustworthy, responsible, self-reliant, and meticulously organized.

In principle, working from home or working as a freelancer is reserved for people who have already worked for several years in their field of activity. In other words, it is sometimes canceled for new employees since they do not sufficiently master the activities related to their field.

Indeed, they still need to be supervised. It should be noted that working from home is as beneficial for companies or individual employers as it is for workers. Like all other modes of work, apart from its advantages, it also has disadvantages.

What is working from home?

There are many jobs that do not require physical presence with the employer or in the premises or the house of the latter. They are grouped in what is called “work from home”.

On French territory, this work organization has belonged to the workforce since 1957, but it is affected by specific provisions. The rise of new technologies has given another perspective to working from home.

Hence the creation of many remote jobs such as Web writing, Community Management, e-commerce, Web development or Web administration, jobbing, etc… This is now a whole list.

The benefits of working from home

We can say that working from home offers the conditions that all workers dream of: saving time, reducing stress, earning unlimited money (depending on productivity), etc.

1 – Considerable time savings

By choosing to work from home, you no longer need to travel miles every day to get to your place of work.

We are all convinced that taking public transport every morning wastes a lot of time, especially if the office is in the other corner of the city. With this work mode, the job comes to you. What better ?

2 – The reconciliation of family life and work

Working at home gives you the opportunity to always be close to your family while earning money. You can spend more time with your children for example.

If you are a mother of a toddler, this is the best option for you. In the same perspective, you give yourself the opportunity to take care of yourself.

3 – Flexibility on working hours

As a “self-employed” worker, you are free during your working hours. You decide the working time that suits your availability. However, your remuneration can depend considerably on it.

4 – A surplus of freedom

Working from home is synonymous with freedom. In principle, this type of worker does not need to report to a Human Resources Manager.

He sets his own goals. However, there are cases where it is the employer who dictates certain rules such as the volume of production for example.

5 – Make more gain

Unlike the work of the employee, the homeworker enjoys entirely the fruits of his labours. He can produce twice as much as an office worker.

If you are efficient at home, you will pocket more money. This is the main advantage of working from home.

6 – A multitude of job offers available

You could say that a home worker is a real jack-of-all-trades. In addition, he can adapt to any type of request, as long as it remains in his chosen field.

If you want to earn a lot of money in this medium, you are strongly advised to train in various skills.

The disadvantages of working from home

Although being able to work from home is an ambition of all employees, it must always be obvious that this has some disadvantages which are more or less important. Zoom in on these points.

1 – The frequency of work is not guaranteed

First of all, it depends on your ability to find a client or an employer. If you have difficulty with this, you may be unemployed for a while. And this is an undesirable situation, especially if you have fixed charges.

On the security side, home jobs are vulnerable to various types of scams. Specifically, many remote employers fail to pay or delay paying their service providers.

2 – Isolation

A home worker is someone who works alone most of the time. As a result, he constantly feels a sense of isolation. In addition to professional isolation, social isolation affects those who choose to work from home.

However, physical contact between employees is necessary to improve skills and the quality of work. Often overwhelmed by his work (payment of orders, organization of tasks, resolution of equipment problems, etc.), the self-employed worker is often the victim of burnout.

3 – Too much freedom

Since it is a very flexible mode of organization, working from home attracts many liberals. However, this great freedom can lead to failure. As a self-employed person, we often tend to think that everything is permitted.

Success in this industry requires self-discipline. For example, the worker may be stuck on his Facebook account instead of going to take care of his job from home.

4 – The mix of private and professional life

When you decide to work from home, you are constantly aware of what is happening at home. It is sometimes difficult to balance these two points.

The fact that you are present every day at home makes you father, mother, husband and wife at the same time. This has a big impact on your productivity.

5 – Be the last to know

In a company, it is obvious that it is the local employees who first receive the information necessary to carry out the tasks. It even happens that the notifications only reach the home worker after many days or even weeks.

6 – No paid holidays

Yep, that’s the reality. In the field of work at home, the days not worked are not paid. If you are sick or gone on vacation, you will not have any money. Still, there are some activities that can be managed remotely, provided there is an internet connection.

The 20 best jobs to work from home

Most employers now use the services of people who have decided to work from home. If you want to prove yourself in this mode of work organization, here is a list of 20 jobs from home that we have compiled for you.

Some jobs will allow you to earn only extra income in addition to your work, while others will be feasible full-time and allow you to flourish in your work and your family life.

1 – Panelists

By definition, a panelist is a person who counts among a sample of Internet users subjected to periodic surveys. In a broader sense, it refers to a home worker who participates in online surveys.

It’s a great way to make ends meet, because it’s within everyone’s reach, but it’s not a full-time activity. Rare are the people who exceed 300€ per month by answering surveys.

Here are the best sites that will pay you to take online surveys (you need to be registered on several sites to receive a lot of surveys and earn more money):

  • Surveys use this link for registrations in France and this one for registrations in Belgium.
  • Ipsos I-Say: use this link for registrations in France, this one for registrations in Belgium, this one for registrations in Switzerland and this one for registrations in Canada.
  • Toluna: use this link for registrations in France and this one for registrations in Belgium.
  • LifePoints: use this link for registrations in France and this one for registrations in Belgium.

If you want to know more about these kinds of sites, you can check out my list of the 16 best paid survey sites!

2 – Paid assignment sites

There are paid mission sites on the Web that offer small missions to be carried out by individuals who work from home. Millions of people have already made quite a bit of money on these platforms.

Among these is the Ba-Click site, the Moolinéo site, the Gaddin site or even Swagbucks. Payments are often made by bank transfer, Western Union, Paypal or other virtual accounts.

As with paid surveys, you must be registered on several sites to always have missions available and earn more money.

You can trust these 4 sites, but you have to be careful, because many sites do not honor their commitment.

3 – Micro-services

Overall, a micro-service refers to a service that is provided through a platform such as for example. All exchanges take place on the Internet. Therefore, there is no physical contact between the provider and the employer.

In the majority of cases, intermediary sites take lower commissions. Various services are requested, namely graphic design, writing, programming, digital marketing, etc.

More and more people work full time on this type of platform and some earn more than 3000€/month. Sure, they have high-demand skill areas, but know that anyone can jump in and learn new things on the job.

I strongly recommend that you read my article in which I explain how to earn 1000€/month thanks to micro-services on the internet!

4 – Web editor

Web writing is a growing business that is all about turning writing talent into money. This involves writing quality content for websites (blogs, e-commerce, Facebook pages, directories, etc.). This activity can easily earn you more than 1000€/month.

Besides, you can read my article in which I explain how to make money by writing articles. It also contains the testimony of an editor of

5 – Influencer (Blogger/Youtubeur)

The influencer is one of the recent professions that have emerged with the rise of digital. To practice in this profession, it is preferable to be used to social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram or to have good knowledge of SEO/SEO.

The creation, management and development of an online community are the main missions of an influencer. If you manage to break through, it is certainly the least restrictive and one of the home jobs where you can earn the most money. It has also become my main source of income since June 2018 and I now exercise it full time.

6 – Community manager

Also called a “community animator”, a community manager can be described as a brand ambassador on the Internet.

He is in charge of promoting it through content as well as creations or animations of communities while monitoring information.

A community manager must be gifted on social networks, inventive, organized and must stay up to date with developments on platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc…

7 – Trainer

Selling training on the internet is also a reliable source of income when working from home. Diverse areas can be offered: blogging, Facebook advertising, seduction, well-being, budget management, etc.

You have to be good at a particular area to create training on it, know how to be creative, and be good at marketing.

I would even recommend buying training to learn how to sell your own training. You will find lots of tips for creating effective advertisements, sales funnels, etc…

In this case, don’t be afraid to pay the price (several hundred euros minimum), because some “cheap” courses are sometimes not complete enough. And choose training that is updated regularly with new marketing techniques.

8 – Website creator

This is the favorite area of ​​a Web designer, a Web developer and a Webmaster. It is a mission that a home worker can carry out while staying at home or even while traveling.

In addition to being a graphic design professional, a website creator must often master several computer languages ​​such as CSS, HTML, Java Script, etc. Know that this is a very well paid and highly sought after job at the moment.

9 – E-commerce/Dropshipping

If you are passionate about sales and the Internet and want to work from home, the e-commerce job is for you. It should be noted that this is a sector of activity that knows no crisis.

By staying in front of your computer at home, you can sell products and receive commissions. The world of online sales is now invaded by “dropshipping”.

In this trading system, the customer places his order on a site, which in turn sends it to the supplier. And it is the latter who ensures delivery and inventory management.

10 – VDI (Independent Home Seller)

Unlike an online seller, a VDI or an independent home seller most of the time intervenes directly and physically with the customer to sell his products. Persuasions often take place at the client’s home, by organizing meetings for example.

But there are now more and more methods to make sales, and by doing well, you can set up a blog, a Facebook page, an Instagram account and sell on the internet.

In this type of society, if you recruit new members, it usually makes you move up in rank, which allows you to receive a higher salary and have a less restrictive job.

What I propose to you: there is a society in which everyone can succeed very easily. This is the company Emrys la carte! The principle appeals to almost everyone, because we do not sell products directly to customers, it is the site that takes care of it.

Emrys is a cooperative that offers its members to obtain loyalty benefits by changing their method of payment.

Instead of paying for their groceries and fuel by credit card, cash or cheque, members buy Cadhoc checks (valid in almost all supermarkets and many other brands) and Total cards (for fuel) and in exchange , they get loyalty benefits that grow over time until they fully self-finance their expenses.

If members refer new members, they get their loyalty benefits faster and they can even earn significant amounts of money after a few months/years.

I have been registered there since December 2018 and have already won several thousand euros. Currently I earn between 700€ and 1000€ per month and it is only increasing.

I advise you to read my article on Emrys in which I explain everything there is to know. There is also an invitation link to register on emrys.

11 – Coach

Home coaching is a sector of activity that is experiencing a clear evolution. We are talking here about a sports coach, a wellness coach, a budget management coach, etc.

His intervention includes accompaniment, moral support, etc. The expert who offers this kind of work from home sometimes goes to the client with suitable equipment.

Some coaches even offer their services online through videos, training, etc… It’s very convenient for them, because they don’t need to travel and they can manage several clients at the same time and therefore earn more money.

12 – Accountant

An accountant is an expert who is responsible for recording the accounting operations of a company. The management of the latter’s dashboards constitutes its core business (income statement, turnover, etc.).

In the context of a work at home, an accountant is not obliged to work on the premises of his employer. Indeed, he can work at home at his ease.

13 – Childminder

To be a childminder, you must be able to take care of one to 3 children under the age of 3 at home. This type of serious homework is in great demand these days as parents are always away for various reasons.

The mission of a childminder covers various points concerning babies: entertainment, food, safety, hygiene, etc.

14 – Hairdresser at home

It is the most promising branch of the beauty professions. The profit that a hairdresser at home can make is very interesting, because it is not subject to the charges incurred by a hairdresser.

The quality of her work is undeniable thanks to her total focus on a single client. It is a home-based job that allows great freedom and mobility.

15 – Object Creator

Don’t like going to the office every day? Want to work from home? Why not create objects and then sell them on the internet?

It is a home job already practiced by millions of people. You can create terracotta vases, home decor items, toys, etc. Certainly, it is not the idea that is missing, but it does take a little creativity.

You can sell your creations on the Etsy site for example. And why not create your own online store?

16 – Teacher by correspondence or at home

As they say, it’s the best job in the world. Many parents are looking for home teachers to teach their children.

A private teacher is responsible for supporting the student throughout their educational progress. To exercise this serious homework, you often need to have at least a Bac +3.

17 – Pet Groomer

This is a home job for animal lovers only. It should be noted that these need to be cleaned regularly. When the wash is finished, the cleaner may have to comb the animal’s hair. It can be a dog, a cat or other species of animals.

18 – Jobber

Jobbing is a style of working from home that is attracting more and more practitioners. It is a great way to improve your income, whether for an employee or a self-employed person. The principle of jobbing is to offer its services to carry out missions between individuals.

This can be childcare, personal assistance, computer repair, etc. There are many platforms that specialize in this activity such as Jemepropose, Needhelp and Freezbiz.

19 – Electric scooter charger

An electric scooter charger is known in the field of uberization under the name “juicer”. With this type of activity, you receive remuneration each time you recharge a scooter.

By setting up your small business, you can make over $1000/month. Who says better ?

20 – Repairman

Almost all French households frequently need the services of a convenience store. Being a home repairer can become a profession in its own right.

Such a technician is able to repair household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, radiators, televisions, etc. There are even those who repair computers, photocopiers, printers, etc.

To be effective in this job at home, you have to be serious, punctual, meticulous and above all have the right equipment. In addition, a reliable home repairer must have undergone specific training.