Salary supplement: 30 activities to increase your income

 Salary supplement: 30 activities to increase your income

Salary supplement: 30 activities to increase your income

Do you want to earn extra pay? Are you struggling to finish the month and looking for a simple and effective way to increase your income?

In this article, we will talk about different activities to generate additional income quickly.

Whether you are looking for a part-time job or a complementary activity to do on the internet or at home, you will certainly find something that will please you.

Some of these activities could even allow you to generate more than just additional income, and to achieve financial independence. What’s better than working for yourself?

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Supplementary salary at home with internet

There have always been many ways to earn extra money. But nowadays, with the internet, it has become even easier. Do we still need to know how to go about it!

There are so many sites to earn money that it is difficult to know where to start. That’s why in this first part, I give you the best sites, as well as many other tips.

1 – Multi-win sites

To make an additional income of a few tens or even hundreds of euros per month, you can try what are called multi-earning sites.

These are sites that offer several ways to earn money, such as signing up for free trial periods, signing up for newsletters, participating in contests, filling out surveys, etc.

I have already told you about it in my article to make ends meet. Here are the best multi-earning sites that I have tested and selected for you:

The sites that I prefer are the first 2, Moolinéo and Loonea, because they are the ones that offer the most profitable offers (the offers where you have to register for trial periods).

The sites that I prefer are the first 2, Moolinéo and Loonea, because they are the ones that offer the most profitable offers (the offers where you have to register for trial periods).

Indeed, in just a few minutes you can earn several tens of euros by registering for trial periods. Sometimes they are free and sometimes you have to pay 1 to 3€ to register for a trial period, but in exchange you earn between 6 and 12€.

Very important: as soon as you have received the money on Moolinéo and/or Loonéa you will have to remember to unsubscribe from these trial periods before the end. Indeed, at the end of the trial period, a subscription to a service is automatically triggered, if you have not unsubscribed before the end of the trial period.

Sometimes you have 3 days to unsubscribe, because the trial period lasts 3 days, but it can be up to 30 days for offers such as Amazon video, Audible, Netflix, etc… Learn more about each offer, remember to read the conditions at the bottom of the registration pages.

My secret tip: personally, I’m a little lazy to set myself a reminder to remember to unsubscribe from trial periods. So I use disposable prepaid credit cards with only $5 or $10 on them.

That way I don’t need to unsubscribe and they can’t charge me money on my card because when they try to do so there’s already nothing on it 😂

The only site that I have found to obtain these famous disposable prepaid bank cards is the FeaturePoints site. On this site, you can earn points by answering surveys, downloading apps, etc.

And as soon as you have accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for Visa Gift Cards ranging from $5 to $250. I advise you to take cards of 5 or 10$ no more.

So if at the end of the trial period, you have a few dollars left on your card and the subscription price is €30, the transaction will be refused. But you will still have made money on Moolinéo and/or Loonéa.

2 – Paid surveys

A great classic to supplement your income on the internet, participate in paid surveys. It’s even simpler than the multi-earning sites I told you about just before, but it pays a little less.

The advantage is that you can participate in paid surveys while you are on public transport, during a break at work, while waiting for friends, watching TV, etc…

Here is my selection of serious paid survey sites at the moment:

Surveys use this link for registrations in France and this one for registrations in Belgium.

*. Ipsos i-Say: use this link for registrations in France, this one for registrations in Belgium, this one for registrations in Switzerland and this one for registrations in Canada.

*. Toluna: use this link for registrations in France and this one for registrations in Belgium.

*. LifePoints: use this link for registrations in France and this one for registrations in Belgium.

3 – Micro-services

Micro-services are one of the best ways to increase your income with the internet. Indeed, you just have to offer your services on online platforms like in exchange for remuneration.

You can offer your services in writing, design & graphics, audio, video, website, marketing, social networks, business, etc…

The hardest part is getting started and making yourself known. But once this step is over, you can make yourself much more than just a salary supplement!

I advise you to read my article in which I present the training of Patrice, an expert in micro-services. In this training, he will teach you how to earn more than 1000€ per month thanks to micro-services.

4 – Web editor

Even if I already told you about it just before in micro-services, the job of web editor is not limited to micro-service platforms like

Some writers earn up to $4,000 a month writing quality articles for high-authority blogs and websites.

Moreover, you can read the article in which an editor whom I called testifies to her activity as an editor on She tells you how to make money by writing articles. You will also find a list of platforms to offer your writing services.

5 – Sell documents

This is relatively unknown at the moment, but be aware that you can sell a whole bunch of documents which do not necessarily have (or no longer) have value for you, but which have value for other people.

Indeed, on sites like, you can sell your dissertations, market studies, reading sheets, etc… And that in a few minutes. It’s a good trick to make pocket money.

Some people earn several hundred dollars a month passively this way. So why not give it a shot?

Either you enter my sponsorship code e30e91 when you register to benefit from an additional €2.50 on the first consultation of your document. Either you go to this page and send your documents (normally, my sponsorship code should be displayed in the blue banner, next to “Upload your documents”).

You have to choose between several payment methods. A high 1st sale bonus will lower the percentage of subsequent sales and if your document sells well, that would be a shame.

After doing all that, they will ask you to register. Do not remove my referral code, otherwise you will not get the €2.50 bonus.

6 – Test sites and applications

Another cool way to increase your income is to become a site and application tester. The tests generally last between 10 and 30 minutes and are remunerated from 3€ to more than 10€, depending on the time and complexity of the test.

There are several platforms that offer you to become a tester, here are the ones I have selected for you:

7-Community Manager

Becoming a community manager is also a good way to earn extra income. This job, which can also be exercised part-time, consists of managing social networks on behalf of one or more companies. Other tasks may also be entrusted to him.

8 – Create training or e-book

If you have skills or good knowledge in a specific area, you can transmit your knowledge through training or even e-books.

If you are serious and rigorous, you really want to pass on your knowledge and help people, you can even make it your main source of income.

Once your training or e-book is created, you can sell it by creating your own site, but then it takes skills in site creation and marketing to be able to sell it.

But there are platforms to make your job easier, like 1TPE. This platform allows you to sell your training without having any marketing skills. Because it will be other people who will sell them for you and in exchange, they will receive a small commission.

 9 – Create a blog and/or a Youtube channel

This is for me the best way to generate additional income, but it is not accessible to everyone. To create a blog, you need to have certain skills and for a Youtube channel, it is a little easier, but you still need certain skills, if you want it to work.

When it comes to blogging, there are turnkey tools like Builderall to create sites, blogs, and even online stores easily.

But you still need to have SEO skills to successfully position yourself in the first search results on Google. Without it, few people will come to your site and you won’t make much money.

When it comes to Youtube channels, it’s still a little easier. But you need a minimum of equipment: something to film (a good phone can be enough), a microphone to have good sound and a computer to be able to do some fairly simple editing.

Whether you make a blog or a Youtube channel, you will have to hang on (especially if it’s the first time), because you will have to publish content regularly (at least once a week). And your blog or Youtube channel will take 6 months to 1 year before “taking off”. And all the while, you may feel like you’re working for nothing.

10 – Create an e-commerce site in dropshipping

Dropshipping consists of connecting the customer and the supplier (often a wholesaler). Customers place orders on your site, you pass them to the supplier and they ship the orders. The advantage is that you don’t have any stock, you are simply an intermediary and you are the one who sets the prices.

For example, if you decide to sell phone cases, you can sell them for 2 to 3 times more than the price at which you buy them. And your customers won’t, because you’ll be placing the orders with the supplier.

This e-commerce setup allows you to relieve yourself of a lot of constraints, but you will still have to manage customer service (returns, questions, etc.).

You can also be held liable if one of your customers is injured with one of your items. To protect yourself, you must take out professional Civil Liability (RC) insurance.

I’ve never done dropshipping, but it must certainly have other constraints to take into account before starting. For my part, I prefer affiliation (selling other people’s products and earning commissions), so I have nothing to manage, just to sell the product.

11 – Give online lessons

If you are good at a particular area, you can supplement your income by teaching online classes. One hour of private lessons generally costs between 15 and 25€. There are quite a few sites where you can offer your services as an online teacher. Here are a few :

12 – Streamer or Youtuber video games

Even if it may surprise or make more than one dream, video game streamer is a real job. And it can bring in a lot of money if it’s good, even very good!

Streamers can be compensated through the display of advertisements during their games, through donations from their viewers, through monthly subscriptions to their channels, through sponsors and even through Amazon affiliation.

The most well-known platforms on which streamers offer live games and earn money are:

  • Twitch TV
  • youtube gaming
  • SmachCast
  • Mixer
  • Dailymotion Games

 13 – Sell your creations on Etsy

Do you have a creative mind, do you know how to use your 10 fingers? Why not create objects, jewelry, etc… And sell them on Etsy? Some people make more than just extra pay by selling their designs on Etsy.

14 – Sell your photos and videos on the internet

If you make pretty photos and videos, you can put them up for sale on specialized platforms. You can also sell artwork like the ones I use for the featured images of my articles.

As with everything, it will take time, patience and many photos, videos, illustrations before you start earning a decent income supplement. But if you are motivated and take it seriously, you can easily succeed in this field.

Here is a selection of the platforms on which you can sell your photos, videos, illustrations:

  • ShutterStock
  • Dreamstime
  • iStock
  • Pixabay
  • Foap

15 – Offer his services as a budget management coach

We see more and more people on the internet who offer their coaching services in budget management, personal finances, etc… If so many people do it, it must work. Why not try ?

16 – Sponsorship

Sponsorship is simply sponsoring other people on sites, online banks, network marketing activities, etc.

Some referral programs allow you to earn a few dollars here and there, but if you refer a lot of people, it can bring you a lot of money. Blogs and Youtube channels are very practical for sponsoring, but the relationship converts better.

Online banks offer attractive referral bonuses, sometimes up to €150. In this case, no need to sponsor dozens of people to make additional income.

The most profitable sponsorship systems are those of companies growing through network marketing. Sometimes, by sponsoring just a few people, you can earn thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per month.

This is the case for network marketers like Emrys la carte, Builderall or even P2S, which I will tell you about right after. If you sponsor a few people who in turn develop teams below them, you can make a lot of money.

Salary supplement thanks to network marketing (MLM)

Network marketing also called MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is a concept born in 1940 in the United States, and popularized in the 1950s by the Tupperware company.

The principle is simple, develop your business via word of mouth, in order to create a relationship of trust and avoid spending tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of euros on advertising.

The company therefore realizes enormous savings, which allows it to better remunerate its “employees” or distributors, but also to offer products cheaper than the competition, which spends tens of thousands of euros on advertising. Logical no?

17 – Emrys the map

It is without a doubt the best MLM that exists. You know why ? Quite simply, because it is based on the finest and most stable market in the world “household consumption” (food, gasoline, clothing, activities, travel…).

With Emrys la carte, you don’t sell anything (and even less powdered food substitutes or that kind of thing). And you don’t bother those around you by asking them to join you in this adventure.

On the contrary, you make them benefit from a good plan to self-finance their expenses for food, clothing, gasoline, etc…

They even talked about it on TF1 and M6 (it’s not a guarantee of confidence for me, but if it can reassure some people, then so much the better).

To quickly summarize the concept, Emrys la carte is a multi-brand loyalty program (physical and internet) which allows in the medium term to recover purchasing power by paying less for groceries, gas, etc… And in the long term to self-finance its expenses.

Once a member of the cooperative, you can buy on the Emrys online store, gift cards and vouchers for shopping, fueling, buying clothes… And in exchange, you get benefits loyalty that grow over time, to self-finance your expenses.

And it also works if you buy on partner websites. There are more than 300 partner merchant sites, including the best known.

And in addition if you refer people, your purchasing power will increase even faster. Not only will your referrals thank you for introducing them to Emrys, but it will also earn you purchase credit that you can deduct from your future orders.

You can even make it your main source of income. For my part, I earn between 700€ and 1200€ per month thanks to Emrys and it only increases from month to month.

I won’t go into too much detail, but if you want to know more, you can read my article in which I explain how Emrys la carte works.

18 – Builderall

Builderall is simply an all-in-one marketing tool that grows through word of mouth. It’s a bit like the Swiss army knife of web entrepreneurs.

Builderall offers an intuitive and easy to use website editor thanks to the drag & drop function. No need to know anything about coding or that kind of thing, almost anyone can create websites, blogs or online stores with this tool.

It also offers an auto-responder to send emails with a professional email address or to create sales funnels. As well as many other tools to create webinars, e-book covers, animated videos, smartphone applications, and so on…

If you register with my referral link, you will have access to a training platform in French, with lots of videos that will teach you everything there is to know about Builderall.

There are several subscription formulas, depending on the tools you need: free (to test the tool), 18.90€/month, 26.90€/month, 44.90€/month and 59. 90€/month. The €59.90 formula contains all the tools.

Builderall grows through network marketing (word of mouth). If you recommend this tool to other people, you will earn commissions every month on their subscriptions. It’s a great way to earn extra regular income.

Here is how Builderall’s compensation plan looks on your 1st level (your direct referrals):

*. The 1st month of your referral’s subscription, you receive 100% commission (if he takes the subscription at €59.90, you will receive €59.90)

*. Then, you will receive 30% of the price of his subscription every month and for life.

But that’s not all, you also earn commissions on the referrals of your referrals (your 2nd level):

*. You receive 30% commissions every month and for life on the subscriptions of your 2nd level referrals.

And if you have many referrals on your 2 levels, you can still receive many other bonuses that can reach several thousand, or even tens of thousands of euros.

19 – P2S Travel

P2S Travel is a travel MLM that looks promising. To sum up the concept simply, you must choose between 3 statuses and pay a membership fee each month. This contribution is higher or lower depending on the chosen status.

This contribution is compared to travel savings. The lowest status allows you to have access to discounted hotel offers, discounts on car rental, etc… The 2 higher statuses allow you to obtain double your monthly payments in vouchers. purchases, as well as a free stay upon registration (excluding transport).

The 2 highest statuses allow you to become a distributor and earn a commission on the monthly payments of your referrals. Thus, you can generate additional income and even live off it, as in all MLMs.

My opinion: I would like to specify that I am not registered on P2S and that I am not a distributor of this company. Even if the concept looks promising, I don’t know if I will ever sign up. I haven’t studied enough how P2S works yet to know if it’s really interesting.

Of course, I could sign up just to sponsor a lot of people with my blog and earn a lot of money, but that would be unethical and I don’t want to do it!

If I offer you something (like Emrys and Builderall), it’s because I’ve tested it before, I know it works and there are no scams.

For the moment, I find the concept promising, so I’m just telling you about it for your information. If you are interested, I know people who are part of P2S Travel and who can tell you more about it than months. You can also find out on Google about this.

FYI: Emrys la carte offers solutions that allow us to receive loyalty benefits on our trips, which is also why I haven’t yet taken the time to study in more detail how P2S works.

 Additional salary by doing new things

What I call new things are simply things you don’t think about to earn extra money. And yet, everyone can do it, these tricks are flawless and more and more people are taking advantage of them.

20 – Multi-banking

You are certainly familiar with online banks. Did you know that most online banks offer sign-up bonuses, as well as bonuses for referring new members? Rewards and bonuses can vary from around €50 to €150.

The concept of multi-banking is based on this. You can increase your income easily and simply by opening accounts in several online banks. And it’s completely legal.

Let’s take the example of 6 online banks that offer 50€ for the sponsor and the godchild. That’s 6 x €50 = €300 sign-up bonus. And if you sponsor your spouse, you still receive €300 each (registration bonus + sponsorship bonus), i.e. €900 in total.

If we take 6 online banks that offer 100€ for the godfather and the godson, we double the sum, or 1800€ in total. And you can repeat the operation by sponsoring your relatives. Some people make a regular extra income this way.

21 – Optimization and recovery of sports betting bonuses

This method is even less known than the previous one, but it works and it is flawless. Some specialists offer a trick to optimize and recover bonuses from sports betting sites, and win at least €300 for sure.

There is no risk and you don’t need to know anything about football, tennis or anything. You just have to know how to register on sites and place bets, nothing more. I repeat, the method is infallible.

When you sign up for such a sports betting bonus optimization and recovery program, you are guided step by step, and the person who offers this program is there to answer your questions. You are not alone.

I will soon do an article about it on my blog and I will put the link here, in this part of the article. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you are interested, I suggest you register on the waiting list by filling out the form below and I will notify you personally as soon as the article is published:

Salary supplement by renting property

Some don’t think about it and others are afraid to get started, but be aware that renting property (house, car, drone, etc.) can easily generate additional income for you.

For those who are afraid, know that most platforms that offer you to rent your property also have insurance that covers you in case of trouble.

22 – Rent a car

There are many hours in the month when you don’t use your car, sometimes even several days. So why not rent it to other people during this time?

This allows you to cover your insurance costs, gas, maintenance and sometimes more! Some people make extra income by renting out their car while they’re not using it.

You don’t have to rent it for long periods. You can rent it on weekends, or just on Sundays, if you don’t go out often on Sundays.

There is Drivy for example (leader in car rental between individuals). The rentals are insured by Allianz and you will not pay anything in the event of a problem.

23 – Rent your house or a room on Airbnb

Airbnb offers you the opportunity to earn additional income from home by renting out your house, apartment, or even a single room in your house.

If you do not want to rent a room and be present during the stay of strangers, you can rent your accommodation when you go on vacation for example. This will contribute to your rental costs and may even self-finance your holiday accommodation.

If you want to register on Airbnb, I can give you a reduction of 34€ on your first trip. You simply have to register via the following link: registration link (offer valid for 30 days from your registration).

Additional salary by offering its services to the neighborhood

Are you handy, motivated or simply helpful? Why not monetize your qualities and skills by offering your services to your neighborhood in exchange for remuneration.

Many people prefer to hire a neighbor to do certain tasks, rather than professionals they don’t know, who will charge them a lot more.

I have already introduced you to the best jobbing sites in a previous article.

24 – Do-it-yourself service at home

If you are a handyman, you can offer your DIY services to your neighborhood. Whether assembling furniture in kit form, fixing photo frames, curtain rods or even laying parquet.

Not only will this allow you to make additional income, but it can also allow you to forge links with your neighborhood, and why not make friends?

There are many platforms for mutual aid and services between neighbors. Here are a few well-known ones:

  • Allvoisins
  • Frizbiz
  • I propose myself

 25 – Offer house maintenance services

It’s a bit the same concept as the previous point, but it does not necessarily require going through a platform to offer its services.

Indeed, if you live in a neighborhood where there are many houses, you can easily spread the news by word of mouth.

For example, you can offer to mow the lawn, trim the hedges, fill and clean the swimming pools, etc…

Additional salary by finding a second part-time job

I deliberately put this part at the end of the article, because it is the first thing you think of when you want to make additional income.

And I imagine that if you have done some research on Google and are reading this article, you are looking for other solutions to improve your income. But I still have to introduce them to you.

We’ll do, short, I’m not going to dwell on each point, I’m just going to give you a list of jobs that you can do part-time.

26 – Cleaner

You can easily find jobs for house cleaning. You can also find jobs for cleaning buildings.

27 – Hairdresser or Beautician at home

If you have skills in hairdressing or aesthetics, you can offer your home services to those around you, and spread word of mouth to make yourself known.

28 – Meal delivery (Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just-Eat)

More and more young people (and not so young) are starting to deliver meals to homes. This is a good trick to supplement your income.

29 – VTC (Uber, Kapten, Heetch…)

To become a VTC, you have to pass a training course of a few days, it’s quite fast and the exam is not very difficult. Then it remains to buy or rent a good quality car. You can also rent it to several people and make a schedule to know who is on duty and when.

30 – Bouncer, bartender or dancer

If you are tall and strong, you can easily find a part-time job as a bouncer. Otherwise, you can be a bartender or even a dancer in bars, pubs, etc…

And you, what are your tips for generating additional income?

If you have any ideas or activities that you practice to make extra income, do not hesitate to tell me in the comments.

FAQ: the questions you ask yourself

Some of you may still have questions. So I made this little FAQ, in order to try to answer them as simply as possible.

If I haven’t answered your questions, please let me know in the comments.

What is a salary supplement?

A salary supplement is a source of additional income, to meet your needs and those of your family, and finally stop being in difficulty at the end of each month.

How do I get extra income?

To have additional income, you can find a second part-time job, rent goods (car, room), offer your services to the neighborhood, do network marketing or even use the internet to earn money.

How to increase your income from home?

To increase your income from home, the best solution is to work on the internet. There are many ways to make money on the net.

For example, you can offer your article writing services, become a site and application tester, create your own blog or Youtube channel, give online courses, etc…