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The study of medicine in Britain begins at the undergraduate level, that is, after completing school, and the College of Medicine in the United Kingdom is considered one of the best medical schools in the world because it enjoys a great reputation in world-class research such as the University of Cambridge as well as the University of Oxford.

The National Health Service (NHS) is also considered one of the largest and most prominent publicly funded health services in the world, and this indicates that all British medical universities have many close relationships with various hospitals in all parts of the world.

The global classification of education chose British universities for medicine from the leading universities, as it occupies a distinguished position in the global classification of education, so if you live in Hong Kong, and you think about studying medicine optimally, there is no better than British universities for medicine or what is called the United Kingdom, which is a place More than wonderful to study medicine unlike all other countries.

The best British universities for medicine

There are 33 universities in the United Kingdom that offer a huge range of medical courses, including surgery, nursing and dentistry. The ranking of British universities globally is as follows:

Cambridge University

The University of Cambridge is one of the most famous universities in Britain and offers many scholarships to students around the world. To apply to the university, you must obtain high academic degrees in your specialty, and prove your ability to excel in the desired field of study. Through their official website, you can follow up on their scholarships. The university includes all Academic disciplines such as history, archaeology, economics, English, geography, history, history, modern languages, humanities, social and political sciences, medicine and others, and the ranking of the University of Cambridge globally is very distinguished.

Oxford university

It is the fourth best university in the world and the best universities that offer different academic disciplines. The university offers distinguished international scholarships that cover all tuition fees. You can follow the official university website in order to follow up on scholarships. The university offers scholarships for students and master’s scholarships, and it is important to obtain the scientific degrees specified in the scholarships. so that the student can submit it.

University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world, and it has many majors of study, and it owns a luxurious and luxurious campus. The university also offers multiple scholarships for students around the world, and offers scholarships for students wishing to study a master’s degree. You can follow the official website of the university for all the details. For scholarships offered for the next year.

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol offers scholarships for students in the foundation years and for master’s studies as well. One of the advantages of these scholarships is that they fully fund the scholarship, to cover all tuition fees for the student. It has many academic disciplines. To apply, you need a valid passport, certificates translated into English, and proof Proficiency in the English language, and the application is made through the official website of the university.

University of Liverpool

If you want to study in the United Kingdom, the University of Liverpool will be the perfect choice for you, as it is a world-leading research center, and studying there qualifies you to get the best jobs. The university has scholarships and grants to help you study there. You can find out all the details of the scholarship program It is available on the official website of the university.

University of Manchester

It is one of the oldest and best British universities, and 25 of the students at that university won the Nobel Prize. The university offers various academic disciplines, such as medicine, marketing, engineering, chemistry, and American studies. You can apply through the UCAS application program. It is important to obtain a degree from a recognized university. In it, obtain high academic degrees in the desired academic specialization, and then submit papers through the university’s application program.

University of Leicester

The University of Leicester enjoys its privileged location in the city of Leicester, in addition to the distinguished academic content, which helps students to obtain distinguished jobs after graduating from the university. The annual tuition rate for undergraduate studies is approximately £ 18,100, and for a master’s study it is approximately £ 19,100. As for the costs Living is close to 8,721 pounds, and accommodation on campus is 4,503 pounds, the university requires an IELTS certificate to study with, and the university offers scholarships for students and graduate studies, which you can find out through the official website of the university.

List of British societies for the study of medicine
  1. University of Aberdeen.
  2. University of Bristol.
  3. Barts University, Queen Mary, University of London.
  4. Brighton and Sask.
  5. Dundee University.
  6. Cardiff University.
  7. University of Exeter.
  8. Edinburgh.
  9. Hal York.
  10. University of Glasgow.
  11. Imperial University.
  12. Kings University London.
  13. Keele University.
  14. University of Leeds.
  15. Lancaster University.
  16. Newcastle.
  17. Oxford university.
  18. Norwich University (UEA).
  19. Plymouth University.
  20. Nottingha University.
  21. University of Sheffield.
  22. Queen’s University Belfast.
  23. St Andrews University.
  24. University of Southampton.
  25. Swansea University.
  26. St George’s, University of London.
  27. University of Warwick.
  28. University College London.

You must carefully choose between the universities you want to apply to, enter the university’s website and read its conditions and study system, so that you can find the right college for you, or you can search for scholarships in these universities, such as Cambridge University scholarships.

Conditions for admission to study medicine in Britain
There are many admission requirements among British universities for medicine, so it is best for those wishing to study medicine in Britain to visit their websites to find out the requirements for admission to medical colleges.
In general, most medical schools in the United Kingdom require a strong academic record in biology and chemistry, and this is one of the requirements for the training course. You can contact the school’s admission services to find out more details. Among the conditions for studying medicine in British universities for medicine and other universities in the United Kingdom are the following:
  • Good command of English and have taken IELTS (or equivalent English test, some schools count it as HKDSE level 4, or may require SEcure – Secure English Language Test).
  •  You should check the medical school’s website to verify all of the tests they accept.
  •  Most universities in the United Kingdom accept a specific number of international students who wish to join them, and this is 7.5%, so the competition to enroll in the university and to study medicine in Britain is high.
  • A good way to boost your application when you want to study medicine in the UK is to have enough medical work experience to prove your commitment to studying medicine.
UKCAT test to study medicine in Britain
The UKCAT was designed by the University of Cambridge and is a UK Clinical Aptitude Test to test a student’s competency in medicine. Rather than knowledge, the student is tested in a range of skills, including decision-making, situational judgment and verbal reasoning.
Currently 25 UK universities (out of 33) use the UKCAT, including Manchester, Abderdeen and Barts (Queen Mary, University of London)
You can find out and check all this through an individual website, or using our medical school comparison tool. To prepare for this exam, you’d better book a place on the UKCAT Hong Kong course. This course will provide you with everything you need to know about the exam. You can also Use a range of resources available on the university’s website, including our UKCAT information and you can try our UKCAT course online.
The best medical universities in the world
The recently established QS World University ranked 600 universities. The University of Cambridge, as well as the University of Oxford, were awarded a medal among the best institutions of higher education for the study of medicine. Qs University rankings were based on four indicators, namely:
  • Employer reputation.
  • Academic reputation.
  • Research citations for each paper.
  • The H-index is a method of measuring the productivity and published work of a researcher or graduate
The most famous graduates of British universities
Some would like to know the most famous graduates from the University of Cambridge, as the University of Cambridge has a long history dating back hundreds of years, and it is considered the second oldest university in the United Kingdom.
  • Sir Isaac Newton, he was a student at Trinity College at the University of Cambridge, and during his education at the school, he studied mathematics, advanced in addition to studying mechanics and optics, he produced a number of studies that won the respect of the scientific community, before Sir Isaac Newton became famous for hitting the apple on his head He is a scientist with gravitational forces.
  • Alan Turing, although the mathematician, logician, philosopher, and computer scientist were not familiar to many people, he was the most prominent fundamental thinker since the early years of the development of computer technology. He studied at Princeton University in the United States. Turing spent several years expanding his knowledge. with a lot of theoretical computer science at King’s College, Cambridge, until he became a pioneer in the digital age.
  • Francis, is the most influential historical figure on the United Kingdom, he studied at Trinity College, which was then famous for attracting talented students and great minds, and Francis took it to a new level, during which his fields of study included politics, journalism, science, philosophy and literature, and Francis became a statesman, respected author and scientist .
  • William Harvey, is the first physician to put a detailed description of the circulatory system, famous in the field of health studied anatomy, Harvey helped push forward the medical industry at that time and increase the understanding of all scientific communities of how the human body function, he spent many of his days wandering the grounds of Cambridge and studied in Gonville and Caius College. 
If you want to study medicine outside the borders of your country, you will not find a better university than Britain for medicine, due to its distinguished level and the integrated approach it offers to the student.