7 New GPT-4 Features That Will Shock You | A comprehensive explanation of gpt4 chat

 7 New GPT-4 Features That Will Shock You | A comprehensive explanation of gpt4 chat

7 New GPT-4 Features That Will Shock You

Surely you have heard of the chat gpt platform before and have seen many people around the world who depend on this platform, whether to obtain information quickly and with high accuracy or in order to rely on it to double their profits on the Internet, or to design programs … etc.

As we all know, the chat gpt-3 program was launched in the year 2022, exactly in the month of February, and then it swept the entire world, due to its extraordinary features, and a few days ago, the open ai company that owns the program made a set of improvements and updates to it to become more strength over the former.

And now the new version called “chat gpt 4” is available, and you can benefit from its services, which are considered miraculous and much better than the regular gat gpt or the third version, as it is approved in many stages, so imagine with me, dear follower, that the regular version of chat gpt -3 provides 175 billion pieces of information, while GPT-4 provides 100 trillion pieces of information. Now I definitely know the huge difference between the two versions.

Comprehensive explanation of chat gpt 4

Chat GPT is one of the best and leading websites in the field of artificial intelligence, which many individuals benefit from for various personal purposes such as quick access to information, creating professional research on various topics, and other purposes.

You can also take advantage of the Chat GPT program to make a profit, where users can make hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars per month, and a few days ago open ai launched a new version of the program called “GPT -4”.

And if you want to know more about GPT-4, I advise you to read this article to the end, where we will learn about everything related to the new version of the most important features of the version in addition to the most important uses of the program.

And all you have to do is to read this post well because it contains a lot of information that will definitely benefit you.

1. What is chat gpt 4

GPT-4 is a versatile AI-powered language program that can interact with text and images in an intelligent way.

The OpenAI company responsible for the program announced a short time ago the launch of the new version of “GPT-4”, which can diagnose patients, design games and applications, play chess and read authors’ articles…etc.

For example, you can take a picture of the ingredients that are in your refrigerator and send it to the program, and the program, in turn, will suggest to you a set of foods and dishes that are prepared using the ingredients collected in the refrigerator.

GPT-4 can also explain jokes. If you show it a funny picture, it will explain why it’s funny.

There are many things that humans cannot solve alone.

2. Features of gpt-4 chat

Openai has launched a new version of the GPT chat program, and this version has witnessed a rush and demand for a large number of people, and this is due to its high and powerful features.

And now I will share with you all the features of this version, among which we find:

Safer and more realistic responses

OpenAI reports that it has been working on the development of the new GPT-4 artificial intelligence model for 6 months to ensure its safety, and this model has the advantage of reducing the probability of answering blocked questions by 82% compared to the regular GPT chat model, and GPT-4 is superior to GPT-3 In providing realistic responses by 40%, thanks to responding to the suggestions and comments of GBT3 chat users.

Able to understand and analyze images

With the new GPT-4 artificial intelligence model, you can easily enter images and query their content. This model has the ability to understand the image content, analyze it, and write captions for it, which represents a great progress compared to the previous version.

For example, you can take a picture of ingredients such as flour, eggs, and butter, and then you will ask gpt 4 chat software to specify recipes for you that depend on those ingredients that are in the picture.

Long content creation and document analysis

As we all know that the current version of GPT-Chat version 3, which is considered free, has the ability to process only 3,000 words, but in this new version, GPT-4 handles more than 25,000 words, allowing for longer content creation and more accurate conversations. effectiveness.

Thanks to this feature, you can simply summarize any topic in a professional manner and with very high accuracy, for example if you are asked to make a presentation about Adolf Hitler, then you will enter the Wikipedia blog and search for that character, but the problem is that the topic you will find is long Very, but thanks to chat gpt-4, you can summarize the topic very accurately and professionally, as if you were the one who summarized it.

GPT-4 model is more creative

OpenAI has announced the release of a new AI paradigm named GPT-4 (GPT 4) which has innovative features over its predecessor GPT 3.

This version allows users to create and edit texts easily and effectively, whether in the field of creative or technical writing, such as composing songs or writing scripts. In addition, users can learn writing style and write texts in the same style, which makes it easier for them to work and saves time and effort.

The GPT-4 template is an excellent choice for users who are looking for advanced and efficient writing tools to quickly produce high quality text.

Greater ability to accurately solve complex questions

Actually based on the GPt-4 version of the chatbot Gpt Chat (paid version), this model has the advantage of being able to understand difficult questions and provide more accurate responses, thanks to a broader general knowledge and capabilities in understanding questions.

GPT-4 allows users to communicate with the robot in a more detailed and accurate way, allowing them to get detailed and comprehensive answers. This form is an excellent choice for those who are looking to find answers to their queries very accurately.

Preparing models for tests and exams

He can also prepare comprehensive test models for various subjects, such as biology exams for high school students, using the information available on the Technology Review website. This work is characterized by high professionalism and dedication to ensure comprehensive and effective test models are provided to students.

3. What are the main uses of GPT-4

The new linguistic artificial intelligence model “GPT-4” provides many uses that will benefit you in your daily life, whether at work or study….etc.

For example, GPT-4 can be used to analyze images of food ingredients and display suggested cooking recipes, where the user can take a picture of the food ingredients and get suggestions for cooking and display cooking steps, and can also ask about the calories of the meal.

GPT-4 can also be used in developing simple games, where the user can request the development of a specific game and suggest the best technologies used to develop it, and a user on Twitter had a successful experience of developing a table tennis game without any prior experience using GPT-4.

GPT-4 can be used to create a lawsuit, as OpenAI announced that the model has passed the test of the US Bar Association. Behind annoying machine words, using the GPT-4 model.

In short, GPT-4 can be used in many different areas in everyday life, thanks to its superior capabilities.

4. How to register in GPT-4

Many people wishing to use the fourth version are looking for a way to register in GPT-4, but do not know how to access it, whether it is on a page isolated from the third version, or on a site, application, or program.

Registration in GBT4 Chat does not require a website, program or application, it is on the same page where the third version is located, i.e. on chat.openai.com.

In order to register for the fourth edition, currently in the year 2023, and we are in the third month, you must pay $ 20, and it may be free in the future, as was said in many sources.

5. 7 new features in GPT-4

We have all used GPT 3 and we have discovered many of the features it offers, although some of them are not good, such as puzzles that do not provide a correct answer, also some names are not recognized and many things that must be developed by the openai company.

That is why currently in the year 2023, month 3, day 19, in which I am writing this article, I will share with you 8 new features in GPT-4 that will definitely shock you.

1. Answer the riddles

This feature is really very impressive, and it is simply that GPT-4 is able to answer all puzzles of any kind and with very high accuracy.

For example, if you log into the Facebook or Instagram platform, you will find there are many people who provide complex and difficult puzzles to answer, then all you have to do is submit that puzzle to chat gpt 4 and it will give you a wonderful and 100 percent correct answer. .

It is true that this feature also exists in chat gpt 3, but the problem is that the answer is not accurate.

2. The word limit in GBT chat is 4

In fact, I consider this feature to be among the best features on GPT-4, and it is quite simply that the minimum word limit is 25,000 words in GPT-3, which was only offered between 2,500 to 3,000 words.

For example, if you search for any topic in Chat gpt 3, the program will answer you within 3,000 words only, unlike the fourth version, which will have a maximum word limit of 25,000 words, and this is a very huge difference between the two versions.

3. Speed ​​in answering

If you search for anything within the chat gpt program, the regular version, sometimes it takes a long time to provide you with accurate information, but for GPT-4 it is different, as it answers you very quickly within a few seconds.

So if you want to get information from very quickly and without any delay, chat gpt 4 is actually the perfect and most suitable option for you.

4. Extract the information and data in the image

In fact, this feature is considered among the most important features that exist in this version, so imagine with me, dear follower, that if you provide him with a specific image, he will provide you with a detailed analysis of it with very high accuracy.

For example, if you provide him with a picture of a recipe consisting of, for example, milk, butter and eggs, and tell the site about what I can make with this recipe, he will give you a list containing all the dishes and foods that you can make with it.

5. A summary of the story with extracting new words that were not mentioned in the story

This feature is also considered among the most important and best features that will be in Chat gpt 4, which is writing a summary of the topic with extracting new words that were not mentioned in the topic, and this feature is really suitable for students.

For example, if your teacher told you to prepare a short topic that talks about Adolf Hitler, then you will search for Hitler’s personality on Wikipedia, but the problem is that the topic will be very long and it will take a long time to shorten it, but now and with chat gpt 4 All you have to do is copy the topic and submit it to the GPT-4 program, then it will provide you with a summary of the topic and provide you with things that were not mentioned in the topic.

6. Arranging the article in alphabetical order at the beginning of the word without repetition

A new feature that I did not find a correct title because it is in fact for the first time that I find and hear about it, which is that it offers you the possibility of presenting an article on a specific topic with the addition of alphabetical letters arranged from A to Z without repetition.

In other words, if you presented him with a topic, for example, and told him that this topic should consist of letters of the alphabet from A to Z, provided that each letter is in the first word without repetition in the rest of the first words in order.

7. Information served more than the third edition by 100 trillion

The thing that impressed me a lot is that the regular version of chat gpt provides 175 billion information, while for GPT-4 it provides 100 trillion information, and this is a very big difference and evidence of the strength of this new version.

I think that you have now understood the huge difference between the two versions in terms of the size of data and information, as Open ai, the company that owns the program, says that the version of chat gpt 4 will cover almost all the information and data in the world, for example, the history of Egyptian civilization or the history of Germany…. etc.