The Best Sites To Earn Bitcoin And Collect Satoshi Without Investment

 The Best Sites To Earn Bitcoin And Collect Satoshi Without Investment

The Best Sites To Earn Bitcoin And Collect Satoshi Without Investment

Welcome, dear visitors, in this article we will learn about the best free bitcoin earning sites, all of these sites that I will mention are reliable and pay users. Unfortunately, there is a field of profit from the Internet, especially the profit of bitcoin and digital currencies, in which fraudulent sites are active, so before you start collecting bitcoin or any currency, do the research. Do you pay? You can find all the answers on YouTube or Bitcoin forums.

This list that I will present to you to earn bitcoin pays users, and I personally got withdrawals from it. All of these sites allow users to earn free satoshi without investment. All you have to do is visit the sites and win bitcoin or do certain tasks.

What is bitcoin?

In the beginning, let’s get to know Bitcoin more and overcome some of the ambiguities that revolve around it. Bitcoin is a virtual digital currency that does not exist in reality. It exists in the virtual world only. Governments or banks about Bitcoin, and this currency is encrypted and impossible to manipulate.

What do i need to earn bitcoin

If you are a beginner in this field, let me tell you, before you search for bitcoin profit sites, you must first search for a bitcoin wallet, register in it, and then copy your bitcoin address, as all Satoshi collection sites require it upon registration. Your bitcoin address is the one that websites will send you Satoshi to.

What are the best ways to earn bitcoins?

There are many ways to collect bitcoin, as is the case for all digital currencies, among these methods is to collect bitcoin by visiting sites, as well as collecting Satoshi by mining in addition to trading, but the last method is not free, so I will not include it in the list of sites for obtaining bitcoin

Best bitcoin earning sites


It is one of the oldest bitcoin earning sites. This site allows you to earn satoshi every hour, by clicking on only one button, which is roll. The number of satoshis paid by the site every hour varies according to the price of Bitcoin. The most important information about the site:

*. Earn bitcoin for free
*. The minimum payout is 30,000 satoshi
*. Pays on all wallets
*. There are many ways to earn from the site

2. ADBTC website

It is also a site to collect Satoshi for free, it differs from the site in the way it works, as this enables you to earn Satoshi by visiting sites for ten seconds, which is what is called vost, the site has an easy-to-use interface, more information about the site:

  • Sites free
  • Simple interface
  • The minimum payment is 30,000 satoshi
  • Supports all bitcoin wallets

 3. Bitter – Earn Bitcoin

I personally knew this site since 2015 and until today it still works without problems. It is a site for earning free Satoshi by visiting the sites, and I give you the number of satoshis according to the period that you will stay on each site. This site requests that you download an extension on Google Chrome. More about the site:

  • The minimum withdrawal limit is 10,000 satoshi
  • The way to earn is easy
  • It is completely free and does not require a membership upgrade
  • Works for years

 4. kryptex website

Kryptex is a Bitcoin Mining software that helps you to mine cryptocurrencies and allows you to pay dollars for bitcoins. This application also works when your computer is idle.

This program has many advantages, the first of which is the minimum withdrawal amount of only $ 0.5. Learn about other features:

  • You can set up this program with ease.
  • The cryptocurrency mining software offers a clean graphical user interface.
  • It starts automatically when you turn on your computer.
  • Mining with your CPU and GPU.
  • It’s available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and more.

 5. CoinPayU

One of the new sites in the field of earning Bitcoin, you can earn Satoshi from it by watching ads on windows, it gives you a certain number of Satoshi for each specific period, here are the most prominent features of the site

  • The minimum withdrawal limit is 10,000 satoshi
  • Runs contests every month
  • The referral system is strong

6. Cryptotab

This site is completely different from all the sites on this list to earn bitcoins. It is a free bitcoin mining site. All you have to do is register on the site, then open a credit window, and you will start collecting bitcoins. The site is honest and has been working since 2014 and still is. The site features:

  • Free bitcoin mining
  • Effortless bitcoin accumulation
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is 10,000 satoshi
7. Cointiply

Also another site to earn bitcoin for free, this site offers many ways to profit from it, in the first place you can profit from the roller (wheel of fortune), as well as from watching videos in addition to that the site when your balance exceeds 35 thousand satoshi gives you 5% for free, information More about the site:

  • 25% profit from referral
  • You can withdraw Bitcoin or its equivalent in Dogecoin
  • Withdraw when you reach 100,000 satoshi

8. btcclicks website

It is one of the best sites for collecting bitcoin currency, it is one of the oldest sites, meaning profit from every click, by clicking on the banners provided by the site and staying for the required number of seconds, the site gives you a certain number of Satoshi, more about the site:

  • Earn up to 80% of each referral
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is 10,000 satoshi
  • The site is easy to use

9. Coinpot

I much prefer this site and recommend it to you. Coinbot is a platform for faucets to win more than 4 digital currencies designed to collect and combine faucet payments and profits from a number of faucets, as it is somewhat similar to Fust Hop.

Coin Bot has 5 sites, each site to earn a specific currency such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin …. And the whole thing is that you can convert currencies into any currency in Coin Bot, the features of the platform:

  • Earn 5 coins
  • Non-stop profit
  • Minimum withdrawal is small

All the sites that I have listed in this article are free and have credibility, so do not hesitate to start trying them. Earning bitcoin through these sites is somewhat tiring. My advice to you is to try to collect capital from these sites, and then later try to find a way to earn digital currencies. Without getting tired, like trading, mining……..

As previously, we learned how to create an account in Binance, in addition to 5 ways to earn cryptocurrency for free.

At the end of this article, I hope I have benefited you, and if you know other sites to collect bitcoin, share it with us