The 5 best sites for making money from uploading files support Arab countries

 The 5 Best Sites For Making Money From Uploading Files Support Arab Countries

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1 Top 5 sites to earn money from uploading files
1.1 Gulf Download Center to upload images and files
1.2 Forever File Upload Center
1.3 file-upload center
1.5 file4 site

The method of making money by uploading files is one of the easiest ways in the world of profit from the Internet. As it depends in its method on uploading files and making a profit for every thousand downloads, and the price varies from one country to another

In addition, if you have a blog or a YouTube channel, you can profit from the affiliate as well, so that you get a percentage of commission from the people who register on these sites through your link.

Top 5 sites to earn money from uploading files

Gulf Download Center to upload images and files

Currently, it is the best site for profit from uploading files, despite the emergence of many competing sites, but it is still the best.
Also, the return per thousand downloads is high compared to its competitor sites, and the payment on the site is in a short time, unlike other sites.

The minimum amount is 2 dollars, and it is paid on the following means:

  • PayPal
  • Perfect Money
  • Payer
  • WebMoney
  • Skrill
  • And more…

 Forever Center to upload files

Also, one of the sites for making money from uploading files, in fact, is not much different from the first site.

When you invite people who are not registered on the site, you get 10% additional profits from the invited member without prejudice to his profits.

They both work in the same way, but what matters to us is that he is honest and pays. The minimum payout is $1 and is paid on multiple platforms.

 file-upload center

FileUpload is a file upload site that allows you to upload files with a direct link of all kinds (documents – programs – videos – games – books – pictures), and the site also supports other types of files.

Profit system from uploading files with a direct link:

  • Group A: Seven dollars per thousand downloads (Western countries)
  • Group B: four dollars per thousand downloads (Gulf countries)
  • Group C: three dollars per thousand downloads (the rest of the countries)

The payment process is carried out with ease, and is protected and trusted by international security certificates. These are the payment methods that the site currently accepts:

Paypal, litecoin, bitcoin, payeer….

Userupload site

Also, it is a foreign site for making money by uploading files. It differs from previous sites in the method of profit, so that the latter depends on the size of the file in determining the percentage of profits. The larger the file size, the greater the profits.

The minimum payment on the site is 10 dollars, and it is paid through Paypal.

file4 website

This is one of the best websites to earn money online just by uploading your file. This site pays you between 2 to 8 dollars for every 1000 downloads, the size of the upload file depends on your account type

Payment is made through: Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer…

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