What is the benefit of using PayPal?

 What is the benefit of using PayPal?

What is the benefit of using PayPal?

Most of the time you find that a lot of people always ask a lot of questions about PayPal? And what are the benefits of PayPal? And how is PayPal used? And how and why do we use PayPal? And in addition to some other questions such as Is PayPal a site that can make money through it? Also, do I have to activate my PayPal account when I create an account?

And they are also looking for countries that support this platform or the giant global electronic bank? In addition to many other questions that these people ask online about Paypal, and it is one of the banks that everyone interested in the issue of profit from the Internet searches for, as it is considered the easiest way to withdraw money from a site or any platform that has your profits on it, and of course As answers to these questions on my website, WWNEED, I will answer these questions and summarize and simplify everything about PayPal.

What is PayPal and what are its benefits and characteristics

If you are a person who wants to know everything about PayPal before starting to use it online, then you are in the right place, so followers of the Irbahmoney profit blog and everything related to the world of technology, and since we are in the part related to profit from the Internet, we will address an important topic so that It is very important for you to withdraw your profits from any platform if it supports PayPal, in the matter of obtaining an electronic bag that you can deal with in every currency around the world, most notably the dollar currency, so that you can store or withdraw your money, as well as ship everything you want from Filling, for example, or anything via the Internet, in addition to sending or receiving money via the Internet from people or profit sites from the Internet, as well as buying through electronic markets.

And if we talk about all the advantages that PayPal has, we will say thousands of words, and this giant company has all the advantages that you can imagine, so that it has become a very famous company around the world, and all people who work via the Internet use a PayPal account in order to receive money Their own through a Paypal account, and if we take a closer look, Arabs and foreigners and all people on the Internet use Paypal in their daily lives, and of course those people who use a Paypal account are those who work online and who make money through the Internet, And also those who run advertising campaigns via the Internet in the various platforms that you can run an advertising campaign on, such as Facebook.

And if we talk about banks, then all people around the world know what banks are and the benefits of them, so that you know that people perform several operations through banks such as placing their own money or receiving and sending money through them, and it is also very important because it is the only way to deal with Companies are the means that depend on them to pay money to workers, and if we delve a little deeper, we will say that banks in our current era are very important, but have become a part of human life, This is due to the need to have a bank account, whatever it is, in order for the companies you work for to deal with you, and the employees who work in the companies all get their money from a bank account or in another way, which is a check, and in the depths of the issue of banks, we find that there are millions People who do not know that there are electronic banks in the virtual world or in the world of the Internet, which plays a very large role similar to real banks, so that you can withdraw money in those electronic banks through a traditional bank account, as well as send money between the two accounts.

What is PayPal? It is one of the questions that are searched for every day on search engines by thousands of people, so that PayPal is considered one or more of the banks that are considered successful in the field of the Internet, as well as among people interested in profiting from the Internet, although not everyone works online He knows PayPal because there is a large percentage that does not know any information about the latter. On the other hand, the percentage that knows PayPal is a very large percentage. So that it was estimated last year by 85% of the people who know about the existence of the giant company that is PayPal, so you find in the Google search engine that a search is made for what is PayPal or how to withdraw money from PayPal, so it was necessary to address the issue of this bank The giant electronic that I use personally, so that we will explain everything about this giant company, such as what is Paypal? What is the history of PayPal? And what is the use of PayPal or the need for it? In order to know everything about the company and to have comprehensive information about PayPal.

All you need to know about using PayPal

PayPal is one of the best companies that you can rely on in terms of security and speed of dealing in sending and receiving funds. When you receive an amount of money via the Internet through a person or company, the process is easy, simple and fast, without forgetting that the company provides you with many options So that you can make the payment in the way you want, which is available in the country to which you belong, in addition to the fact that PayPal enables you to receive and send special sums of money via a PayPal card, and it also allows you to link it with your bank account that you opened in any A bank in your country and withdrawing PayPal funds through that account, and even if you perform transactions with your PayPal account, there is no reason to fear because the company protects personal information and never shares it with any other company or site.

Perhaps everyone agrees on one thing, which is that this company is the best company ever since the day of its inception, as it is considered the number one in easy transactions and protection. The company came up with complex online payment solutions and solved very big problems, and there are many sources that It says that PayPal has more than 190 million accounts around the world, in addition to more than 200 countries and organizations that rely on PayPal payments, and this service is accepted, and PayPal also deals with 25 different currencies around the world, which is very good in The fact of the matter is, since this will make it easier for everyone working in global e-commerce, so that PayPal makes available many ways that everyone can pay in the easy way that they want, through websites and digital currencies with many different languages.

PayPal history

In anything around the world, the interested person is actually searching for the history of what he is looking for, and the history of PayPal began in the year 1998 in the month of December in the United States of America and exactly in the city of San Jose, California, and as almost everyone knows, it is considered the third largest Cities in California and also the tenth largest in the United States of America.

And the PayPal company is considered one of the best electronic banks that you can rely on, as it was established by three people, who are “Max Levchin, Peter Thiel and Luke Nozick in the year 1998, after which the company launched or issued an electronic payment system PayPal PayPal in the year 1999, but unfortunately after many years have passed in which many problems occurred for the PayPal company, until the year 2002 and Exactly in the month of October, on the third day here, the other giant company acquired PayPal for a very large amount, which amounted to 1.5 billion dollars by the well-known Ebay company, and here after the purchase was completed and the papers were signed and PayPal was delivered to the company The new one noticed that more than 70 percent of those who make transactions on the eBay platform accepted my PayPal bank account, and the payment process is done via PayPal, so that after that it became one of the most popular payment methods that take place on eBay by every person who buys a product Certain as eBay was selling new and used products all over the world in different countries.

And after many other years in which the PayPal company developed and became receiving many services and partners and many contracts, including the MasterCard company that everyone knows in the year 2007, without forgetting that the PayPal company launched its electronic card in the same year, and here the PayPal company achieved estimated revenues in a very large amount, which is 1.8 billion US dollars through revenues, and the PayPal company, which has become a giant that acquires other companies in the year 2008, acquired the Freud Sciences company that belongs to Israel, in addition to acquiring the Bell Me Lighter company also in the same year, and after a long period of time, which led to the acquisition of another company by PayPal in 2013, which is IronPearl.

However, Ebay company announced that it had separated from PayPal permanently in the year 2014 on the 30th of September, but not all people know this, and Ebay also did not forget to declare that after it separated from PayPal and the agreement ended With the current PayPal in the year 2020, everyone will still be able to choose to pay via PayPal when anyone purchases a product on the site, although it will not appear as a basic payment method, but anyone can choose to pay through it, and debit cards will appear before it, as well Credit cards are the most prominent means of payment on the site, and with this, PayPal will stop the process of processing all transactions and card payments to eBay, and with this, eBay will enter into a contract with another giant company, which is based in Amsterdam, which is called Aden Company.

I have tried to summarize the history of PayPal and show the most important things that you should know first about the history of the giant PayPal company, as it has a very long and large history, and you can enter the Wikipedia site to list everything in detail about the PayPal company, so we will go to Something very important to know and that is to know what is PayPal?.

What is PayPal?

If we talk about a definition of the giant PayPal company, we are talking about a site that provides a wonderful and very important service, which many people around the world call “electronic bank” and this is due to the advantages and characteristics offered by the site, which are similar to a regular bank in terms of Sending or receiving sums of money, as well as withdrawing money via PayPal, but PayPal remains superior thanks to many advantages that the regular bank does not have, as well as very important capabilities, which are as follows:

1 – As is known by every person who makes online purchases, there are thousands of sites that you can use Paypal to buy products if the site accepts Paypal service such as Ebay and Banggood.

2 – If you are a person selling products online, you can activate the PayPal feature and receive your money through your PayPal account.

3 – Perhaps you are one of the people who make money from the Internet through profit sites from the Internet, which is a wonderful feature, and with which you can receive your profits through your PayPal account.

4 – Likewise, if you are a person who has linked your credit card to your PayPal account and you are buying products online, do not be afraid of anything at all, as PayPal is very safe and cannot be accessed by hackers, and you can deal with people and Fearless site for your information.

5 – And the nice thing about PayPal is that you can send or receive funds online through the email that you logged in with and that you created an account on PayPal only.

6 – If you have a regular bank account in a bank such as CIH BANK, you can link it with your PayPal account.