Free courses with certificates approved by America

 Free courses with certificates approved by America

Free accredited certificates from America

When staying at home for a long time or having untapped free time is boring and useless, but it is possible to improve skills and competencies by obtaining free courses from the United States and with internationally accredited certificates and all this through the Internet, as the whole world has gradually turned into A connected global village, which is why courses are offered by many schools, foundations, organizations and other companies to people for a fee or for free.

It is worth noting that obtaining free online training courses helps a person expand his knowledge at no cost, and despite this, some of these free online training courses are accompanied by certificates and qualifications that can be printed and used to improve the resume or to apply for jobs. In a specific field, whether inside your country or abroad, and in the following free online courses with accredited certificates:

Stanford University

Stanford University offers free, accredited online certificate courses at the graduate level through the Stanford School of Engineering. Once students are enrolled, they have 60 days to access their free online courses. They can download their course materials from Through the video page for review and reference at any time. As for the evaluation of the course, the exams that are associated with it are not mandatory, but at the end of each course, students complete an evaluation of the material.

Harvard university

Harvard University has a different set of free online training courses that eventually lead to certificates, and while registration for the course is free, students have to pay specific financial fees in order to obtain an accredited certificate, and it is worth noting that the university evaluates Partnership with edX to offer its free online courses to participants, and according to students’ preferences, the university offers courses starting from one week to 12 weeks, and students can freely choose between them.

Berkeley CA

UC partners with edX to offer accredited courses, Berkeley features a lot of free online certification courses after completing the non-traditional course, and UC Berkeley allows candidates to get a certified and official certificate bearing the school logo and the signature of the teacher, thus students are guaranteed to get receive an online certificate to ensure they complete the course and expand their career horizons.

Atlanta Georgia

Georgia Institute of Technology has partnerships with Coursera, edX, and Udacity to offer massive open online courses to both traditional and non-traditional students, and while those courses offered by Georgia Institute of Technology are free, participants must pay a nominal amount to sign up online. Online so that they receive a verified, official certificate of acceptance for participation bearing the school logo and teacher signature with an online certificate.

New Haven Connecticut

Yale University has redefined online learning to a higher level, however, not only does it use Coursera, but it also takes advantage of other popular platforms, such as YouTube and iTunes, in this way it is easy for students to access free Yale courses on Internet anywhere, anytime, even without account registration. As a result of Yale University’s partnership with Coursera, it is possible for students to obtain an online certificate as proof of course completion, but with a fee.

Arlington Texas

These courses are provided by the edX partner program, and according to it is a third-party platform, these free online courses require a small one-time fee in order to obtain an edX certified certificate, as for as little as fifty dollars students will receive an accredited certificate And official online after the end of each course, students can complete their courses within three weeks, while some free online courses require 16 weeks.

Irvine ca

As a result of Coursera’s partnership with the University of California at Irvine, students can take advantage of free online courses from UCI and register easily on the platform. The free UCI online courses include various topics, including human resources, project management, law and business administration, and students can obtain a certificate approved for a small fee.

Ann Arbor Michigan

Unlike traditional online degrees, the University of Michigan offers a fast-track option to earning a degree through its massive open online course program. Through the MOOC from U of M, students can choose a free course from a variety of fields of study, including management, Business, education, teacher training, computer science, biology, life sciences and humanities. A nominal amount must be paid in order to obtain an official and accredited certificate. It is worth noting that the minimum certificate fee starts from $49, depending on the program.

Cambridge Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a lot of free training courses through the Internet, with many specialized fields, including computer science, business, management, education and teacher training, economics and finance, in addition to having more than a hundred free training courses, and it is possible for students with ease Complete edX courses, and while enrollment in the courses is free, students must pay a certain amount in order to receive an approved and signed certificate.

Baltimore Maryland

JHU offers free online courses with different hours of completion, for example, JHU’s free online HTML, CSS and Javascript courses for web developers can be completed within forty hours, besides, each course has flexible deadlines that enable students Choosing the right deadlines for them according to their schedules.

Durham North Carolina

The variety of free online courses at Duke University offers students opportunities to earn a certificate at a low cost, and through Duke’s partnership with Coursera, students can easily access free online courses anywhere, anytime, and it takes about 71 hours Just to complete it.

Evanston Illinois

There are a variety of free online courses available at Northwestern University via Coursera, and the university offers a few methods for its massive online courses, the first option is individual courses, and the second method is Course + Certificate, where students get notes and a certificate of achievement for a fee Additional Finance Northwestern University also offers majors in which students must pay a higher financial fee for in-depth learning in a specific subject matter, however, Northwestern staff as well as teachers, alumni and students have special access to offers that allow them to take a full course experience for free.