The Best Foreign Site To Earn Money Writing Articles

 The Best Foreign Site To Earn Money Writing Articles

The Best Foreign Site To Earn Money Writing Articles

The Best Foreign Site To Earn Money Writing Articles

Best site to earn money writing articles

Profit from the Internet is a very big topic, and many people are still searching for the truth of the matter and the extent of the credibility of profit from the Internet, but believe me, there are many people who make a lot of money through the Internet, and you can also earn money from home while you are sitting in Your room or wherever you prefer to sit, so that there are many ways that you can use to earn money through your computer or your phone, and there are many lessons and videos that explain each site and every method on the YouTube platform.

Profit from writing English articles

I know very well that you did not previously know that there are such sites that offer you large sums of money in order to write articles on their sites and make money from writing those articles, and today I have a very wonderful site for you to start profiting from the Internet by writing articles that are considered exclusive of course Since you must write the articles that you upload to the site yourself, or your account will be closed, and believe me, you can earn large amounts of money through this site, which is very famous and pays you $ 3.80 for every thousand readings of your article. The site is very honest and does not Fear nothing at all in terms of security.

So stop wasting time on triviality and start earning real money through this site, which I consider the best site for making money by writing articles in English, and I personally tried many other sites before I found this very wonderful site, which I consider the best A site for profit from the Internet by writing English articles, and you can also write your articles on any field you want, and this is what I consider the best thing about the site, it does not require you to write articles in a specific field or niche such as football, for example, or other Online domains, you can even write your articles in any domain you want.

How to profit from the site

Earning money from the site is easy, simple, and never complicated as you will think at first, so that you can start creating your account in order to be ready to upload your articles immediately, because as I said earlier, the site earns from it through only two methods, which are as follows:

The first way is by uploading your articles on the site, then you earn 3.80 for every thousand visits or reading of your article, and if you subscribe to the VIP membership, you will earn $6 for every 1,000 readings, and this is a very large number if you are a person with ideas and topics It can make visitors on the site read your article, and you can upgrade membership on the site for $9 per month.

– The second way that you can profit from, which is in the advanced membership, so that there are contests for more than a thousand dollars on the site, so that you can write an interesting topic and you can win a thousand dollars in competitions that may reach more than 3000 dollars for the winner, but with Unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in competitions with free membership, which makes the only way to earn in front of you is through the number of readings for your articles on the site, but you can earn large sums through that, because $ 3.80 per thousand articles is not a really bad amount.

Register on the profit site from writing articles

Registering on the site is very easy so that you can enter the site below and there you press on the right side of the screen on JOIN IN and start logging in, like any other site all you have to do is enter your email and password with confirmation And then you have registered on the site, and then you go to your personal page in the place of the logo that will appear to you on the right side of the screen in order to add the logo or private image and some other simple information, and the site does not require you to add any bank account or Anything else to start logging in and start earning money from the site, and when you want to add an article, you can click on CREATE STORY and it will show you the place where you will add the main and secondary heading below, then the image of the article and the position, with ease.

Then you click on Submit story when you finish your article twice and choose the field and sub-domains below for that field, then you publish your article easily.

Withdrawing from the site is one of the very important things for everyone who wants to work online and in any field whatsoever, and this site currently, unfortunately, only supports one method of calculation, which is through Stripe, but you can enter their site and start creating Stripe account to start withdrawing your money from the site, and if you do not know anything about the Stripe account, it is very easy and you can watch any video on YouTube explaining the creation of an account on the site to start withdrawing private funds from this site.