What are Digital Learning Objects?

What are Digital Learning Objects? 

What are Digital Learning Objects?

In light of the continuous advancement of e-learning technology, the design of e-content has become dependent on a new approach, which is the entrance to digital learning objects, as these objects are one of the modern digital technologies that can be used in dedicating courses, and digital learning objects are based on the idea of ​​activating the use of digital media. And stored in warehouses to be reused multiple times in different educational frameworks [1].

The term digital learning objects has been used due to its prevalence in technology among specialists (learning objects), and it has been called by many names, including (an educational body, an educational model, an educational nucleus, an educational unit, an information unit, a knowledge unit, a digital wealth, a shareable content unit, Learning object, digital learning units, digital resources) [2] It is one of the modern terms in the field of education.

The concept of digital learning objects:

Hazem Kahil (2014, 16) believes that it is a self-contained digital unit that is independent, used in the educational process for learning and training. Each unit has a specific educational goal that helps and supports the teaching and learning process [3].

It is defined by Muhammad Khamis (2015, 157) as a digital educational unit, independent of itself, relatively small size of information in its various forms, from (texts, sound, image, video) that includes objectives and activities, content, and a calendar distributed over the Internet that can be used and reused in contexts Different educational units, within a larger educational unit, module, or lesson according to different needs [4].

Amal Ali (2017, 13) indicates that they are educational media (text, image, video) stored on an electronic container that is reused in new educational situations [5].

Hulla et al. (2019, 171) defines it as materials and elements consisting of digital media to create a new type of education that allows it to be reused for different educational purposes, ranging from images, drawings, texts, maps, shapes, video clips, and interactive simulations. [6].

The previous definitions agree that:

1. Digital items and resources published on the Internet and used in education.
2. Small units of multimedia that contribute to the development of a specific skill or the acquisition of information that includes a goal, content, and an activity related to this goal. Reuse them in different modern educational situations.

3. It includes (sounds, digital text, still and animated images, video clips, shapes, graphs, still and animated graphics, maps).

4. From the foregoing, digital objects can be defined as digital resources that can be used to achieve educational goals and are presented through a virtual learning environment on the web, so that it is easy to access and deal with, and is presented in multiple forms of text, images, audio and video files.